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Ten Myth of Apple’s iPad: 2. iPad needs Adobe Flash

Daniel Eran Dilger

Here’s segment two in my series taking on iPad myths: no the iPad doesn’t need to supply Adobe’s Flash runtime.

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Dear Adobe: 2. It’s a myth that the iPad needs Flash.

Well, obviously Adobe would like to have Flash on The Tablet, given how the iPhone made it clear that Flash was clearly unnecessary on a cell phone. How will we visit the websites of German discos or play really awful games targeted at children and neanderthals? Never mind that Adobe can’t manage to create a Flash client that actually works on anything but the 1990s Windows desktop, or that Flash itself is nothing but a crutch for Photoshop artists who can’t be bothered to learn how to create real web content.

The most shocking thing isn’t that Adobe is weeping over its clearly lost fortunes, but rather that so many tech writers are still shamelessly trying to push the idea that Flash is important, a full three years after the iPhone very successfully debuted without it. You’ll recall I was The First Person to point out that Apple wasn’t “working” to get Flash on the iPhone, but rather and very clearly striving to move developers away from Flash, despite the vague things Jobs said about Flash being too big and Flash Light being too small. Jobs wasn’t working out how to get Flash ‘just right’ on the iPhone, he was actively weaning users off Flash off entirely.

The iPhone Threat to Adobe, Microsoft, Sun, Real, BREW, Symbian
Gone in a Flash: More on Apple’s iPhone Web Plans

While prominent pundits kept insisting that a version of Flash for iPhone was imminent, I repeated over and over–citing more and more damning evidence each time–that Apple was only working very hard to kill Flash, starting on the smartphone. Flash is the primary reason Safari crashes, and even accounts for the vast majority of Apple’s Mac OS X crash reports. Anyone who knows how to run Activity Monitor can observe that even the most trivial use of Flash within in a webpage eats up extraordinary resources.

Flash Wars: Adobe in the History and Future of Flash
HTML5 assault on Adobe Flash heats up with ClickToFlash

If Greenpeace were anything other than a greenwashing bunch of donation collectors, it would target Flash as a bigger environmental threat than PVC and BFRs combined, just by the composite amount of energy it consumes to do absolutely nothing of value. Anyone who cheerleads for Flash is either deeply indebted to a third-rate art school, a stockholder of Adobe, or a delusional moron. And all you sock puppets posting about how your children desperately want to play Flash games but can’t on the iPhone: go to a pet store and get a gnaw bone for your kid at and let them play with that instead. It will be more fun for them and less catastrophic for our earth.

The fact that a variety of websites standardized on Flash as a lowest-common denominator for serving video is not proof Flash needs to stay in existence. We’re three years closer to the obsolescence of Flash as a runtime. That’s why several big sites are moving away from Flash in imitation of Apple, which was among the first to scour its video-heavy website from Flash dependence. The lack of Flash on the iPhone and iPod touch and now the iPad is creating a market for open, non-Flash HTML5 web content. Google is also pushing for an end to Flash, although less aggressively. Few companies are as ballsy as Apple.

Why Apple is betting on HTML 5: a web history

If you’ve been paying attention for the last few decades, you’ll recall that the same kind of people criticized the Mac for not running DOS apps, because they simply didn’t get it. Flash is much less important today than DOS was back then.

Yes, I see the irony of my video segment being delivered via Flash because I hosted it on YouTube, but note that the iPhone (and the iPad, if you’re Steve Colbert or somebody else with the good fortune to have gotten one) has no problem playing it because Google delivers YouTube videos as H.264 on devices that don’t support Flash.


    75 Million iPhones and iPods touch mean 75 Million users (give or take a few million) that can’t be reached with advertisements using Flash. That’s another reason why Flash will start to disappear.

  • stormj

    Right… there’s a YouTube HTML5 beta that you can participate in by checking it out.

    Flash was what people would have made Java if they had known in advance what it would really be used for. So it’s a early 2000s solution to a 1990s problem.

    I wonder if the haters wouldn’t have found reasons to ask how the iPad could be a big move forward if it refused to abandon technology from a few decades ago. No one got a floppy drive after the iMac came out without one, even in their PCs.

    I think you should rename this series “Top 10 FUD Talking Points Kicked Up By Apple’s Competitors And Believed By Geek Pundits.”

