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The experiment begins
The longer you live, the more you realize that things change. This is where the experiment begins: on possibly the least glamorous island in the pacific--an unknown, abandoned ex-military patch of land stuck in the middle of the san francisco bay.

This particular experiment begins with tony, a self made man who came to san francisco with only the money in his wallet and worked his way out of youth hostels into a respected position as an information technology manager at a local education startup.

After living in seven different neighborhoods and surviving at least seven challenging roommates across five years, tony applied for the new housing available on the island. In the late spring of 2000, he moved in, along with four others.

By december, the initial four had ballooned into six. By the grace of god, those six moved out, and a new roomie moved in--a japanese student named tat. He would become player number two in the treasure island experiment. For several weeks, tat and tony lived alone in the quiet four bedroom flat with its envious view of the city.

Then, in mid january the next roomie moved in: nick, a student, radio producer and band manager. After about a week, nick and tony started developing ideas for a website. Inspired by the success of other local sites, such as mulletsgalore.com, and by the fumes of numerous drinks, they started drafting plans.

After a soul searching hike the next day to fort chronkite in the marin headlands, they returned (with groceries) and started efforts to properly document the treasure island experience.

With the colors chosen, the pages linked and a draft partnership complete, a new beginning starts, where the world is invited to discover a city, visit its quirky island and meet a household of uncommon players determined to document their experiment: exploration of the world and everything adventurous.

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