tiexp: films

Here is the first attempt
at film. You'll need quicktime player to watch.

Quicktime vr experiments
these panoramic qtvr movies are about 400 k each

  the bridge view
the gate perimeter path
inside the gate the palm and 8th circle
the main building 8th and e
marina backlot the recreation junkyard
the great lawn the great lawn north
tennis courts the big pier
church street station hippy hill
church street rail level the conservatory
castle Sleeping in a castle

Proper eating - 2 mb
le weekend

Le weekend, part deux: eating, jumps and silliness

gabriel mystery - 2 mb

jon's jump - 800k

jump - 700k

zoomed jump - 5 meg

the last hill - 900k
the last hill - 9 meg

More information about quicktime vr, macromedia's flash and using both:

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