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Shit Tech Guys Say

Daniel Eran Dilger

Shit tech guys say

  • http://Www.bitburn.org bitburn

    Hahaa that is hilarious :D

  • mundie1010


  • http://www.laptophq.org/ LaptopHQ

    Well, technically this very much reminds me of our own tech support.

    Hilarious video :)

  • feral

    technically, i don’t think you said shit. lol. funny vid. more.

  • bft

    It used to drive a buddy of mine crazy when somebody lost their network connection and they would go around loudly freaking out – “The Internet is down! The Internet is down!”

  • Maniac

    LOL. Gr8 video Daniel.

  • spuy767

    I literally said the exact same thing to someone about Android, referring to it as a cartoon trashcan, of course, this imbecile then told me that C3P0 was NOT an android, by definition.

  • Howard

    This guy is an actor isn’t he ? I don’t see the point of it :-(

  • http://computerlearnhow.com/ computerlearnhow

    technically that was very funny ;-) Great video!