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Apple, Inc to darken the sun in 2017

Daniel Eran Dilger

Apple’s increasing reliance on solar energy to power its data centers and other facilities will coincide with an extensive darkening of the sun in the United States within two years, scientists say. The company has hinted at such plans in its coded marketing messages ever since it began taking over the smartphone industry in 2007.

Ominous warning from 2007

Sophisticated computer models are predicting that the sun will completely darken across a large area of the United States in the latter half of 2017, blanketing a broad swath of the country in total darkness that is predicted to stretch from Apple’s iCloud data center in Prineville, Oregon to its even larger data center in Maiden, North Carolina.

Both of those Apple data center facilities are powered by 100 percent renewable energy, much of which is supplied by vast arrays of dark solar panels that absorb protons being emitted by the sun. It is not clearly understood how the expansion of such solar panel arrays might affect the amount of natural light reaching the earth’s surface as intended by nature.

By the end of next year, Apple also expects to begin occupying Campus 2, a vast secret development being built in California behind a high “green” fence and even higher trees that ring the periphery of the site.

Not only will solar panels be used to blanket the entire roof of its parking garages, but the site will also draw power from another new solar array being subsidized to the tune of nearly $1 billion by Apple, whose chief executive Tim Cook is a proponent of unrestricted gay marriage and a vocal advocate of so-called Civil Rights.

Artificial solar panels not found in nature

Some critics have charged that Apple’s increasing reliance on solar power—achieved without any conclusively documented ROI—has a dark relationship with the administration of President Barack Hussein Obama. The president has been promoting unbridled deployments of new solar arrays through the use of expansive government subsidies paid for by the taxation of natural pollution occurring from the conventional burning of earth-extracted hydrocarbon materials.

According to the self-regulating petrochemical industry, non-solar, green-free energy sources are known to have zero impact on the environment or the climate, resulting in no discernible changes whatsoever in temperature, drought, air quality or polar ice melting.

Any changes that might occur are said to be a part of a natural process of global climate trends that have been in place since the Creation of man. Virtually every ancient culture maintains a traditional history that includes mention of a global flood that annihilated most of the population, making climate change a non-actionable, non-issue. However, the potential threats posed by solar energy are less well known, making it sensible—and potentially essential—that more studies hold up further expansion, some experts say.

The executive branch of the current American government won’t have to answer for the results of its heavy reliance upon “green” technologies because the Constitution demands that it must be terminated at the end of 2016. That will leave the next U.S. president with less than one year before who-knows-what may cause any number of dangerous catastrophies.

Total darkness, even for a brief interval, could result in massive car accidents on any one of the major Interstate freeways (or toll roads) that are predicted to lose their natural daily illumination source. Darkness is also closely related to criminal activity, and historically has been associated with the occult.

The continental U.S. hasn’t lost its natural illumination from the sun since February 1979, when a sun darkening event occured during the Jimmy Carter Administration. That same year, President Carter had installed solar panels on the White House, an action that was mitigated by his successor Ronald Reagan, who quickly acted in 1981 to order that the dark colored panels be removed from the White House.

Nearly 20 years later, President Obama issued an executive order in 2010 that demanded that new solar panels be installed on the White House roof. There have been a series of sun darkening events around the world since then.

For my dad Carl Dilger – who instilled in me a dry, analytical sense of expression and criticism and who, 36 years ago, drove me to Jordan, Montana to experience my first total solar eclipse through his welding helmet. He passed away this week after a long life of working hard and helping a lot of people. He brought home the first home computer I tapped on: a Commodore Vic-20. I see part of him every time I look in the mirror.

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    And that’s supposed to be witty or funny?

  • Hypothesard

    Looking at the Date now, tomorrow would be April the 2nd…

  • http://twitter.com/LunaticSX Lun Esex

    “dark solar panels that absorb protons being emitted by the sun”

    Surely part of the joke here is people reading this and not grasping that solar panels actually absorb photons to generate electricity, not protons? :)

  • airmanchairman

    Sorry for your loss, dude, but happy to see you celebrate his life in such light-hearted mood…

  • Barzuma

    Makes sense. The more solar panels there are sucking in the sun’s rays, the darker the sun will become. Of course! It makes total sense.


    Condolences on your loss.

  • moofer

    It’s amazing to see that in your situation, you can maintain a sense of humor. Thanks for what you do, and how you do it.

  • Brian Holdsworth

    Great line: “natural pollution occurring from the conventional burning of earth-extracted hydrocarbon materials”
    Really enjoy your writing. Glad to see more posts recently on your independent blog. You are at your best when free to write what you want.

  • Eric Gen

    Sorry for your loss!

  • James Hughes

    The only worry I have is that Fox News will pick up on this and promote it as fact. It is, after all, actually written by someone.

    It’s tough losing someone you love. I wish you well. LLP.

    P.S. My first computer was also a Commodore VIC20. I played a vampire game. It was all text based. Great game. Just something… Yo know. Eh.

  • Marcus2012

    The sun emits P_H_otons, not P_R_otons

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    Condolences and by the way: Who needs the sun, we have roughlydrafted ;)

  • Davidka

    It’s been almost 2 years since the last comment seems to have been posted here. I don’t know if the site is still active but I’m having so much fun reading it that I feel I have to write and encourage you.
    I particularly enjoy reading your articles on the recent history of computing as I was working in the field during that time and remember many of the events you mention. It’s fun to see that your reporting of the background of those events support many of the details I’ve heard over the years. Please keep it up.
    By the way, in anticipation of the coming Darkening initiated by Apple’s use of solar energy, I heard Microsoft is developing plans to harness the power of darkness.