the island

tiexp: the island: house
Our wonderful home has more rooms than clue, although fewer characters and not nearly as many murder weapons.

Here's the grand tour.

the carport the carport
There is no crime to speak of on the island, so it's still safe to leave stuff out in the open. That having been said publicly, we have removed all our stuff from out front.
washer and dryer

the utility room
A happy dream: fresh clean socks just like mom used to make. The washer and dryer share space with two bikes and lots of shoes and snowboard boots. We leave our shoes at the door to keep the carpets cleaner and give the house that down home, stinky sock aroma.


the kitchen
The leasing company replaced the bright orange counters with off white ones, and repainted the dark brown cupboards. Our gas range whistles when you start the gas. Occasionally the flame goes out, so if you hear a loud boom and the site goes down, please call 911 for us.

living room the living room
We don't have anything up on the walls, so we're describing the decor as zen minimalism. Let us know if you have any ideas. The vcr still doesn't work, thank you tat and your vcr breaking pal.
the grapevine

the backyard
Back here there's a view of the skyline, but it's best if you climb over the fences and look from the dike road. Scott watches over the rock garden plants in back. Actually, he's pretty much gone now, thanks to the industrious ants. A concord grape vine should one day yield grapes, but don't eat them unless you already have too many kids and your hair is too thick. The navy managed to cover the island with lead, because lead is your friend. For more info on how heavy metals in american soil can help us contain the communist menace, request your copy of better dead than red from the federal consumer communications center, pueblo, colorado, 81009.

the washroom the guest washroom
In order to make us thankful for the kitchen, they left the very brady bathrooms in their original early 70's halloween color scheme. Far out!
nicks room nick's room
Nick just finished a loft bed, and that pretty much fills up the room completely.
tonys room tony's room
Tony has a china doll plant that grew into a tree. It drinks about a liter of water daily. It needs some focus. Strewn around are aerial photographs of the city to help tony plan new transportation routes for muni.
doorknob the empty room
Hmmm. This is where player number four will live. Who did you vote for? Just don't stick us with some psycho moron.
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