tiexp: the city
Despite the city's insane, out-of-control housing costs, san francisco is an awesome place. Here are some things to know about the city, with links to public resources and mentions of our favorite stuff. A work in progress.

housing Housing
Why is it so expensive here to live here? Same reason pg&e is charging so much for power: the right hand opened up the market and the left hand fixed the prices. Free-market-communism doesn't work well. Look here for places to start searching for a room, flat or house to call home.

San francisco sports negative employment, so if you can't get a job, you are either terminally stupid or don't want to work. Of course, even if you can get a job (or multiple jobs), you may not be able to afford rent.

This situation allows you the freedom to clearly articulate to your boss what you think about a lot of things, but sure makes your employees mouthy.




Most american cities are cut up by ugly freeways and sprawl miles in every direction. San francisco citizens revolted against freeway construction in the sixties, and the city itself lies on a skinny peninsula, which neatly contains the city to a swath barely seven miles wide.

Within city limits are lots of places to get lost in nature: golden gate park, the presidio, the palace of fine arts, stern grove, lake merced, lincoln park and buena vista park are good places to start.

Ten minutes from the city you can find yourself hiking in a wilderness preserve. A bit further north you can see cows and taste local wines. After your tasting, you can retreat back to the city and enjoy the same wine in your favorite restaurant. But they prefer that you buy theirs.

neighborhoods Neighborhoods
What a difference a block makes! Every corner of the 49 square mile city has a unique character and personality, and even some of the suburbs are interesting. This is no sidewalk.com; our friends gave us inside tours with all the hidden finds and secret haunts of their neighborhood.
personalities Personalities
What keeps the city interesting are the people who live here. Here is a random cross section of our friends and neighbors.

There are too may places to count. If you can imagine a type of food, you can get it here. Hankering for moroccan belly dancing on a wednesday? No problem, just consult a weekly. Now a warning: many places close by 10 PM.


Need to shake your groove thing? There are lots of options most nights of the week. San francisco has been shifting from live music venues and bars to recorded music and DJ oriented clubs, but there are some standouts for live bands: the fillmore, great american music hall, paradise lounge, slims, bottom of the hill, bimbos. Support your local rock star.

will and grace Crazy politics
Everybody has to love lefties. Even if you don't like their politics, you have to admire their goofiness. They mostly leave you alone unless you are rich or smoke, and none of the experiment players are either. Perhaps even Rush Limbaugh could sit back and enjoy the political circus of san francisco. From ultra-femme supervisor amiano who moonlights as a gay standup comic, to the city's sixty-six year old pro-business black democratic mayor who just had an out of wedlock child with his thrity-something year old mistress, the city's politicos never fail to entertain.
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