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Radio: Tim Cook at All Things Digital and WWDC

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Gene Steinberg of the Tech Night Owl invited me to talk about Tim Cooks’ appearance at the Wall Street Journal All Things Digital conference, to chat about mobile operating systems, and to discuss expectations of WWDC.

You can tune into the live broadcast stream Saturday night from 7:00 to 10:00 PM Pacific, 10:00 PM to 1:00 AM Eastern, at http://www.technightowl.com/radio/. An archive of the show is available for downloading and listening at your convenience within four hours after the original broadcast.

NOW PLAYING! June 9, 2012 — Daniel Eran Dilger and Ted Landau

The Tech Night Owl LIVE is also broadcast on many local radio stations via the GCN network. There’a also now a mobile app for GCN radio.

You can also access the show’s Podcast feed, now available at: http://www.technightowl.com/nightowl.xml.

  • stefn

    Gene’s program is terrible. Way too many commercials.

  • gslusher

    I agree with stefn. I get the podcast and fast-forward through the commercials. There are too many and many of them are very, very strange: ads for gold, survivalists, wacko “alternative medicine” stuff, and the like. I’m dreading that he might be broadcasting ads for penis enlargement next.

  • WSharp

    I agree. I love to hear what Daniel Eran has to say but the ads on Tech Night Owl are way too long and numerous. I know you gotta make some shekels but geez …..

    [Just FYI – I don’t financially participate with any advertising appearing on the radio show, I just appear as a guest on Gene’s show from time to time. – Dan]

  • http://www.technightowl.com Gene Steinberg

    Thanks for listening.

    One thing you folks should know is that The Tech Night Owl LIVE is a syndicated radio show, the same as hundreds of other shows in the U.S. We follow the very same ad schedule. No difference.

    As to the content of the ads, we have no control over their selection and do not benefit from anything but our own ads (which are rather more mundane). That’s right, we aren’t paid for network or local ads.

    My suggestion to everyone: If you don’t like the ads, fast forward, as you probably do now when you watch a recorded TV show on your DVR. For the time being, the network won’t allow the removal of ads for the archive or podcast shows (they’re a major source of income to them).


  • stefn

    Hey, Gene. How about making the program available on podcast apps like Podcast Player on the Mac or Casts on iPhone? Then bumping through the ads is much easier on these apps.

  • http://www.technightowl.com Gene Steinberg

    We already offer GCN’s player for the iOS and Android. It lets you play the live and on-demand feeds for all of GCN’s programs. We’re also available via Stitcher, and via the podcast services for Nokia, Microsoft and BlackBerry. But I will definitely look into other options. Thanks.


  • Damfino

    I agree with all the comments. I don’t download the show because I can’t listen while multitasking (driving, working out, etc.) so I fast-forward to just Daniel’s comments in my browser and listen on the computer so I can quickly fast-forward when needed.

    Here’s what’s weird about it. The commentary is “cutting-edge”, as Gene says, but the format of the show is all “trailing-edge”. It’s an AM talk show redistributed on the internet. That’s the worst thing. Back in the old days, highly commercial AM radio was the only medium for talk radio, so listeners who liked that format needed to put up with ( or even learn to like ) aggressively obnoxious advertising.

    One aspect of the internet revolution is that many podcasters and advertisers learned that the heavy-handed approach doesn’t work. But the idea of showing respect of the time, taste, and intelligence of the audience does. I would be much happier to simply subscribe to a simple one-man monolog than continuing with the present arrangement. For example, I’ve been supporting the little “MacCast Member” podcast for about 1.5 years and I would be happy to subscribe to a “Roughly Drafted” podcast on the same or similar terms.

    The problem with juxtaposing cutting-edge content with trailing-edge advertising is that the audience that Daniel attracts is exactly the audience who repelled by the old approach. AM radio ads on the AM band don’t stick out because the that entire universe is cluttered with annoying advertising. But when you transplant an AM show onto the internet, it’s a lot harder to make excuses.


  • http://www.technightowl.com Gene Steinberg

    It’s not transplanted at all. The show is simply available on both traditional radio (AM and FM), and online.

    There’s really no proven advertising model for most podcasts. We tried that route before most podcasts were around. You’ll get a few advertisers, but not many. A subscription model excludes most potential listeners. People these days have little enough discretionary cash as it is.

    If your podcast is a hobby, doesn’t matter. If it happens to be your “Day Job,” and it is mine, I have to consider reaching the largest possible audience — without sacrificing integrity, as some do — so advertisers will come.

    I would welcome suggestions, beyond hoping for a million dollar SuperPAC.


  • Ludor

    Gene Steinberg: I saw this thread a bit late, but it’s good to see you responding to the issue.

