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The Apple Wishlist: Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard
4. New Workgroup Services : Idea 3
Panther introduced the idea of integrating the Finder into applications' open and save dialogs. Still missing however, is the ability to move, copy, rename and do other simple tasks from within these dialogs.

Similarly, an open file dialog should allow users to modify the sidebar links. It should also display the Finder toolbar icons; currently, both shortcut methods are locked or unavailable outside of actual Finder windows. There is no reason why these features should not be available everywhere. Having to drop out of an application and return to the Finder to rename a file is just stupid.

Tiger's new Slideshow feature is very cool, but in addition to viewing photos, it would be smart if users could edit file attributes from within Slideshow. This idea comes from Guntis Bukalders, a reader in Latvia.

Why should a user have to make note of a photo's name, then exit Slideshow to assign it a more fitting title, delete it, or assign it a Finder label? He further suggests adding an action button that presents Automator actions related to common photo tasks, such as resize and sharpen, move to a predefined folder, send to the open email message, or other actions defined by the user.

Apple doesn't provide a simple file sync tool, such as a front end for Rsync; they should. Users should be able to define two folders in the Finder, and set up an ongoing sync between them, with the option to either sync manually on request, at a given time interval, or automatically in the background when the files change.

There's more on sync coming up next in:

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Idea 4: Improved sync & directory services

Open File dialog


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