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Bridges collapse, strand treasure island
May 18, 2001


The city of san francisco is scrambling to figure out how to come up with a loss of nearly $30,000,000 after the city's bridges support collapsed under their own weight.

Bridges link treasure island with san francisco's commercial business district, and is a major source of traffic generating revenue for the city. CBS canceled the show after six years of don johnson running about san francisco. Johnson apparently was tired of the show.

In its most recent season, bridges generated over $10 million in work for city production crews, and earned the city itself over a million dollars, with more than half of that figure coming just from rent for production facilities on treasure island.

The production also funded hundreds of thousands of dollars of police overtime. Police will now have to find other work to keep busy, possibly including serving and protecting.

The cancelation is also a major hit to the city's economy in general. This year's sixth annual nashworld convention brought in nearly $700,000 of revenue for area hotels and restaurants alone, not to mention click through advertising revenue on the organizer's website, which may have brought in another five dollars.

In an effort to make up for the lost revenue, the city is making plans to erect a massive cardboard sign above the ferry building, scrawled with the words "lost our show, anything helps, thanks and god bless."

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