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Podcast: iPad 2, RIM PlayBook, Android 3.0 Honeycomb Xoom

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Gene Steinberg of the Tech Night Owl invited me to talk about new tablets: iPad 2, RIM PlayBook, Android 3.0 Honeycomb Xoom.

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This latest episode is now available at March 5, 2011 — John Martellaro, Kirk McElhearn, and Daniel Eran Dilger

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  • MathMan

    I find a lot of inaccuracies in the Xoom marketing and comparison guides. One of these is that they claim a pixel density of 160ppi, which at the given resolution of 1280×800 pixels gives the screen dimensions at 8in x 5in, or 9.4in diagonal. I looked at a Xoom at BestBuy, and my measurements found that it had an active screen size of 8.5″x5.3″, which does give the claimed 10.1 diagonal (rounding up), but puts the Xoom’s pixel density at 150ppi and not the claimed 160ppi. That’s too big a discrepancy to be due to roundoff error converting from metric measurements. Apple’s claimed ppi of 132 is completely accurate according to my measurements.

    Another often touted fact is the “bigger display”, which assumes that having a larger diagonal means more area, ignoring basic geometry. In fact, the Xoom is more narrowly proportioned at a 8:5 ratio compared to the iPad’s 4:3, and if you crunch the numbers, you find that the iPad and the Xoom have virtually identical active screen areas. (My numbers give a very slight advantage to the iPad, but that is within the margin of error of my measurements.)

  • MathMan

    By the way, I made essentially the same comment twice, here and in the previous (Seth Weintraub) comments, because when I tried to post to the Weintraub thread, I got and error message (dropped connection) when I tried to submit. The same happened here with the above post. Using Safari on Snow Leopard.

  • JohnWatkins

    BTW, Dan,
    The forum has been down for (I think) 2 days.
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