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I’m Daniel Eran Dilger, and I write about the intersection of Technology and the Liberal Arts. I’ve maintained RoughlyDrafted for several years, starting with handcrafted HTML I cobbled together by hand. Back in 2006 I attempted to simplify things using Apple’s iWeb, but outgrew the both the use of static pages and the bandwidth allowed by Apple when using .Mac.

In late 2007 I moved to WordPress, which is far clumsier to use creatively but allows me to publish faster loading, easier to search pages.


You can contribute to my site by writing me with your feedback, corrections, and ideas. You can also link to my site, forward my site to others, and post articles to community sites, which helps to expand my audience. If you buy things from Amazon through my links, I earn commissions.

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Web Visitor Statistics.

More than 75 RoughlyDrafted articles have seen more than 25,000 unique visitors each, and more than ten articles have been read by between 50,000 and 140,000 viewers. Of the more than 500 articles on this site, at least half have had more than 5,000 visitors.These numbers don’t include visitors before 2006 or after June 2007:

  • 7,196,566 pageviews.
  • 3,273,125 visits.
  • 1,721,815 unique visitors.

There was recorded traffic from 213 nations, with the top ten countries reporting visitors being:

  • United States (nearly 61% of all viewers)
  • Canada
  • United Kingdom
  • Australia
  • Germany
  • Netherlands
  • Sweden
  • France
  • Spain
  • New Zealand

At least 25 countries reported more than 10,000 visits. More than 50 countries report more than 2,000 visits.Volunteers have translated a dozen articles into Spanish, Russian, or Hebrew: Translations.

Web Stats: 2007.

In the first two quarters of 2007, this site reported:

  • 4,334,760 pageviews.
  • 1,891,882 visits.
  • 970,514 unique visitors.

Web Stats: 2006.

In the fourth quarter of 2006, readership reached a quarter million visits per month. Almost exactly half of those readers were using a Mac. Of those Mac visitors:

  • 71% were using PowerPC Macs,
  • 29% were on Intel Macs.

For Windows users:

  • 89% were using Windows XP,
  • 7% Windows 2000,
  • nearly 1.5% Windows Server 2003,
  • 1.4% were using a beta version of Windows Vista.

On all platforms:

  • 38.8% were using Safari,
  • 38.5% were using Firefox,
  • 15.8% were using Internet Explorer.


Previous articles can be found in the Archives or searched by subject using Google.

Articles prior to May 2006 can be found here: