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Readers Write: the iPhone 3.0 Mail Bug

Daniel Eran Dilger

A POP email setting in iPhone 3.0 has been identified as both a bug and a “security issue,” but that’s not really the case, writes Dr. Harry Zink.
.“Seeing as how everyone is freaking out over this, but not bothering to really investigate this, I figured I’d do what these folks seem to be too lazy to do,” Dr. Zink wrote. Here’s the issue as presented on YouTube:

“This is a function of the way IMAP and especially POP mail leave mail in the Deleted Items folder, or Trash folder, for the duration specified in the settings — it seems most users never bothered looking in their settings (the default is to keep deleted messages for a month before they auto-delete – you can also set it to a day, or manually delete instantly).

“Furthermore, this does *not* apply to ActiveSync accounts, where a deletion is instant and complete (thus corporate kids can stop the sweating and heavy breathing – Apple’s got your back), and neither on MobileMe accounts (you know, Exchange for the Rest of Us). On IMAP accounts, if you manually delete it from the trash, the messages are gone as well. It’s POP accounts which have this issue.

“So for the most part this is being blown terribly out of proportion – not by the original guy who discovered this, but by all ruminants and regurgitators, particularly those who are too lazy to properly investigate something like this.”

  • DDaugherty

    This puts me in mind of the fearmongering done (badly) about webcams and remote access by websites. “Security hole!” shouted the great unwashed while the more reasonable types like Dr. Zink replied calmly, “well-documented feature”.

    You may find many more examples at your leisure but suffice it to say that there’s a certain type out there who are just the roadkill on the infobahn. The advice of RTFM applies now more than ever — and it will in all likelihood continue to be ignored as long as there’s the quick path to “fame” of YouTube and Twitter.

    Now, about the Apple Tablet, please see my exclusive insider video at http://www.youtube.com/clulessasthenextguy … Itz For Realz People!!1! ;-)

  • enzos

    XCluless video: It’s been moved/removed ?

    Headline suggestion:
    Zink Galvanizes Debate

  • enzos

    I’ll get my coat