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We got a room for rent, again
May 18, 2001


Remember back in february when we advertised a room opening and ended up on tv, radio and all over the internet? Well, the player four contest, as we were calling it, ended up finding us a roommate, but a considerable cost.

Our house got trampled by tv crews and we still had to screen lots of participants. Well, guess what? We just signed a new least with the city's contracted leasing agent and rob is moving out, so deja vu.

I don't think we have the energy to deal with the nbc and the wb again, so we're making this housemate search a little lower key. If you're looking for a place that's cool and low drama, take a look at our island section, where you can get somewhat of a feel of the island and our house. We are right on the water here, so we have great views, even from the living room.

Unlike much of the city, it's easy to park here, and you can get downtown in a car in just 6 minutes (parking downtown will take you longer than the actual trip). Or, if you are a progressive earthhugger, you can even get around by bus, or your bike on the bus. The island is served by muni's best bus route, which runs frequently and generally on time, as it doesn't really get stuck in any traffic.

The house has a full and modern kitchen, with a gas range, microwave, dishwasher and all. We have a new washer and drier, so no more running your laundry about, and you can start using your quarters to read the paper and avoid parking tickets. And because the island was built for the navy's families, there's no utility meters on units, nor is the island in one of those blackout zones. The utilities are included in the rent, so gas, electricity (and any water and garbage) crises won't jack up your living expenses out of the blue.

You'll have three low drama student and/or working housemates that keep things picked up and live fairly quietly. Beyond beers and bbq, this isn't a frat house out anything, so if you're looking for a place to practice drumming or enjoy 420, you'll be happier elsewhere.

Otherwise, you'll have a 10x12 room with sufficient closet, shared bath and a half, with laundry and utilities for $750/month plus same deposit. You'll need to join our lease, which runs through next may 2002. It isn't impossible to get out of lease if you decide to move or something, but we're looking for someone who has a stable situation and is planning to be here at least six months, and preferably the year.

You can send info on yourself to tiexp@hotmail.com and we'll get back to you right away with answers to any questions you have. Thanks!

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