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The Finder's Contributions
Safari could benefit from a feature in the Finder as well: the Toggle Toolbar Pill that puts you in simple mode. The vocal minority of Mac OS X users who hate the brushed metal appearance of Safari might like to simply click the pill and get a simplified, Aqua Safari window.

Step one, give Safari a Pill:

Step two, make clicking the pill do the same thing it does in Panther's Finder: Go Aqua and simplify!

Why two?
So now that the Finder and Safari have shared their assets with each other, why are they separate applications? I can't find compelling reason to want two different types of browser windows open. When I work back and forth between files and the web, it's simply a bother to have to swap back and forth between the Safari and Finder windows.

Apple could ship them as separate icons, and users who like to have two icons in their dock could arrange for that to happen. But it'd be nice to have the option to commingle browsing the web, ftp, local and network files in once place. I particularly would love being able to create Safari and Finder tabs, and mix and match open browser windows of both types together in the same window. More content, easily available, less clutter.

If we have to choose one or the other, I'd prefer that Safari just assume the Finder's functionality and replace it to act as the ever present background application. The Finder could be laid to rest with the Chooser, and its foolish and creepy Janus icon of two interlocked, smiling faces could go away with it. The Finder icon invokes memories of Apple's Copland fiasco and simply insanity in general. Time to put it down.

Perhaps OS X 10.4 can usher in both the whizzy new Spoken Interface and send the Finder on Safari.

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