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Q2 Archive 2001 - The Treasure Island Experiment launched in late January 2001. Here are the articles from April - June 2001.

os x os war 2.0: part II
June 13, 2001
past legacy and future architecture

os x os war 2.0: part I
June 7, 2001
a decade of preparation

bad news From bad to much worse
June 6, 2001
Sometimes, no matter how hard you try to be pollyannaesque....

job corps Job corps kids ahead in poll
May 30, 2001
Susan wrote "In a small story you list [job corps] kids on your site..."


Energy crisis over for island residents
May 25, 2001
Since kntv inflamed the city with the news that treasure island...

mri The magnetic resonance imaging of tony
May 23, 2001
I'm feeling a bit processed at the moment, having just been zapped...

the bridge

Bridges collapse, strand treasure island
May 18, 2001
The city of san francisco is scrambling to figure out how to come up...

For Rent

We got a room for rent, again
May 18, 2001
Remember back in february when we advertised a room opening...


Catastrophic pizza malfunction
May 17, 2001
It has been a good couple months since mealtimes were a source...

2.0 The treasure island experiment 2.0
May 15, 2001
Welcome to the treasure island experiment 2.0 (Started Slashcode).


Bang! A trip inside darwin
April 26, 2001

I have been watching with interest as the cultural icon of apple...

another day

Another day in montpellier
April 16, 2001

After the first day in monpellier, I was planning to go back to nīmes...

the train

The streetcars of san francisco versus montpellier's train
April 13, 2001
Like san francisco, montpellier had streetcar routes through the city...

montpillier A day down south in montpellier
April 11, 2001
The last report on the trip to france left off on my first monday in...

vr tour

The virtual tour of treasure island
April 10, 2001

I've been having so much fun with quicktime vr that I've hatched...

gg park

A visit to golden gate park
April 10, 2001

As part of an ongoing experiment to document the various features...


How pictures work
April 6, 2001

News flash: clicking on thumbnails reveals color photographs!

castle Sleeping in a castle
April 6, 2001

In the middle of our ski weekend, jonathan found us a place to...

le weekend

Le weekend, part deux: eating, jumps and silliness
April 3, 2001
We were all set. Friday night, max and I had gone to the local...

the alps

A weekend of snowboarding in the alps
April 2, 2001
This was an experience. I have been snowboarding seven days in...

mac os x

Apple computer licenses tiexp.com technology for mac os x
April 1, 2001
In an agreement brokered within minutes of midnight, apple...

media circus Archive of articles: Q1 2001

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