    Myths at least usually are the product of some collective cultural perception. These iPad criticisms are all manufactured as if this was a political campaign, probably by the same kind of people, except maybe the jokes about it’s name. (;

  • J0hN

    I HATE FLASH, for the one reason that is is a massive resourse hog.
    My MacBook gets crazy hot when i have multiple tabs/windows with flash in them.
    Flash on the iPad would be a disaster because it would drain the battery just showing some ads.

  • stevemobs

    you are my hero.

    “Anyone who cheerleads for Flash is either deeply indebted to a third-rate art school, a stockholder of Adobe, or a delusional moron. ”

    i love it.

  • miloh


    Kinda liking the new video thing. It adds a new dimension to the magazine. One suggestion, however. Cut around the dead parts where you’re trying to collect your thoughts. It’s a perfectly acceptable technique, one that’s regularly seen in professional video production. Just watch nearly any documentary on Discovery or interview on the news. Almost everyone can be seen to do it if you pay attention. Some producers try to hide the cuts with subtle dissolves or even morphing. Others, however, don’t bother and throw in stylish transitions like zooms or flashes. Pretty much anything is better than dead air. It looks unprepared.

    Other than that, keep up the good reporting. :)

  • clochard42

    Good post and great video. Was eagerly awaiting a comment about this topic. While I won’t always be able to view your videos – take much longer than reading – I really appreciate them. Good, that you don’t cut them which allows to see how your thoughts crystallize. Your videos are displayed using flash right now – hope that Youtube allows for HTML5 video embedding soon.

    Another opportunity to start a flame war here – please no. Too much has been written about it already. iPad won’t have flash. I really would like to have a serious discussion about the implications.
    I’ve installed a flash blocker for some time now and somehow don’t visit sites that depend so heavily on flash, so I really don’t know. Can someone give me samples of at least fairly “good” or somehow “important” sites that are implemented in flash? And please don’t include sites that
    – are already working on HTML5 versions (e.g. YouTube, Vimeo)
    – have a mobile version that runs fine on iPhone which has no flash either (e.g. clipfish.de)
    – host games that can easily be ported to App-Store or where similar free (yes, that’s free of charge) Apps are available on iTunes.
    – work fine, but only some flashing ads are missing

  • http://bkpfd.org qka


    Please consider including a direct link to YouTube for your videos. Correct me if I’m wrong, but when you embed them in your page, it uses Flash. If we can go straight to YouTube, and we have signed up for HTML 5, then we can watch the video in H.264, and put our actions where are mouthes are.

    Thanks, and keep up the good work!

  • calamod

    Don’t know if you have all ten of these mapped out, but please consider writing about the “Apple wants to charge more for ebooks” myth. To wit, Amazon wanted to prevent publishers from setting the prices for e-books. They were willing to do so even at a loss, because it meant that they would become the only show in town for ebooks. Despite the fact that Apple tried to force a similar deal on the record labels, the fact that Amazon attempted to contractually prevent publishers from charging different prices at a different online retailer clearly separates the two situations from one another.

    Couldn’t find a better place to post this. Sorry.

  • gus2000

    “Anyone who cheerleads for Flash is … a delusional moron.”

    Oh snap, pt. 2

  • http://twitter.com/NateTehGreat nat

    Agreed with miloh, cut out the dead air. Don’t leave your YouTube videos roughly drafted, too, Dan. :D

    You could also add some pictures of what you’re talking about—say, the HTML5 logo or the H.264 logo or Flash’s logo—so you don’t have to stare into the camera the entire time.

    As for Flash games, they are pretty popular but I would say most of them use either just the keyboard or just the mouse, while far fewer use both keyboard and mouse.

    That means the Flash games that make use of just a mouse can be rejiggered to use the iPad’s multitouch display while the ones that use just a keyboard can either implement onscreen buttons or better yet, use a paired BT keyboard.

    Everything else can pretty much be handled with H.264 video, JS and HTML5 Canvas. The Zune HD lacks Flash, the Palm Pre lacks Flash, and the newly introduced Nexus One lacks Flash too, so this clearly isn’t just an “Apple-being-Apple” thing, as many people are trying to imply.

  • clochard42

    @calamod: Was about to suggest more or less the same: “Apple does x to make profit from iTunes”, with x being: Prevent free flash games from running on the iPad, selling apps, content, movies, books, etc.
    After reading some blogs, people seem to overrate the profit generated by the iTunes store. Plenty of the apps are free or have a price of 1 or a few $. Credit card accounting and hosting alone will eat this.

