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Imaging MacBooks: Understanding MBR, APM, and GPT
The following information applies to all of Apple's Intel based Macs, and is important in understanding the issues involved with using BootCamp, or in moving drives between PCs and Intel Macs. It also helps to explain why Apple beat all the other PC makers in widely releasing EFI based computers.

Do MacBooks Make Business Sense as PC Laptops?
I arranged with Apple Enterprise to obtain four MacBooks for a month long trial to determine if Apple's new Intel based laptops could replace PC laptops in a business environment running Windows. Here's an introduction to what I learned in using MacBooks and BootCamp to run Windows.

What the Heck is .Mac?
Nearly four years after its initial release, it's still hard to succinctly describe exactly what .Mac offers. Apple describes the service on their software page as a way to publish content, backup files and sync data. Interestingly, .Mac's most obvious component, email, is listed as a minor aside halfway down on .Mac features page. Clearly, Apple sees .Mac as something more than just an glorified email account.

What's Broken in iWeb: A Wishlist
When Apple announced iWeb, I was seriously impressed. Rather than being a utilitarian HTML editor, they delivered a website tool that simply did seemingly everything, and a few more things, too. It was more than I was expecting. Sometimes, after getting exactly what you want, you realize you really want something different. The good news is that iWeb 1.0 is a great start, and its problems should be easy for Apple to address.

Introducing iWeb
How iWeb compares with existing ways to build and manage a website.

Flash in the Plan - a DRM Disaster
This summer, Macromedia launched a trial campaign to install DRM software on their customer's computers to lock down software functionality and report back to the company how the software is used.