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Resume actually implies a short descriptive summary, so this is more like a long curriculum vitae. But it's a fun read so don't let the length scare you.

Current Projects

Technical Consultant
Daniel Eran Creative Services LLC
The Rosai Group: Apple Specialist
September 2002 – ongoing

Workstations: XServe, XServe RAID, Power Macintosh workstations
OS: Mac OS X / X Server, Windows 2000/xp, Mac OS 9, Linux, Snap Server

Responsibilities and Accomplishments:

Consultation and assistance for a variety of clients, from large corporations to small companies.
Clients include: Birkenstock USA, Hot Studio, Entertainment Partners, Nikon, Core Digital Pictures, Blowfish Sushi, KLM Creative, Peet's Coffee & Tea, San Francisco Planning & Urban Research Association, Jamba Juice, the State of California, the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco.
Wireless and Gigabit networking; ISDN, DSL, T1 installations; SCSI and Fibre Channel SAN and data archiving
Management and configuration of routers, firewalls, NAT, DNS, mail and security services
End user help and training

Apple Certified Desktop Technician
Apple Certified Help Desk Specialist 10.3

Website Project
October 2003 – ongoing

Responsibilities and Accomplishments:

Writing, design and layout for a news and journal site serving 33,000 unique visitors.


Employment History

Information Technology Director
Simplexis: electronic procurement for K-12 education
May 2000 – September 2001

Workstations: Dell, Sony and IBM laptops, Power Macintosh workstations
Networking: Cisco Catalyst 650x switch, 3600 router, PIX firewalls, VPN concentrators
Software: Cisco IOS, CISCO Traffic Manager and web management suite
Services: Apache, IIS, Samba, Exchange Server 5.5, MS SQL 7
OS: Windows 2000 Pro/Server, NT Server 4, Mac OS 9/X, Linux, BSD 4.4, Snap Server
Development: WebObjects 4.5, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Flash, QuickTime

Responsibilities and Accomplishments:

Management of all network infrastructure, equipment and connectivity:
- Moved a growing company from a basement network of hubs to high performance, secure network
- Configured all network gear: routers, PIX firewalls, managed switches, VPN concentrators
- Established secure internet access for multiple private networks using NAT and PAT on PIX firewalls
- Built private ATM connectivity to our application service provider with a private DMZ network
- Designed secure broadband remote access services using L2TP over IPsec Virtual Private Networking
- Managed a seamless move of networking and PBX telephone services to a new headquarters
- Set up a secure, point-to-point WAN link to offices in another state

Established all company policy and procedures for technical operations
Partnered with construction teams and installers to complete new office space on time and in budget

Managed development and deployment of five internal Intranet applications:
- A private and secured company Intranet for confidential company information
- A secured web-based company directory
- A secured web database for keyword document searching on the Intranet
- A secured web-based network file server access gateway for remote users
- Custom, internal HR and asset tracking database and reporting software

Performed budget and cost analysis of all operational technical projects within the company
Recruited and built a team of 5 Information Technology employees
Hired, supported and trained a company Web Designer and Web Services Manager
Performed employee training in Office, custom web applications and email

Supported and maintained 10 servers for development, QA and production test environments
Managed and maintained 5 servers for internal company operational needs

MIS Director
UCSF Positive Health Program at San Francisco General Hospital
September 1998 – May 2000

Equipment: Dell PCs, Sun UltraSparc, Power Macintosh, Cisco Catalyst 5000 networking
Services: Apache, IIS, Netscape Enterprise Server, Samba, Exchange Server 5.5
Database: MS SQL 7, OpenBase SQL 6, Illustra/Informix
OS: NT Server 4.0, Solaris 2.6, Mac OS X Server, BSD 4.4, Classic Mac OS, DOS/Windows 95
Desktop: Office 97/98, Outlook, Wall Data RUMBA, Access 2 and 97, GoLive, Dreamweaver, Fireworks
Development: Cold Fusion, Java, Active Server Pages, WebObjects (3.51 to 4.5)

Responsibilities and Accomplishments:

