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photo Scars and Stripes Forever
Nothing cheers me up like being silly. Sometimes I get an idea that's really, really bad, but I run with it anyway. You have been warned. Now chin up, shoulders back and face this like a good soldier, a ready pawn defending SUVs, Big Box Retail and the American Way of Life.
photo Worrying about what my arm looks like under my splint reminded me of The Official March of the Unites States of America (US Code, Title 36, Chapter 10). You may not have known this familiar tune also had stirring lyrics written for it! Below, I have substituted my own, for no apparent reason. Rest assured; everything I'm taking is doctor prescribed.
Scars and Stripes Forever
The Bang Crash Moto Proud American Violence Extended Dance Remix

[Begin Marching]
photo My helmet, coat and backpack float,
as quickly I extend my mighty hand!
A thing appears with thunderous veers,
a tow truck from the ghetto land!
[Hand on Heart, Teary Eyed]
photo The hauler of the old and new;
Its end projects a tow bar! Booo!
My pink and white goes black and blue,
as I run out of hope.
[Commence Patriotic Marching until lyrics match song again]
photo So these guys may think they do their best,
but drive like they're on vacation;
Now my weekend it's hosed, to-tal-ly messed!
And I'm in the hospital for the duration.
[Happy Dance for Enemies Vanquished; Wave Old Glory]
photo I'm glad I broke my arm, not my knee,
And it's great I'm not deaf and blind forever!
I'm just such a good rider you see,
I veered it to the right.
[Wave Small Flags, Smile, Salute, but NO HEIL]
photo Now you drivers, hear what I say,
Fear this biker with mighty endeavor!
I'll recover and sue you to pay,
Cause by your height of oversight,
I'm scarred forever.
[Fire Large Weapons with dramatic flair]
photo [Continue Marching, Ad Nauseam]

After the song stops push the play button to hear it again, as many times as you like.


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