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CanSecWest and Swiss Federal Institute of Tech Deliver Attacks on the Reality of Mac Security

Daniel Eran Dilger
In back to back press releases with payloads of sensationalized misinformation, two apparently unrelated groups launched attacks on Mac OS X’s reputation for delivering better real world security for its users compared to Microsoft’s Windows. In the first, a contest held at the CanSecWest Applied Security Conference, sponsored in part by Microsoft, suggested that hacking a MacBook Air was faster than hacking a Sony or Fujitsu Windows PC laptop. Thousands of miles away, the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology engaged in Vulnerability Numerology to declare that Apple’s operating system had fewer promptly patched software vulnerabilities compared to Windows. The premise behind both widely publicized stories are wrong, here’s why.

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March 28, 2008   99 Comments

Is Number Two Amazon Rivaling iTunes in Music Sales? Haha No

Amazon takes on iTunes
Daniel Eran Dilger
Jefferson Graham of USA Today reports that Amazon’s MP3 store “has quietly become No. 2 in digital sales since opening nearly six months ago,” behind Apple’s iTunes. That idea is being widely publicized by the big music labels, who hope to gain some leverage against Apple in order to push their own plans for the future of music sales. But is it accurate, is Amazon any threat to Apple’s iTunes, and what effect will the rumored plans for iPod-bundled music have on the online music industry? Here’s a look.

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March 27, 2008   39 Comments

iPhone Predicted 40 Years Ago Along With Flying Cars

40 years in the future
Daniel Eran Dilger
Blogs have been buzzing about an article in Mechanix Illustrated from 1969 that made a series of predictions for life in 2008: flying cars that whisked commuters to work on autopilot at the speed of bullet trains, supersonic rocket planes, homes automated by a central computer, a society fed seaweed that tastes like steak, intelligence pills, and other science fiction ideas. Nobody has pointed out that the main prediction that has become a reality is represented by the iPhone.

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March 26, 2008   18 Comments

Podcast: Flash and Java on iPhone

Tech Night Owl podcast

Gene Steinberg of the Tech Night Owl podcast invited me to join Bob LeVitus, Denis Motova, and Tim Goggin on his weekly show this week. I went off about Flash and Java on the iPhone and other iPhone SDK subjects, from the App Store and Apple’s mobile competitors to the mobile software market. You can hear for yourself and subscribe to the Tech Night Owl RSS feed at:

The Tech Night Owl LIVE with Gene Steinberg

March 20, 2008 episode:


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More on the iPhone 2.0 SDK

iPhone 2.0 SDK: The No Multitasking Myth
iPhone 2.0 SDK: Java on the iPhone?
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iPhone 2.0 SDK: Video Games to Rival Nintendo DS, Sony PSP

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March 23, 2008   4 Comments

iPhone 2.0 SDK: Video Games to Rival Nintendo DS, Sony PSP

Daniel Eran Dilger
When the iPhone was unveiled a year ago, it was obvious that it would outclass the status quo in mobile phones, particularly in the US where mobile operators have been holding back innovation. Far less obvious was the potential for the new phone to rival dedicated handheld gaming consoles. Here’s how well the iPhone stacks up against the Nintendo DS and Sony PSP in both hardware and as a business model.

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March 20, 2008   94 Comments

Roger Kay’s Wax Wings of Icarus vs the Flight of Apple

Daniel Eran Dilger
Roger Kay has resorted to religious fantasy in order to find something assailable about Apple’s rapid growth in consumer electronics and its mounting impact on the enterprise. Using more idioms than one could shake a gilded lily at, Kay strung together a series of weak complaints that ranged from misstatements to completely false assertions, bound together by a non sequitur (and non secular) mortar of inanity.

Auf Deutsch: Roger Kay – oder die Flügel des Ikarus im Vergleich zum Höhenflug von Apple
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March 19, 2008   24 Comments

iPhone 2.0 SDK: How Signing Certificates Work

Daniel Eran Dilger and Jason Smith
Last May, I asked Steve Jobs for a public comment to clarify Apple’s plans for third party software for the iPhone. He assured me that Apple did indeed recognize a market for software outside of the web platform outlined for the iPhone, but was “wrestling” with how to balance openness with security. Jobs repeated similar comments that summer at All Things D.

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March 18, 2008   45 Comments

iPhone 2.0 SDK: Java on the iPhone?