Web application deployment of a secure, electronic patient chart system financed by Bristol-Myers Squib
Managed development and deployment of five internal WebObjects Intranet or Extranet applications:
- The Centers For AIDS Research investigators directory database
- The Independent Clinical Trials Group “TrialSearch” database
- The Program Intranet administrative services database
- The Program document article search database
- The Program help desk job ticketing system

Handled technical operations for 7 major divisions with different research, clinical and administrative functions
Managed budget and prioritization of all technical projects within the 300 employee Program
Managed hiring, recruiting, teambuilding and discipline for all technical personnel
Supervised teams up to 8 persons: programmers, network and system administrators and help desk staff

Directed information systems operations for a Program that included:
- a cross platform network of more than 300 Macintosh, Windows NT/95 and Unix workstation users
- heterogeneous network of eleven servers using NT, Solaris, OS X Server and BSD Unix operating systems
- integration issues with open, permissive University network services and procedures
- integration issues with private, high security City Health Network services and procedures

Interim MIS Director
UCSF Positive Health Program at San Francisco General Hospital
February 1998 - September 1998

Responsibilities and Accomplishments:
Managed the deployment of Windows NT Workstation throughout the Program, replacing Windows 95
Coordinated the rollout for the Project Reggie web application, a secure, Federal patient registration system
Built connectivity between University and SFGH campus email and directory services systems
Managed and built the CFAR Clinical Protocols Search web application project

Wrote funding proposals to potential donors for network infrastructure upgrades
Provided support and oversight for all program related projects and software development staff
Managed product licensing compliance throughout the Program

Network Administrator
UCSF Positive Health Program at San Francisco General Hospital
August 1997 - September 1998

Responsibilities and Accomplishments:
Handled all technical support services for PHP administrators, clinicians and doctors
Supervised the work of an assistant computer support specialist
Authorized and researched all technical purchases for and within the Program
Provided technical software training for new and experienced users

Greatly simplified network protocol standards, creating more reliable network connectivity
Migrated Exchange email, LDAP and web services to newer hardware and updated software
Standardized the purchasing of computer equipment for reliability and cost savings
Set up a disk imaging system to simplify and standardize computer installations

Served as liaison between university, hospital and city network teams
Built relationships with the School of Medicine, SFGH, Gladstone and UCSF personnel for campus connectivity
Arranged discounts and donations for equipment and software that saved the Program over $15,000
Established relationships with equipment and software vendors
Awarded three times by the UC Department of Medicine's "Extraordinary Appreciation" program

Technical Assistant
Contract assignments
December 1996 - July 1997

Clients: Eileen West, San Francisco Mercantile, and Systems Integrated Solutions
Hardware: Macintosh, PC networks, IBM System/36 and AS/400 Minicomputers
Software: Microsoft Office, FileMaker Pro, PageMaker, Wall Data RUMBA

Responsibilities and Accomplishments:
Built a database to share styling information for design and production teams
Developed an employee training program and software documentation
Killed a doomed proprietary database project that resulted in a more efficient replacement
Oversaw deployment operations for a new minicomputer system
Synchronized data between three production computer systems during deployment
Developed source code and location code in minicomputer setup
Redesigned common forms and spreadsheets to help automate tasks and increase efficiency
Handled graphic layout, page design and editing of style catalogs for fashion industry buyers
Assisted employees with desktop applications and printer and network troubleshooting
Wrote purchase orders, commercial customs invoicing and tracking for international goods shipments

Technical Consultant
September 1992 - December 1996

Clients: Small office legal and medical networks, electronics retailers, home users
Hardware: Macintosh, PC, home stereo, satellite equipment
Software: Mac OS, Windows 3.1/95 and Win NT 3.51, Office, FileMaker Pro, PageMaker

Responsibilities and Accomplishments:
Support for workgroups of up to 60 users
Computer setup, program installations, electronic assembly and basic repairs
Troubleshooting for small and medium LAN networks and standalone computers
Network, satellite and audiovisual cabling design and installation
Satellite system technical support for international C and Ku band users
Network administration in Novell, Microsoft and AppleTalk environments
Graphic layout, page design and editing of content and advertisements for print and the web
HTML, QuickTime Media Layer, graphic conversion and color reduction work