  • gus2000

    A typical PC consumes 50-250 watts. If running Flash increases power use by 10%, on a “typical” 120-watt PC, that’s 12 watts. Assuming that Flash is used for 1 hour per day on only 10% of the 1-billion PCs worldwide, that is 1.2 gigawatt hours of electricity per day. That’s almost enough to travel back in time!

    In U.S. prices, that’s over $100,000 worth of electricity. Using carbon-fueled power would also result in over 1000 TONS of CO2 being released into the atmosphere. Per day.

    Screw you, Adobe.

  • DesperateDan

    The nonsense being spewed about flash will soon go the way of the nonsense about no replaceable batteries and no physical keyboard. I’m starting to see plenty of “the death of flash” posts appearing all over the web, a sure sign that flash slowly heading the way of the Do-Do. Steve strikes again…

  • http://www.isights.org/ whmlco

    If you’re running Safari and want to block all of those annoying Flash ads, and save battery life on your MacBook, check out out the free Safari plugin called ClickToFlash.

    “Using ClickToFlash, all of those icky Flash bits that have infected most webpages on the internets are replaced with a nice, smooth gradient and the word “Flash” set in a nice, pleasing font. When [and if] you want to view the Flash, just click on it!”


  • miloh

    Recently, I was working on a project that required various dynamic elements on a web-page like animations, drag-and-drop, fading, etc. It was interesting to note that when Googling for information on such topics almost none of the results had anything to do with Flash. It was all Javascript. At the very least, this suggests Flash isn’t as important as it once was.

  • ulicar

    It is quite embarrassing when you “do not need something”, and then in your advertising material, you show that something. D’oh we do not need flash, but let’s put flash content running in the advertising material, just so to mislead the potential customers. http://www.wired.com/gadgetlab/2010/01/ipad-flash/

    “Some of Apple’s promotional material about the iPad implies the device’s Safari browser can load Adobe Flash content. However, demonstration units of the tablet, including the one presented by Steve Jobs, could not, and a consumer has already filed a complaint to the Federal Trade Commission alleging false advertising.“

    What a fun this iPad proved to be.

  • http://twitter.com/NateTehGreat nat
  • http://www.highcaliberguns.com ArrowJ


    Flash as a platform sucks…it just sucks. We can all agree with this. HTML 5 will hopefully be the savior we are all waiting for, but to say that, “…after three years of having no flash on the iphone, the only people that are really clambering for it, are people who create flash, people who are stock holders or have some other interest in adobe, or who don’t seem to understand what flash is and why it isn’t necessary…the only people that really are cheer leading for flash are the people that make money off it” is a little simplistic.

    Imagine if Ford starting selling all its cars without AM/FM/CD/Satellite radios because there was a better technology to deliver that content on the horizon and the only people who really cared were the people making money off of radio. After all, you could still drive the vehicle and it has tons of other cool features. That would be just like an iPhone/iPod touch/iPad without Flash…just plain silly.

    I absolutely love my freakin’ iPhone. I use my MacBook Pro at least 35-40% less since I bought the iPhone. It has increased my productivity and improved my life, but every single day of my life I have email messages and links in tweets, Facebook posts, and IM that I simply can’t view until I get home and get on the MacBook Pro. Flash sucks, but if I had it on my iPhone I could prop that number up to 60% and increase my productivity even more.

    It’s wonderfully comforting to say that a solution is on the way, but in the mean time it sucks hard not having a full featured experience on my mobile browsing device…and now I can be assured that my iPad won’t fix the problem either.



  • http://www.giveyourbrainachance.com jeromec

    Has anybody checkecked the release notes of the just released Fennec, aka. Firefox for mobile (go directly to the first known issue) here ?
    “Due to performance problems using Adobe Flash within Firefox on many websites, especially those with multiple plug-ins on them, we have disabled plugins for Firefox for Maemo 1.0.”
    The mozilla guys are more or less coming to the same conclusions as Apple :
    Flash on a (even powerful) mobile device just degrades the overall browsing experience.

    Not having Flash on the iPhone/iPad is a feature indeed.

  • ulicar

    @nat Fixed when somebody reported them for what they were doing.

    I do not care about flash itself, but if you cannot access 75% of web multimedia, that sucks.

