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Job corps kids ahead in poll
May 30, 2001

Job Corps

Susan writes "In a small story you list [job corps] kids on your web site as being one of the things people are afraid of on the island. I am working with these kids..."

"Many of them are young and from low income families and are trying to finish high school and learn a trade. They can study carpentry, painting, masonry, electrical, business, child care, culinary arts and health occupations. Often these are kids who are at risk. That means that they suffered abuse or neglect as young children. Some of them are "throw away kids". They grow up to use drugs and alcohol as a way to numb the psychological pain of their childhoods. Then they make poor choices and get into trouble. Some of the young people are very difficult to deal with and can by quite disruptive to others. An apology to residents is order for them. Others are just trying to make lives for themselves and are quite interesting and delightful to know. I would invite anyone who is interested in finding out more about the situation to come and have a gourmet lunch cooked by the culinary students. The lunch is $7 and is served Tues through Fri from 12-1. Reservations are in order. If you feel uncomfortable or frightened of these young people, please come and meet a few of them and try to understand life from their point of view. Maybe you would even consider volunteering your time. One adult can impact a young person's life and their future. Thanks, Susan 277-2400 ext. 3084"

I still haven't been to the job corps' culinary school for lunch yet, or that other place the city's treasure island web site faq promises is over here. Hmmm.

I find both a supertanker collision and our suspect electrical wiring to be way more scary. I'm surprised that job corps kids are in the lead in the poll, and also that no one pointed out that I had spelled 'ridiculous' wrong. Which is just ridiculous.

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