International Newsletter Publisher
Self Employed
January 1992 - September 1992

Clients: Advertisers and subscribers in five countries of North America and Europe
Hardware: 65C816, Macintosh
Software: GS/OS, ClarisWorks GS, PageMaker

Responsibilities and Accomplishments:
Management of advertising sales and business accounting for a monthly technical newsletter
Planning, scheduling and production of news stories and features
Writing and editing of technical, topical and timely features and news articles.
Reviewed hardware and software products and wrote detailed product comparisons
Interviewed technology vendors and researched Usenet for news
Graphic design, editing and page layout in a time sensitive production environment
Advertised publication successfully using the pre-web Internet in its commercial infancy

Website project
The Treasure Island Experiment

January 2001 – October 2001

Responsibilities and Accomplishments:
Designed a web site with stories, history, virtual tours and news related to the Bay Area
Created a public relations splash on TV, radio and online news, and received regular attention from the media
Developed an international readership of 35,000 unique visitors.


Experience and Education
Experience in Private and Public Sector, Non Profit and Academic Environments
A uniquely broad employment background across non profit, government, education, private enterprise and corporate environments, ranging from small businesses to very large organizations.

Information Technology Experience
A decade of experience in technical consulting or employment in information technology, recognized by the University of California to be equivalent to a Master’s Degree in Computer Science.

Apple Certified Desktop Technician
Apple Certified Help Desk Specialist 10.3

Operations Experience
Five years of experience in running large scale technical operations. Learned what needed to be done to accomplish objectives in very diverse operational situations, made appropriate plans and executed them.

Technical Leadership and Product Management Experience
Proven ability to lead programming and technical staff. Successful project management in database, web development and networking projects, and the technical aspects of large construction and moving projects.

Customer Service Experience
Successfully managed an understaffed help desk serving a diverse customer base of more than 300 users, ranging from temporary staff to executive directors and principle investigators of large research projects. First hand client customer service experience in consultant work with small studio and design companies, and work in small business and large corporate environments.

Web Application Development, QA and Maintenance Experience
Deep and broad understanding of HTML and Internet standard protocols and concepts. Web server installation and management for Mac OS X, NT/2000 and Solaris servers, using Apache, Microsoft IIS and Netscape Enterprise Server software. Provided training and support for web developers.

Website testing against a range of cross-platform browsers. Incorporation of database searching and reporting functions, JavaScript interface elements, Cascading Style Sheets and various scripted elements.

Design, production and maintenance of Intranets for two organizations. Integration with personnel and asset tracking databases. Developed and maintained web apps in WebObjects, Cold Fusion and Active Server Pages.

Design, production and maintenance of a personal web site, with market research and public relations to generate significant press from CNET’s, CNET radio, San Francisco WB20 TV, San Jose KNTV and International traffic from 35,000 unique visitors.

Design, production and maintenance of the Center For AIDS Research and the Positive Health Program's public websites, and the Program’s private Intranet with help desk, job ticketing and directory services. Developed all three sites to match a specification for look and feel created by the University of California.

Business Administration, Project Management, Teambuilding Education
Attended various professional education classes in effective teambuilding and personnel and project management from the University of California, Skillpath, and other professional development organizations.

Industry Education
Training from Microsoft, PeopleSoft, Cisco, IBM and Compaq, covering Microsoft Exchange Server, network management, IP Telephony, eProcurement. Preparatory trainings for the Cisco Certified Network Engineer and Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer programs.

TEFL Certification Training and Intern Teaching
Certification to teach English as a foreign language. Lesson planning and hands on instruction of immigrant students. Organizational skills with direct teaching methods. Written, verbal and graphic communication skills.

Mentoring and Professional Development
Worked to mentor and develop technical and professional work skills for four young interns.

Public Speaking, Adult Education and Construction Volunteer Work
More than ten years of experience in volunteer work, including adult literacy instruction and AIDS Research fund raising. Participation in San Francisco inner city high schools’ Engineer Day and other youth outreach.

Built strong organizational and leadership skills through volunteer work with groups in six states and on Native American reservations. Experience in volunteer construction, adult education, and public speaking.


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