tiexp: the island
In 1993, the navy completed fifty years of military operations on a seventy year old pile of landfill hanging off the the middle of bay bridge.

A select number of san franciscans now populate the city's newest neighborhood with spectacular views of the skyline, bridges, the bay and spectacular national parklands.

virtual tour Virtual tour
Take a tour of the island without dealing with the hazardous left lane exit from the bay bridge. It's everywhere you'd want to be: just remember to bring your quicktime card, because the tour doesn't take microsoft player.
island history History
The history of the island, from its shallow saltwater origins to today. How the island got here and how the treasure island experiment got started.
island house

Welcome to our home. Let us give you the room by room grand tour. Do not eat the lead paint chips and stop breathing if you see any asbestos.

island outdoors Outdoors
There's lots to see on the island, from the big gun to the great bay and bridge views. Here are the highlights.
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