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Strand Consult: Denmark’s illegitimate iPhone-angry pundit-nutter

John Strand is Strand Consult

Daniel Eran Dilger

When the iPhone first appeared in 2007, a variety of pundits and analysts lined up to explain why Apple would fail. Having been since proven wrong, they’ve mostly slinked off into quiet obscurity, except for John Strand. He’s wrong, here’s why.
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December 15, 2009   45 Comments

Gizmodo’s incredibly naive Jesus Diaz compares Apple’s corporate security to Nazi Gestapo

Gizmodo douche Jesus Diaz

Daniel Eran Dilger

According to Gizmodo, Apple’s rather routine internal efforts to secure its trade secrets and the details of its product development plans exposed to the employees who work for it are somehow comparable to the oppressive police state brutality carried out by the Nazi Gestapo and KGB secret police against citizens. He’s wrong to an egregious and irresponsible extent, here’s why.
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December 15, 2009   26 Comments