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Q1 Archive 2001 - The Treasure Island Experiment launched in late January 2001. Here are the first articles from January - March 2001.

arena First bits from nīmes
March 31, 2001
Almost two weeks of my march were spent in the south of france.

stopped Site springs back to life
March 24, 2001
Our initial month was such a flurry of activity and media attention...

marketing Our seat-of-the-pants marketing and business plan
March 1, 2001
Getting word of mouth attention is something like getting a loan...


Adventures in snowboarding
February 27, 2001
Following the radio show and two film crews in the house, and...

media circus Excitement, anticipation and the media circus
February 26, 2001
Everyone lives in a cycle of mostly boring life experiences...

the view

Play in the view finder contest
February 23, 2001
Find all nineteen new treasure island views and win yourself a tshirt...

the city

Local teacher surprises class with appearance by tony
February 22, 2001
Students at balboa
high school came to class thursday expecting to...

the city

Experiment posts new city information
February 19, 2001
All about the crazy housing situation, the hot jobs, the wonders of nature, the unique neighborhoods and personalities of the city.

willing and able Debate of the month: What to do with votes for dan?
February 17, 2001

Tony and nick sound off on the vote for player four

the island

Thrills and fascination in san francisco
February 16, 2001
How fast can the human body travel before breaking down? I don't...

the players

Black and white until it's right
February 15, 2001

Why is the experiment all black and white? Well, because color is...

the players

Tat killed one, tony kills thousands
February 12, 2001

It's not like me to go on a murderous rampage without provocation...

the players The search for player number four
February 8, 2001
As hard as it is to find a decent and yet affordable place to live...

the island

Experiment posts new island information
February 8, 2001
Virtual tour of the house and the island outdoors.

the players

Experiment posts dossier on players
February 7, 2001
The first step in fleshing out our player's profiles.

the players

Happy days and horrific roommates
February 5, 2001
The weather is a sunny 74 degrees and the sunsets have been...

the city Woman accused of attacking killer dogs
February 2, 2
A story line you wouldn't believe if you saw it in a movie...

the players

Nick meets the neighbors
January 31, 2
One of the most interesting things about treasure island is the...

the players

My so called dinner
January 31, 2
Some days, you come home hungry and tired from working all day...

the players

First loss of life in our living room
January 30, 2
It was bound to happen. Whenever you invite your friends from...

the island The experiment begins
January 29, 2001

The longer you live, the more you realize that things change...
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