tiexp: the city: nature
San francisco is a major city and sports, for the united states, a very high population density. Many neighborhoods are wall-to-wall houses with nothing but concrete for front yards. Even so, every neighborhood is a short walk from greenery. City parks, beaches, waterfronts and lakes help make the city vastly more livable.

The city has a natural convection system that brings in fresh, cool air from the ocean and blows our pollution into the central valley, where it returns later in the form of apricots, olives and grapes.

Watch for more of our favorite nature stuff in and around the city.

the presidio
lincoln park
fort mason

crissy field

golden gate park
buena vista
glen park
twin peaks
duboce park
washington sq

dolores park
lake merced
stern grove
south park


golden gate park
Given its origins in lifeless sand and a corrupt political climate, it's a wonder this park was ever created, and a small miracle that it has survived largely intact.

ggnra ggnra
To the north and south and within the city are the parklands of the golden gate national recreation area. Encompassing 74,000 acres of land and water, the ggrna is the largest urban national park in the world.

The national park service has a great website on the vast ggnra.
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