    If Safari handled errors in the pluggin better, then it would not fail when flash fails. That is completely upside-down argument that somehow flash is responsible for safari crashes. That is like saying if application developers were better, windows would not crash so often. It might be true but Safari is Apple’s resoponsibility. If you are using safari anywhere you can use firefox, or opera, or chrome (full version), you must be mentaly ill.

  • sprockkets

    you guys are forgetting something, all hq videos are served with h.264, and Adobe flash plays them in that format. You can have the browser with HTML5 support and enabled in your prefs to use HTML5 as the player of H.264 stuff or use Flash.

    The only reason why flash is necessary to the desktop is to prevent people from stealing content, such as The Daily Show. On an itouch that isn’t so much a problem because there is no way to save it, or on an ipad.

    Still, I like homestarrunner.com, and it would suck if I can’t watch that on an apple device. You can’t possibly expect them to just drop flash support, seeing how perhaps SVG isn’t a suitable replacement.

  • ChuckO

    iPad just isn’t a geek product. What’s terrific about it is too subtle for the gadget freaks. When people start playing with these things in the store they are gonna sell like crazy. Every kid who couldn’t get his parents to spring for a MacBook will get one. This’ll be the perfect first computer. They’ll be great in the kitchen connected to the keyboard dock.

    Mark my words. I nailed that this thing would be priced $500 and how disappointed everyone would be in comments on Dan’s pre-release tablet article.

  • shen

    “And all you sock puppets posting about how your children desperately want to play Flash games but can’t on the iPhone: go to a pet store and get a gnaw bone for your kid at and let them play with that instead. It will be more fun for them and less catastrophic for our earth.”

    Also, the gnaw bone is more educational.

    “Every kid who couldn’t get his parents to spring for a MacBook will get one”

    With the exception of those damn facebook games, if I bought the lowest end iPad and the iWorks apps for both kids it would do 100% of what they use a computer for now, plus it would have apps they use iPod touches for* and would cost less to get them each one than getting a Single Macbook for them to share.

    Hell if I planned it right the whole family could have iPads and we could use a single Mini as a server for the 5% of the things that the Pads couldn’t do.

    *kids these days! How did they even afford their own iPods?!? I should make them buy their own iPads too!

  • brett_x

    Are there any GUI based apps for developing HTML5 animations? It seems to me there are a ton of companies that have art directors that have real knowledge developing Flash animations. I doubt they want those people to take the time to relearn a different technology just because Adobe owns it, it doesn’t run optimally and/or it won’t run on iPhones.

  • FreeRange

    @ArrowJ – its funny to hear you talk about amazing productivity increases with the iPhone, and then complain about not being able to access flash links in “tweets and facebook posts” – two of the biggest time wasters / productivity killers ever invented!

  • WebManWalking

    I’m pretty sure that YouTube uses H.264 for HD content, which you can access by tacking “&fmt=18” onto the end of the URL. So you write a “bookmarklet” as follows: “javascript:if ((window.location.href +=’&fmt=18′).length > 0) alert(‘Here is the H.264 version you requested, sire.’);” (The purpose of the if is to avoid returning a value, which would cause Safari to display the value instead of the new page.) Save that URL as a bookmark and voila, you don’t need Flash to see YouTube videos on the iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.

    If you don’t like the hassle of selecting the bookmarklet from Safari’s bookmarks interface, you can create your own YouTube Viewer page that contains an IFrame with src=”http://www.youtube.com” and a hotlink bar of bookmarklets that you target to that frame. And voila, YouTube H.264 content is only a touch away, not a Bookmarks hunt-and-select away.

    Why do so many want Apple to solve all of their trivial problems when you can solve them all yourself? They’re teaching HTML to 5th graders now, and JavaScript to 6th graders, who are typically smarter than a 5th grader.

  • WebManWalking

    P.S.: I suspect that the YouTube app does this to URLs internally. Over and over again, I hear people complain that they need Flash for YouTube, ignoring the existence of the YouTube app. (sigh) Well now you can tell them how they can have YouTube in Safari too, complete with pinch and swipe and such.

  • http://www.highcaliberguns.com ArrowJ


    I have to admit I just added Facebook to make my list longer, and thus add fuel to the fire…fail. As for twitter, if you tweet what you ate for dinner and when it comes back out it certainly is useless. Used properly it can increase productivity…I’ve been doing it for a while now and I have less followers than follwees and I’m only following 35…most of which post only once in a while. If you follow everyone on the planet and let everyone follow you it gets silly.

