Daniel Eran Dilger
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Weekend Tech Review: Week 1 Jan 2012

Daniel Eran Dilger

Here’s a video recap of the week’s tech news and events. I’ll be in Las Vegas next week for CES looking for news to report. Please offer your feedback! Thanks Weekend Tech Review: Week 1 Jan 2012 on YouTube

  • ChuckO

    Very nice. I’d recommend getting using Vimeo or similar. The ad overlay for YouTube was super annoying and has an x in a box that you think will make it go away but instead navigates you away to the ad on a different tab. blah!!!

  • Conrad Joe

    Good stuff Daniel. In general, nicely done.

    Suggestions: Rehearse more. Do a second take if you stumble.

    And most especially, keep in mind that writing for a reader is very different than writing for a speaker. Be careful of word combinations which are hard to pronounce, and eliminate them from the script.

    Generally, your cadence and your general style are very good.