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Apple targets 3 new Get a Mac ads at Windows 7 (with videos)

Prince McLean, AppleInsider

As promised, Apple has released three new Get a Mac ads targeting Microsoft’s launch of Windows 7 as a good opportunity to abandon Microsoft.

Apple targets 3 new Get a Mac ads at Windows 7 (with videos).

Last week, Phil Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president for Worldwide Product Marketing, said the impending launch of Windows 7 would present a “good opportunity” for Apple to make market share gains.

Schiller said that in particular, the upgrade process from Windows XP to Windows 7 is something that consumers will likely find unpleasant: “Any user that reads all those steps is probably going to freak out. If you have to go through all that, why not just buy a Mac?”

The new ads can be viewed on Apple’s site or below via YouTube; Google’s inline videos are best experienced using ClickToFlash to view the videos directly.

Broken Promises

Teeter Tottering
PC News

  • http://crankyoldnutcase.blogspot.com/ The Mad Hatter

    Um, this is called “kicking them when they are down.”

  • tzx4

    Hmmmm, might the XP>W7 transfer be as much or more work than XP>OSX?

  • http://www.adviespraktijk.info Berend Schotanus

    I like them, especially the Broken Promises. It puts mild exaggeration over the Microsoft message and only with that it is able to completely reverse the message. I have become so tired of big companies (certainly including Microsoft) over-promising and failing to deliver that it is a pleasure to see a parody on that.

  • gus2000

    These videos played perfectly on my iPhone.

    Suck it, Flash!

  • http://bkpfd.org qka

    While Apple now charges $99 for the in-store support plan that includes transferring files from XP to OS X, I’m surprised that they aren’t advertising it.

    For that matter, at a time like this, charging for doing the transfer seems short sighted. Understandably, it costs Apple to do that. However, the opportunity to painlessly get Windows users into the loving embrace of Apple is priceless.

  • luisd

    “We are a commercial” Best line!

    Perfect execution.

    Monday – Quarter report
    Tuesday – New line of iMacs, magic mouse, etc
    Wednesday – New, perfectly targeted adds to XP switchers

    In 3 days they totally destroyed the momentum that the Win 7 campaign had been building since July (at least).

    Typical apple

  • luisd

    ads, not adds… wish I could edit my own comments.

  • gus2000

    “…wish I could edit my own comments”

    I frequently think that to myself while speaking aloud.

  • Willi

    I think these ads are really well made. I like the Broken Promises ad and I just love the “We are a commercial” line.

    However, I don’t think the message of them is really true. Switching from XP to 7, you have to back up your stuff and reformat your disk. But then you can simply reinstall all or most of your applications, because after all, it’s still Windows. If you switch to Mac, however, you have to find alternatives for the programs you’ve gotten used to or at least have to buy a Mac license of your cross-plattform applications. So it’s still easier to switch to 7 than it is to switch to OSX.

    I also think the new MacBook should have been priced at least 100$ less to really attract Windows users (or anybody, actually).

  • http://mrbitch.tumblr.com/ mrBitch

    Best set of lines come from the “PC News” video (at the end) :

    PC (flustered) : ” Cut that feed! Let’s go to a commercial! ”
    Mac : ” We ARE a commercial. ”
    PC : ” Let’s go to ANOTHER commercial… “

  • enzos

    With its Truman Show-ish hyperreality, “PC News” is shrewd and effective. Why not move to a better neighborhood?

  • http://mejlgaard-bliddal.dk blidd

    I liked the broken promise ad because its funny because it is true the disaster called Vista was one big broken promise. It did not have the new revolutionary Windows FS file system that would be the mother of all file system (neither does windows 7) It was 2 years late and when it Arrived it slowed down peoples computers and a lot of programs did not run on it. I know the main reason for programs not running was the vastly improve security compared to windows xp, but Microsoft marketing forgot to tell people that and the got burned when the discovered that the price of vista was vista and a lot of software upgrades. The slow and steady increase of the macos marketshare is do to a number of things. The iPod halo might have some to do with it because it has introduced a lot of people to the ease of use Apple offers. But I think other factors plays a role as well. When you look at the pricing of computers the bargin based POS computer pricing has moved down from 1000 USD a few years ago to less than 500 USD today in the same timespan Apples offerings has become cheaper as will (not thinking of the mac mini) and it is now cheaper to buy a great mac than it was 5 years ago. The fact that it is now possible to run Windows on a Mac at native speed is the main reason why a lot of people I know has moved to Mac. Not because the want to run windows on the Mac the all made the switch because the became sick and tired of the problems they had with windows, but because the had a safety line back to windows if the Apple promise was as hollow as the windows promise. (hasn’t been necessary). The disaster that was Vista was another reason for the increase in markedshare and iPhone dos play a roll as well. Apples markedsshare will continue to climb at a slow steady rate. Not because Windows 7 is bad, but because the generel decrease in component prices will decrease the price on apple computers as well an bring them into the economical reach of even more people.

  • luisd

    Here we go again! Windows 7 broken promises have started to surface.