March 24, 2001: Site springs back to life
Our initial month was such a flurry of activity and media attention that by its end, we were wondering how long we could keep up the frenzied pace.

Apparently, the answer was: 24 hours. As soon as march started, it ended with a single piece published the first day. Nick has had a story almost finished for a long time now, and I had lots of ideas, but some things got in the way and nothing else got published.

I'd like to make out that the lack of updates throughout march was some sort of protest against the media outlet that promised to run a story about us, then bumped us around and finally canceled out in the eleventh hour. In reality, the first week of march I was recovering from a snowboard injury, the second week I spent snowboarding on vacation, and the third week I spent recovering from snowboarding again.

In other news: tat bought a car, which almost immediately broke down and then was stolen from the shop. He also had a vacation of his own in nevada with a visiting friend from japan.

Rob has moved in and made himself at home in a limited sort of fashion. I almost never see him during the week because of our schedules, and he's usually gone on the weekends.

The original plans we had for hazing rob were kyboshed by three factors: first, the journalist we had worked with to cover the event handed off the story to someone else, who then delayed the story and finally canceled it. Second, without the story, we decided to save the planned event for a later time, as it was a grand plan and really deserved some coverage to warrant the work involved. Third, rob was gone on the planned weekend, and I was nearly paralyzed with pain, plus I was busy with last minute plans for my vacation.

So instead, the rest of us sat around and watched movies. With a $7000 borrowed video projector, we fired the films up on the bare south wall, which created a cimematic screen larger than some of those in the kubuki theater (okay, I meant kabuki theater, actually the kabuki theater). The audio gets ported into the stereo, so our neighbors can enjoy the movie too, even if they can't see the screen.

So all in all, we needed a break and it was really all somebody else's fault that nothing much got reported in march. But a lot of things did happen this month, and we're writing it all up for your benefit. So stay tuned and check back for updates.

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