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iPods and Mobile Devices

Market Share Myth: Nailed!
A look at the slippery aspect of numbers, proof that a quality share of the market can be better than a larger market share, and how the definition of a market is critically important in evaluating market share numbers.

The Online Music and Movie Rental Myth
According to proponents of this myth, the real road to obscene profits in movies, music, software, and other digital media lies with online subscription rentals, not direct sales. They're wrong, here's why.

CNET's Charles Cooper Strikes Out in iPod Attack
There's a common misconception about what it means to be proprietary. Here's a disassembly of one of the worst articles yet on the subject, written by CNET's executive editor, Charles Cooper.

Generation 6 iPods
The iPod turns five years old this fall, and is due for its annual revamping. Apple keeps a tight lid on future plans, but here's a look at three designs for Generation 6 iPods, along with three software features I'd like to see Apple deliver.

The Microsoft iPod-Killer Myth
According to proponents of this myth, Microsoft is out to kill Apple's iPod with a player they will design and build on their own. Once it arrives, they expect Microsoft to clean up not only the music player market, but also online music sales, leaving Apple on the sidelines. They're wrong, here's why.

Fixing .Mac - Idea 8: Subscription Music
Features Apple needs to add to their .Mac service to move it from "web hosting and email plus" to a complete suite of services that are valuable, obvious, and will sell themselves.

An iPhone Worth Talking About
The options and challenges Apple will face in delivering a mobile phone of their own.

iPod, Therefore, iPhone?
Examining the likelihood that Apple will turn their iPod into a phone.

Why Mobile Phones Make Bad iPods
Why mobile phones and music players are not the obvious match many analysts are describing.

The iPod Phone Myth
According to proponents of this myth, Apple's success with the iPod is about to be crushed by an onslaught of music playing cell phones, so Apple needs to desperately come up with an iPod + cell phone combination of their own to remain relevant. They're wrong, here's why.

The Apple Video Game Development Myth
According to proponents of this myth, Apple's recent recruiting for video game developers means that the company is planning a big new push into video games for the Mac, the iPod, and possibly a brand new gaming console from Apple. They're wrong, here's why.

A Brief History of Data Syndication and Podcasting
Back in the mid 90's, visionaries were inflamed with the idea of converting the web into a television. Their fire was further fueled by PointCast's new syndicated content network.

Where is the iPod Killer?
Pundits have been busy trying to find an iPod Killer. Suspects have included Microsoft's WMP, Sony's onslaught of reanimated Walkmen, the cheapskate Yahoo, and an aging Napster cat, now on extended life support. This month, it was music executive Edgar Bronfman Jr.

Part 1 - Where is the iPod Killer?
Part 2 - The Killer Piandntilde;ata
Part 3 - Edgar Bronfman Jr. is a big fat idiot

Analysts fail to predict Apple's success with iPod
Analysts comfortable with predicting Microsoft's impending takeover in new markets are sweating bullets. For years, they've felt safe in discouraging any potential competition to Microsoft, and instead forecasting an inevitable domination of any and all markets to which the software giant shows any interest in entering.

Part 1 - Analysts fail to predict Apple's success with iPod
Part 2 - For the record, some facts
Part 3 - What works and what doesn't

The Secret Weapon Inside iTunes
Apple strikes back in the battle for digital media rights, production, distribution and playback.

Part 1 - The Secret Weapon Inside iTunes
Part 2 - The QuickTime Media Layer: Apple's Best Kept Secret
Part 3 - Microsoft: We hate your baby, please kill it
Part 4 - QuickTime Strikes Back
Part 5 - D.R.M. or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb