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Podcast: Snow Leopard & Windows 7

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Gene Steinberg of the Tech Night Owl invited me to talk about Snow Leopard and Windows 7. You can tune into the live stream Thursday August 27 at 6 PM PST, or listen to podcast episodes via iTunes, and subscribe to the Tech Night Owl RSS feed at:

The Tech Night Owl LIVE with Gene Steinberg

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  • ulicar

    So, Daniel. You remember when a couple of days ago you said that Apple does not break the interfaces? I have asked you to google a bit, but now it got so bad, there is actually a webpage that lists all the applications that are not working under SL any more. http://snowleopard.wikidot.com/ And, why aren’t they working? Broken interfaces.

    That is why I really think that you either have no idea about things you are talking about, or activly hiding the truth about Apple. Either way, bad.

  • gus2000

    I believe what Daniel said was that Apple did not break their own APIs. Programmers that use the APIs improperly, or worse use undocumented APIs or violate good programming guidelines create their own mess.

    If you read up on the RDM archives, you’ll see that Daniel knows exactly what he’s talking about and then some. You’ll also see that he’s not biased towards Apple, but that reality is biased towards Apple.

  • ulicar

    @gus2000 but of course! And also there are little green man on Mars.

    Adobe Apps do not work. Go figure? Bad Adobe! Not good programmers!


  • gus2000

    @ulicar, the wiki you referenced above shows that all Adobe apps are working under SL. Minor glitches were expected, since Adobe has dragged their feet for a decade on converting their Carbon code to Cocoa, and Apple announced last year that Carbon was not being ported to 64-bit.

    Now please offer a contribution to the conversation that is substantive instead of simply being derisive and rude, or go troll somewhere else.

  • ulicar

    Let me first explain something to you. Interface (API is just an Application Programming Interface) is a contract between classes. The class that implements the interface is obliged to provide the functionality.

    So, when Apple decides to kill their interfaces/API (what do you think Carbon is?), they are not killing their interfaces/APIs, and somebody else is to blame?


  • darwiniandude

    If Apple left all legacy code in place to ensure all poorly designed anciet applications functioned as expected, OS X would be no better than windows. Actually, OS X would not exist, we’d be running Mac OS 12, if Apple were still around. (doubtful)

    Apple makes the hard choices; they discontinue various legacy systems to move the platform forward. But as a developer you are given warning, eg this is depreciated and whilst it works for now, it won’t in the next major OS release.

    They do this with hardware too. Dropping floppy, serial, paralell in favor of USB on the original iMac in 1997 was considered ludicrous at the time by some. With the benefit of hindsight this was totally rational.

  • kjitendra

    I love my windows 7 box. I am a developer running visual studio 2005, 2008 and 2010 Beta along with SQL server 2005 and 2008. Windows 7 runs very fast and I don’t find any reason not to love it.

    Overall cost of PC dual core, 4GB RAM, DVD burner: $399 + tax from HP (no monitor, I already had one 22 inch)