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Big Disasters
of san francisco and the bay area

Massive cost overruns, engineering failures, public money giveaways and poorly thought out strategies that caused massive damage to the bay area.

os x The San Francisco Freeways
Only a fraction were ever built, and a large portion of them where later torn down. What was planned, and why it was Disasterous.

os x The Bay Area Rapid Transit District
A lofty goal, but raped by politics and a lack of forsight. Why BART, a star among transit agencies, turned out to be Disasterous for transit.

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The San Francisco Housing Crisis
Astronomical rent in the City is a supply problem
that has its roots in a half century of social experiments gone Disasterously wrong.

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Urban Renewal / Minority Removal
Black American and immigrant
communities keep getting evicted, cheated and dumped in dirty slums, with Disasterous consequences.

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The Assault on Green Space
Why are the parks of San Francisco under construction? Because they are charged with making money. Why this is a Disasterous idea.

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The Transit First Myth
Why 30 years of chanting "Transit First" has done little more than Disasterously pave the way for more cars, traffic and parking.

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