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The Apple Wishlist: Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard
4. New Workgroup Services : Idea 3
Similarly, after detecting a network interruption, the Finder should be able to determine what file actions are not affected and allow them to continue, rather than having everything freeze up. Minimally, the Finder should report more information on what's going on. Users could set Notification Services to report as much or as little of this as they like.

The last couple releases of Mac OS X introduced progress in handling disconnected network resources (that is, it not longer causes an entire machine lockup that lasts for several minutes), but more needs to be done to make the Finder feel more responsive, and to provide appropriate feedback so the user knows what's going on and feels in control.

Users often think a PC is faster than an equally fast Mac, simply because Windows often feels more responsive or quick; the acceleration speed of the mouse, and the flicker of windows as they redraw give an illusion of speed. Additionally, some of the features that contribute to the rich and fluid interface in Aqua are too much for Macs that are slower or have limited RAM.

Apple should provide a System Preference for interface speed, which changes a series of system UI settings as a set: things like mouse speed, window effects, animations, and shadowing. Users could set their Mac along a sliding scale between "interface richness" and "bare speed" in one simple, easy to set location, rather than transverse through several settings and look up the default commands for turning off Aqua features that are just too much for slower machines.

iTunes Finder

I started asking for Safari features a year and a half ago; specifically, Safari's browser tabs and bookmark features. Of course, now I want the Leopard Finder to support draggable tabs and multiple pane views in a single window, as I described in the first wishlist article. Like the new iTunes, the Finder needs to drop the heavy frame on the vertical sides of windows, and trade in that tired brushed metal look for the new unified.

It is also painfully lame that Finder windows have such a huge bar along the bottom. They need to inherit the thinner bar from Safari, where it is called the "status bar." When enabled, the Safari status bar shows the hyperlink as the mouse hovers over it.

In the Finder, the same optional status bar should appear on demand, and show the currently selected file's path name (or whatever file information the user has set it to display). Further, the Finder, and all Mac OS X windows, needs to allow window size manipulation from both lower corners.

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