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Podcast: AT&T’s failed T-Mobile merger

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Gene Steinberg of the Tech Night Owl invited me to talk about AT&T’s failed T-Mobile merger among other topics.

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NOW PLAYING! — December 24, 2011 — Daniel Eran Dilger and Avram Piltch

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  • kilroywashere

    Just listened to your comments on the AT&T/T-mobile merger being blocked by the government. This is where guys like you who advocate putting Marxists in charge of “regulating” the economy go wrong. The kind of people (such as Harvard graduates) who get put in charge when the government is granted power to “regulate” have no clue what they are doing. They generally end up being corrupt and using regulatory powers to gain favors for themselves. It would be interesting to find out if there were any large Obama/Franken/Democratic Party donors who opposed the merger for their own business reasons. We already know these people are willing to hand out patronage to donors from the Solyndra scandal.

    Marxists (including Socialists) don’t demand “regulatory” powers so they can genuinely help people. They use them to set up market barriers that favor their supporters or to use to extract tolls from people who need to get around the barriers.

    Always be suspicious of politicians…particularly ones who promise paradise on earth if people just grant them dictatorial powers.

  • http://www.roughlydrafted.com danieleran

    The only thing worse than evil godless socialist politicians are righteous god-fearing capitalist executives, particularly the ones who possess the “dictatorial powers” that you fear so much falling into the hands of the liberally educated.

    It wasn’t the “Obama/Franken/Democratic Party” that destroyed the US economy, embroiled our military in a decade of two neo-Vietnams, and and turned our liberal democracy into a corporate financed joke. It was your phony “small government” anti-progressive Ann Rand/Cato thinkers.

    Seriously, if the biggest “scandal” you can come up with for Obama is a few tens of million lost in a failed/poorly managed solar manufacturing venture, you are so hysterically delusional that it’s not worth arguing with you, even for comical reasons.

  • kilroywashere

    1) Typically vapid Marxist rhetoric. Name for me a corporate executive (god-fearing or not) who has dictatorial powers over society or the economy and explain exactly what his power is.

    2) I suppose you suggest that Obama and Franken didn’t support and encourage the Community Reinvestment Act….didn’t back ACORN in their efforts to force banks to loan money to people who couldn’t afford home loans under the guise of “affordable housing” ….didn’t defend Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac when they were bundling bad loans onto investment securities that were resold? I suppose government policy had NOTHING to do with the problems? I suppose it isn’t Obama that is fielding massive bureaucracies that are clamping down on down coal mining, oil drilling, farming, fishing and a whole host of human endeavors. I suppose the EPA isn’t making it impossible for industries to operate under the absurd notion that Carbon Dioxide is some how an atmospheric pollutant. I suppose it isn’t Obama pushing the FICA tax cuts that will further deplete Social Security and speed its collapse.

    Marxists ALWAYS blame other people (in this case, private enterprise) for the systems and institutions they ruin in implementing their silly, pseudo-intellectual belief system. FDR did it. Obama does it. You have just done it. THere is just always some bogey man out there who foils the good intentions of the socialist. It isn’t that he is incompetent and clueless…can’t be that.

    3) Of course the graft and corruption are perfectly OK since it is your guy doing it. I guess the TRILLIONS he’s blown on “stimulus” slush funds and funneling money to labor unions who donate money back to the politicians is ok too. I never fails to amaze me how political zealots routinely give their guys a pass while they stomp on soap boxes about what the opposition does. Its just laughable!

    I read your column for the technical research you do. But, I always have to laugh when you inject your little political jabs. You just have zero credibility when it comes to political commentary.

    BTW: Cute little avoidance tactic you used there. Its quite funny. Here you just admit that the guy you endorsed and promoted did something short-sighted and stupid…that he did something that will harm millions of people just to please a handful of political supporters who are anti-corporate…..and yet I’m the idiot who isn’t worth giving the time of day.