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Advancing Software Reuse of Linux, Windows Code on the Mac

Daniel Eran Dilger
Apple appears to be following up its successful strategy of enabling code reuse of software designed for Unix/Linux through work on new efforts to sample existing code tied to Windows. Here’s what’s involved.

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December 17, 2007   19 Comments

Why Microsoft’s Copy-Killing Has Reached a Dead End.

Daniel Eran Dilger
Microsoft’s rapid rise to power and its ability to hold onto control over the PC desktop throughout the 90s has long been revered by pundits as a classic example of copying an existing business model and then defeating all competition through price efficiencies, despite the fact that Microsoft’s Windows software has only ever gotten progressively more expensive with the passing of time. This copy-killing strategy, also described as “embrace, extend, and extinguish,” is now reaching a dead end. Here’s why.

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December 16, 2007   34 Comments

Soviet Microsoft: Stockholm Syndrome Among Unswitchable Windows Users

Soviet Microsoft
Readers Write
Commenting on the article “Soviet Microsoft: How Resistance to Free Markets and Open Ideas Will the Unravel the Software Superpower,” reader Harvey Lubin extended the analogy between Microsoft and the Soviet Union by describing how many of Microsoft’s customers have developed a Stockholm Syndrome that prevents them from seeing or readily adopting alternatives.

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December 15, 2007   48 Comments

Canalys, Symbian: Apple iPhone Already Leads Windows Mobile in US Market Share, Q3 2007

North American Smartphone Market Share, Q3 2007
Daniel Eran Dilger
In its first full quarter of sales, the iPhone has already climbed past Microsoft’s entire lineup of Windows Mobile smartphones in North America, according to figures compiled by Canalys and published by Symbian. That puts the iPhone ahead of smartphones running Symbian, Linux, and the Palm OS, but behind the first place RIM BlackBerry. The figures mesh with retail sales data already reported by NPD, which similarly described the size of the US market with a 27% chunk bit out by Apple’s iPhone.

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December 14, 2007   92 Comments

Soviet Microsoft: How Resistance to Free Markets and Open Ideas Will the Unravel the Software Superpower

Soviet Microsoft
Daniel Eran Dilger
Somewhat ironically, one of the most financially successful capitalist companies of the 90s has positioned itself as a modern counterpart to the old communist Soviet Union. Microsoft’s ideological contempt for and resistance to free markets and the open expression and propagation of fresh ideas and technologies is not only a close parallel of the old USSR, but also a clear reflection of why Microsoft is currently failing and why its troubles have only just begun. Here’s a comprehensive look at why this is the case.

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December 13, 2007   90 Comments

Should Apple TV Copy Tivo and Media Center?

Daniel Eran Dilger
With Apple holding onto 91% of the market for digital video downloads, one might think that the company’s rapid ascendancy in movie sales would have received more attention by the media. Instead, reporters have suggested reasons why the figures don’t really matter and analysts are offering their advice on how to “fix” Apple’s digital strategy. Most of the suggestions involve Apple stooping to copy the failure of Microsoft’s DRM-centric rental revocations or the Media Center/Tivo DVR money pit between the rock of cable providers and the hard place of consumers looking for cheap hardware.

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December 12, 2007   35 Comments

Apple TV Digital Disruption at Work: iTunes Takes 91% of Video Download Market

iTunes video market share
Daniel Eran Dilger
This quarter’s NPD report on video downloads flies in the face of claims made by certain analysts claiming to have the answers required to turn around the supposed “failure” of Apple TV. Echoing his earlier claims that iTunes faced a dire future, Forrester Research’s James McQuivey recently took Apple TV to task, fretting that his guesstimate of sales didn’t match his earlier sales prediction. Based on McQuivey’s guesswork, Silicon Alley Insider’s Dan Frommer offered suggestions for “fixing” it.