    Also, productivity is a relative word. You may mean by productive to earn more money, I may mean to gather or share more information…

  • ulicar

    @ WebManWalking did it ever happen to you to see “cannot play this video”. It happens more and more often inside the YouTube application (sigh)

    @everybody You are talking about HTML5 as if safari mobile was handling it? You make me laugh so hard, I cry a little. What a dumb bunch.

  • miloh

    @ArrowJ — I agree completely that the definition of productivity varies from person to person. It seems to me that such subjectivity is regularly ignored in the iPad debate. Many feel the device would not be useful to them, which is fine, but a lot of them go on to assert that it wouldn’t be useful to anybody. That’s where their argument falls apart in my opinion. The arrogance of thinking they know what’s best for everyone is just mind-blowing.

  • jkundert

    Hmm, is there irony in the fact that your video that goes with this article is in Flash? I know you don’t have control of how YouTube embeds its content, but it’s a bit amusing to see Flash right up there at the top of this article!

  • John E

    gee Dan, why don’t you tell us what you really think of Flash fans?

    but you’re very right of course – Flash is obsolete and doomed. the iPad is the death blow. print media companies will adopt its web specs for their new monetized app and iBooks products. media portals like Hulu will have to offer no-Flash web sites or custom apps too. FaceBook will find some other way to embed its games. once the momentum builds it will turn into rapid abandonment of Flash everywhere.

    Adobe will cry of course. but they deserve it.

    and for once you forgot to take a swing at MS with regard to Silverlight. but Apple (with Google’s help) is killing that one too, and not by accident.

  • http://twitter.com/NateTehGreat nat


    Did you watch the iPad press conference, in which Jobs purposefully visited a site with Flash content and even scrolled right to the blue box with a smirk?

    You know as well as anyone if you don’t have a Flash blocker, it’s often hard to distinguish between Flash and JS (aside from the terrible CPU consumption of the latter). Since the iPad likely doesn’t support Flash, the video was clearly a rendering taken from a Mac whose Flash content slipped past Apple.

    Sorry it isn’t as exciting an explanation as a mass conspiracy theory.

  • ulicar

    @nat Sorry, but it is.

    Few years ago there was an advert with a bullit in slomo and I think mitsubishi car. That advert had to be removed because it was misleading. Apple advert HAD to be removed because it was misleading, and not because Apple wanted to do it. They actually made them because they wanted you to see them, not because they wanted to remove them. As jkundert said, it is quite ironic that RD is using flash to talk about how flash is not necessary. :)

    Anyway http://faultline.org/index.php/site/item/incendiary/ it is about as roughly drafted as it can get :) I will have to find if they actually did this based on rd :)

  • enzos

    Cf. a pair of quotes 400 years apart:
    >”Great products, according to Mr. Jobs, are triumphs of “taste.” And taste, he explains, is a byproduct of study, observation and being steeped in the culture of the past and present, of “trying to expose yourself to the best things humans have done and then bring those things into what you are doing.”

    and Ben Jonson on the 17th C. version of the geek:

    I deny not, but that these men, who
    always seek to do more than enough, may some time happen on some
    thing that is good, and great; but very seldom; and when it
    comes it doth not recompense the rest of their ill. It sticks
    out, perhaps, and is more eminent, because all is sordid and
    vile about it: as lights are more discerned in a thick darkness,
    than a faint shadow. I speak not this, out of a hope to do good
    to any man against his will; for I know, if it were put to the
    question of theirs and mine, the worse would find more
    suffrages: because the most favour common errors. But I give
    thee this warning, that there is a great difference between
    those, that, to gain the opinion of copy, utter all they can,
    however unfitly; and those that use election and a mean. For it
    is only the disease of the unskilful, to think rude things
    greater than polished; or scattered more numerous than composed.
    -“The Alchemist” (1610)

  • frankeee

    Hey Daniel,

    I think this is the future right here right now – keep going doing your video thingy! It’s so much more personal than only the written text (which is of course not to be neglected).

    Oh, did anyone tell you, you look like a young version of Rubens Barichello – the F1 driver. Works for me, I live in Australia, Albert Park, home of the F1 circus every March and I’m a huge fan!

    The only shite thing is (and this is funny – wait!):
    I always donwload youtube’s via a Greasemonkey plugin – turns out it downloads it as FLV – which in return opens the annoying Adobe Media Player – which in return screws up Little Snitch by asking to update, check, download, check again, update again etc every 3 seconds. I can not even click that fast!