    I agree with the others, however: the kind of ads that you show is filled with seems to be targeted at a completely different crowd – that is, not targeted at all.

    Daniel, could you not see how this works against your content?

  • http://www.technightowl.com Gene Steinberg

    Luder, I think you need to realize that we do not select or target any of the ads other than the ones that run in the first minute of the ad block, which are our own (and our source of income for the show). The rest of the ads are up to the network and local stations. It’s up to them to choose which sponsors would appeal to our listeners, and I wouldn’t presume to guess on the validity of their selections. It wouldn’t make a difference.

    More to the point, nobody forces you to listen to the ads or buy the products or services advertised.


  • Ludor

    I just think that there ought to be a better solution, which would benefit the show immensely. What that might be, I’m not smart enough to say. Thank you for responding.

  • yoyo2222

    Not a complaint about Tech Night Owl.

    Daniel, where you at? I am missing your posts here and on Apple Insider.

  • http://www.technightowl.com Gene Steinberg

    The ultimate solution is to find someone to put a whole lot of money into my business, so I wouldn’t have to depend on ad income to eat. I could just distribute the show everywhere at my own expense. But the chances of that are at the low end of zero.


    P.S. Yes, Daniel let’s see some more stuff here. :)

  • jmfree


    Clearly any free service will attract its share of… the word escapes me… oh okay, whiners. My apologies to the whiners. Sort of.

    You are in cahoots with Daniel to deliver — FOR FREE — some of the best insight and analysis available anywhere about the consumer / pro / developer computer hardware and software industry. Surely you must be punished.

    Ads? How dare you. Funds to pay for your time? You selfish one-percenter. Thanks??? Where the hell do you get off, man?

    However, Damfino’s thought is appreciated here: I would gladly pay for this caliber of expertise. Especially because we have a platform perfect for the sort of stuff that just doesn’t fit the book publishing model at all.

    Please carry on in any way you can. There are more people behind you than may be saying so.

  • http://themacadvocate.com TheMacAdvocate

    I personally find the ads entertaining. I try to picture Daniel’s face when he hears ads for survivalist foodstuffs bracketing his awesome commentary. Gene said it best: FF the ads. It’s a small price to pay for the ability to listen to Daniel and others talk about Apple.

  • Radiation

    I have been reading your blog religiously for 5-6 years. I never once posted anything or even bothered registering to post because I always just took advantage of the fact that you consistently were so damn good in your analysis. I have learned soooo much from reading Roughlydrafted all these years and listen to Gene’s show because of you!

    Now before I start sounding like I’m some sort of raving fanatic I want to just say that with Microsoft releasing it’s own tablets, Windows 8 coming out in a few months and a whole slew of other goings on in tech I really really miss your spot on analysis! Please PLEASE PLEASE update your site! I feel like I’ve lost something with your hiatus!

    -Jason Wong
    long time reader

  • http://www.technightowl.com Gene Steinberg

    Actually, Daniel never hears the ads. They are added by the network AFTER the show content is submitted to them.


  • Damfino

    Its good to hear from fans who tolerate/enjoy the ads. I know that i’m not like that and it’s because I’m no longer acclimated to the commercial style of broadcasting. I cut the cable a couple of years ago and the only TV that I watch is from DVDs (where the ads have already been removed). It’s jarring to me to have just a few minutes of “show” followed by another round of commercials.

    I understand Gene’s motivation and I can’t blame him for the business choices he’s made. I was talking about Daniel as a non-exclusive commentator. I hope that he’s also able to find a low-commercial or non-commercial venue. Mr. Ihnatko, for example, is another popular non-exclusive who appears in highly-commercial, low-commercial, and non-commercial forums. Nothing wrong with that.

    The main reason I brought this up is that DED is an extraordinary commentator. As we all know, he is an old-fashioned Aristotelean: he speaks in whole paragraphs rather than sound bites. We need to allocate time and our attention for more than a few seconds to absorb what he says.

    Many of his articles have lasting value, even though they were initially written in response to current events. One such column is his take on the Kindle Fire (http://www.roughlydrafted.com/2011/09/30/kindle-fire-promises-to-burn-android-to-the-ground/). Much of what he predicted has already come true and I’m expecting that we will see another battle in this civil war — Android vs Android — this summer.

    This is great theater for geeks, so I also miss the RoughlyDrafted columns.

  • http://www.technightowl.com Gene Steinberg

    Oh and one more thing: Apple’s new Podcast app for the iOS lets you jump through the ads, in up to 30 second increments. It’s the same way a satellite DVR handles it. Hope it helps for people who don’t dig the spots.


  • jehnavi

    I just appear as a guest on Gene’s show.