While it has become fashionable to mimic the complaints of others when talking about Apple TV, the more shocking reality is that the product is actually working as intended to strengthen Apple’s plans for the digital disruption of television. Here’s why.

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December 11, 2007   46 Comments

Forrester’s James McQuivey Announces the Death of iTunes, Again

Forrester's James McQuivey Announces the Death of iTunes, Again
Daniel Eran Dilger
Forrester Research seems to be working hard to publish the demise of iTunes. Curiously, the better iTunes does, the more Forrester researchers ratchet up the alarmist fear-mongering. Comparing the increasingly shrill reports of doom for iTunes with actual sales data makes for an entertaining look at the nature of sensational reporting masquerading as independent research and analysis.

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December 6, 2007   28 Comments

PE U: The Mac OS X Leopard Windows API Myth

Can not be run in Dos mode
Daniel Eran Dilger
Some ideas just won’t die. Proponents of the Mac OS X Leopard Windows API Myth are so convinced that Apple desperately needs to wedge Microsoft Windows into Mac OS X that they’ll run with any hint that might suggest a plausible way for this to happen. The latest take on the subject is that Mac OS X Leopard loads PE files and requests Windows DLL files, which more than a few pundits have determined must be a new development because Tiger didn’t do this. Therefore, they’ve decided that the only sensical conclusion to jump to is that Apple is secretly implementing the Windows API so that Macs will be able to run Windows programs natively. They’re wrong, here’s why.

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December 5, 2007   21 Comments

Why Microsoft’s Zune is Still Failing

Zune Software Crash
Daniel Eran Dilger
Last winter, I detailed why Microsoft’s iPod Killer would fail miserably. This year, Microsoft will fail again, but for a new set of reasons. It is not obvious that the company has figured this out itself. Here’s why the Zune will fail in 2007, and how Microsoft is painting a fraudulent portrait of interest that doesn’t exist.

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November 22, 2007   90 Comments

iPhone Grabs 27% of US Smartphone Market

Daniel Eran Dilger
Last month, after Apple beat its announced goal of selling a million iPhones by the end of September a couple weeks in advance, Dan Frommer of Silicon Alley Insider announced that Apple was convolutedly “below plan” for meeting its 90 day goal in 74 days, and figured that Apple would only be able to sell about half of its longer term 2008 goal of 10 million phones. A month later, Frommer is now pointing out that Apple has 27% of the US smartphone market.

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November 21, 2007   35 Comments

Road to Mac Office 2008: an introduction


Microsoft’s Office for Mac 2008 adds new features and a revised user interface to the standard suite of productivity applications including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Entourage. Scheduled for release in January 2008, the upgrade will be the first new release for the Mac since 2004, back in the days of Mac OS 10.3 Panther.

Ten years ago, Steve Jobs took the stage at the summer 1997 Boston Macworld Expo to announce plans to restore confidence in Apple. Key among those plans was a deal with Microsoft to deliver the first new edition of Office for Mac since Microsoft had halted development back in 1994, prior to the release of Windows 95.
Microsoft recently announced new plans to again introduce a new version of Office for Mac after delays led to a four-year development process.

This time, however, Microsoft faces new competition from Apple itself, which has impacted Microsoft’s Office 2008 pricing and features. New competition between the two firms in the productivity application arena is great for consumers; here’s how the two companies have acted as both rivals and partners over the last three decades in productivity applications, leading up to renewed competition today.

AppleInsider | Road to Mac Office 2008: an introduction

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November 12, 2007   3 Comments

WYE, WYG: RoughlyDrafted Fact Checking

What You Expected:

Feb 2004: How to Fix the iMac
Daniel Eran Dilger
What You Expected, What You Got: RoughlyDrafted Fact Checking.
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November 10, 2007   6 Comments

Ten Myths of Leopard: 10 Leopard is a Vista Knockoff!

November 10, 2007   26 Comments

Ten Myths of Leopard: 9 Apple is Spying on Users!

November 8, 2007   11 Comments