the island vr tour

tiexp: the island: The virtual tour of treasure island
I've been having so much fun with quicktime vr that I've hatched a plan to virtually recreate the island in the digital realm, preserving the unique views and features of the island for our web visitors without all the nusance of toxic waste and a failing infrastructure.

The first version of this plan includes qtvr views from seven vantage points. Below is a map (requires macromedia flash player) with hotspot buttons that take you to the quicktime vr movies.

You can also jump to the movies using the text links below the map.

If you don't have quicktime 3 or better, get it free now.

the island

Quicktime vr views of treasure island

  the bridge view
the gate
inside the gate the palm and 8th circle
the main building perimeter path
marina backlot the great lawn north
the great lawn 8th and e
playground the recreation junkyard
tennis courts the big pier


More information about quicktime vr, macromedia's flash and using both:

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