Daniel Eran Dilger
Shortly after Apple announced the iPhone SDK, Sun announced the intention to bring its Java Micro Edition platform to the iPhone. Questions remain about whether Sun will be able to deliver, if Apple will allow it, and what purpose this would serve for iPhone users. Even more interesting is where Java came from, and where it’s subsequently going in the mobile arena.

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March 14, 2008   50 Comments

iPhone 2.0 SDK: The No Multitasking Myth

Daniel Eran Dilger
Certain pundits have developed a rash of malignant concerns about iPhone 2.0’s SDK. The first issue they’re scratching at is the iPhone’s apparent inability to run multiple applications at once. The suggestion is that the iPhone is a multitasking impaired appliance just like the original Mac or the Palm Pilot, and unlike the supposed multitasking powerhouse that is Windows CE, which powers Windows Mobile devices. That’s wrong, here’s why.

Auf Deutsch: iPhone 2.0 SDK: Der „kann kein Multitasking“ Mythos
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March 13, 2008   126 Comments

Video Presentation: A Software Platform History of Apple, NeXT, Microsoft, and into the Future.

ACD Daniel Eran Dilger
Daniel Eran Dilger
This weekend I was invited to Texas to attend the monthly meeting of Apple Corp Dallas, the oldest user group in existence devoted to Apple products. It was fun to travel and the prospect of speaking in front of a large group was exciting, but while the spirit was willing, the flesh was weak.

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March 11, 2008   26 Comments

Apple’s iPhone vs Smartphone Software Makers

iphone vs smartphone software
Daniel Eran Dilger
In the smartphone business, Apple is like a Microsoft combined with a Motorola and a RIM; it makes money on software, hardware, and services. It also makes money at retail and with accessories, and software and media sales, and earns money back from its service partners. Other hardware makers can’t compete with Apple in all these areas because they’re all fixed into position as pawns of the mobile providers.

Apple’s iPhone Vs. Other Mobile Hardware Makers: 5 Revenue Engines

But what about pure software makers? Will Microsoft or Google or the open source community deliver a good enough equivalent version of the iPhones’ software features to enable generic hardware makers to catch up in the same way that Microsoft ported Apple’s unpatented Mac technology to the PC in the late 80s? Here’s a look at the threats posed by rival smartphone software makers, and how well the iPhone will be able to compete against them.

Auf Deutsch: Das Apple iPhone im Vergleich zu anderen Betriebssystemen
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March 7, 2008   54 Comments

Fresh From Cupertino, Daniel Eran Dilger Does Dallas

Daniel Eran Dilger
This weekend, I’ll be visiting the Apple Corps of Dallas to give a roughly drafted presentation on Apple, me, technology, and whatever else tumbles from my mouth, followed by a question and (hopefully) answer session. If you’re in the Dallas area, it would be great to meet you at the event, being held at the Richardson Civic Center on March 8, 2008. There’s more information on the group’s website at www.acd.us.

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March 5, 2008   16 Comments

Steve Jobs pans Flash on the iPhone


Over the last year, many observers have wondered when Apple would deliver Adobe Flash support on the iPhone. At the company’s shareholder meeting on Tuesday, Steve Jobs made comments that indicate that support isn’t coming anytime soon, thanks to architectural limitations in Flash itself. A full explanation of those limitations follow.

Continues: Steve Jobs pans Flash on the iPhone

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March 5, 2008   10 Comments

Investors probe Apple’s Jobs on successor, games, future products

Apple Campus

AppleInsider joined Apple investors, some of whom traveled from as far away as Europe, at the company’s annual shareholders meeting in Cupertino on Tuesday, where Steve Jobs and his executive team were both grilled and lauded for their future outlook and strategy in terms of games, retail operations, corporate accountability, future product plans, and Jobs’ future successor as chief executive.

Continues: Investors probe Apple’s Jobs on successor, games, future products

Coverage of the 2007 Event: Answers from Steve Jobs at Apple’s Shareholder Meeting

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March 4, 2008   No Comments

Apple’s iPhone Vs. Other Mobile Hardware Makers: 5 Revenue Engines

iPhone Engines
Daniel Eran Dilger
While pundits like to fixate on how Apple may possibly be making less than they first postulated, and then mercilessly torture their invented strawman like a voodoo proxy for the as yet bulletproof iPhone, the reality is that Apple has built a series of revenue engines that will not only make the company money, but will also support the ongoing development of the iPhone platform and keep it well ahead of rivals.

Auf Deutsch: Das Apple iPhone im Wettbewerbervergleich: Die Kraft der fünf Profitcenter
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February 27, 2008   46 Comments