    Just a thought with a smile!

  • Dorotea

    Damn. I had to enable plugins in Safari to listen to the video. Didn’t see it at first.. just oddly spaced article. Don’t do that again Daniel.!!!!

  • http://twitter.com/NateTehGreat nat

    *aside from the terrible CPU consumption of the latter

  • http://twitter.com/NateTehGreat nat

    Bah, I meant to replace latter with former, lol.

  • frankeee

    man – i’m just watching it! no gay thing here – but yeah: i love u, buddy! this is so ‘real’ – consider going pro with your video casts and put up a makeshift black backdrop (a black bed linen will do, 15 bucks), one spot can (20 bucks) and a diffusing light source (white bed linen and halogen spot – 35 bucks). And your set to go – keep the little fuck ups in editing – makes it so much more natural!

  • http://twitter.com/NateTehGreat nat

    @ ulicar,

    Who told Apple to take them down? I don’t recall that.

    I do recall a few sites making mention of it and someone filing a lawsuit. I don’t remember a judge telling them a thing but it doesn’t really matter either way.

    It’s a very simple mistake to make when the screen capturing is being done on a Mac running Flash, which is obviously what they were using, otherwise there would have been no blue blocks on NYT’s site during the onstage demo.

  • frankeee

    sorry – i have to comment one last time – apart from the Flash ‘subject’ – which: yes – exactly – screw it if you have dumb children or dumb husbands who think they NEED it (shit games and even more shitter porn). here’s it what how i think your video cast will greatly benefit from: the aforementioned backdrop (keep the webcam – looks intriguing) – but no, cut out the fuck ups but in a cool way – like an x-fade with audio always starting a touch earlier. just an idea! then maybe do it like the German Tagesschau – in a H264 compliant webcast.

    Awesome man!

  • frankeee

    nat and ulicer: this ain’t no twitter guys! i don’t feel the love! could this be ‘it’?

  • frankeee

    ps: i hate this whole @thingythingy – it’s annoying the crap out of me!
    i know we all got dumber and dumber by using shitty little keyboards from the past on our mobile phones, but can we at least resume to some form of communicational aesthetics when there is a keyboard available, I mean, just a little? on a side note: the iphone is helping me a great deal doing so – although it fucks up mixed languages (I use frequently) – facebook app the worst offender!

  • frankeee

    man i am so sorry for littering this thread now – but after the vid i just started getting through the text: the greenpeace stuff is simply genius!!!! absofuckinglutely! hey – roughlydrafted could do with a black background and silver writing – just so there is no backlash!

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  • enzos

    I’m with my manic compatriot on the Rubens B. thing. And you probably should do some editing (e..g the counting thing at 1.22). Been posting a few Handicam clips to Youtube myself and iMovie makes it very easy to polish your product.


  • http://berendschotanus.com Berend Schotanus

    Well, you hit probably the right tone about Flash with deservedly tons of positive reactions.

    Part I liked most is the DOS comparison. It is probably the same kind of people programming Flash now, that used to program DOS, same programming style, same attitude.

  • beanie

    Daniel Eran Dilger wrote:
    “The lack of Flash on the iPhone and iPod touch and now the iPad is creating a market for open, non-Flash HTML5 web content.”

    If HTML5 is delivered as text files, I do not see anything worth-while using it since the source code is easily viewed. iPhone Web Apps count is around 4000. So not many developers choose to make Web Apps that work on the iPhone.

    Daniel Eran Dilger wrote:
    “Google is also pushing for an end to Flash, although less aggressively.”

    Google is a member of the Adobe’s Open Screen Project. Adobe will probably release full Flash 10.1 for Android and other mobile phones pretty soon.

    Flash 10.1 has not even been released yet. It is the first version to support full Flash on mobile. It has GPU acceleration. It has mobile features such as multi-touch, gestures, accelerometer, and screen-orientation. There is a beta available.

    A developer can write once on Flash 10.1 and have it run on desktop, and mobile phones such as Android, WinPhone, Symbian, PalmPre, and BlackBerry. That is way easier than trying to write apps for every platform.

  • niqin

    You may: “see the irony of my video segment being delivered via Flash because I hosted it on YouTube…” but I don’t especially as I can’y see how I can avoid Flash on my Mac with Safari which I thought supported HTML5.