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Welcome to the experiment
from san francisco's largest and most toxic artificial island

August 10, 2001 - New Story. The Treasure Island Experiment 3.0: simple pages with the pictures you like to look at and a smattering of the usual comments. What better way to make good use the vast network bandwidth and total lack of supervision at your dead end job? Where to start:

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Virtual Tours - Visit San Francisco's parks, neighborhoods, landmarks and hidden spaces. A work in progress to cover the city using panoramic photography, with some history and related stories.

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Big Projects - Like SimCity without the sim. See how billions of dollars of real money get spent on planning, building and repairing San Francisco's bridges, buildings, transportation and landscaping.

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Big Disasters - An all new section ridiculing the absolute worst of all the grossly incompetent, bone-headed, slipshod and half-brained happenings in the Bay Area.

os x Stories from Treasure Island: the City, the island, the house, travels, occasional technical articles and news. Includes archives from the first half of 2001.
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