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Apple’s valuation greater than HP and Dell combined

Daniel Eran Dilger

At $143.4 billion, Apple’s market capitalization is now higher than HP ($100.2B) and Dell ($27.3B) combined. Market cap is a company’s outstanding shares multiplied by the market-determined price per share.

Based on figures for PC units shipped in Q2 2009, Dell and HP are the top two PC makers, with just over 50% combined market share in the US, compared to figures of around 8% for Apple, with Gartner reporting slightly higher numbers for Apple and IDC reporting slightly lower.

  • Netudo

    Great! Where is the link?

  • http://blog.cytv.com cy_starkman

    I am confused, where are the 20 paragraphs of analysis? Someone has snuck this in pretending to be Mr D

  • PiMatrix

    Apple has over $31B sitting in cash in bank and growing about 50% a year. So with this cash they can outright buy 100% of Dell and a good portion of HP on the open market in a year or two. So I think you need to look at the margin, profit, and rate of growth in looking at valuation. The market prices in future worth of company, and that’s clearly projected in at least Dells valuation.

  • http://jonnytilney.com Jon T

    And even though the true worth is in reverse proportion or much greater, Apple is almost 70% of the market cap of that dinosaur, Microsoft.

    One day the world is going to wake up.

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  • Netudo
  • http://www.muir.tumblr.com John Muir

    I like this one: AAPL / MSFT

    http://www17.wolframalpha.com/input/?i=market cap of apple / Microsoft

    Note the logarythmic scale. That’s one huge comeback.

  • http://www.muir.tumblr.com John Muir

    http://www17.wolframalpha.com/input/?i=market cap of apple / Microsoft

    Boy though, does Wolfram|Alpha need an iPhone refresh.

  • http://www.muir.tumblr.com John Muir

    Ah, forget it.

  • SamLowry

    Apple > Dell + Nokia+RIM+Motorola+Palm

    and I am not so sure that people really know that over the last 12 months, their TRUE adjusted net income amounts to $9.25 per share. go go go !

  • patrickwilliamwalker

    I have to say I have long-term worries about Apple, and for the broader economy as a whole. Having better products or tons of cash doesn’t make even the largest titans of industry immune. *cough* GM *cough*. Maybe the prospects of long term unemployment is making my cynical and to those that say an education is the key to your future needs to reevaluate that belief.

    [Did GM have lots of cash? All I remember is thirty years of selling highly un-competitive cars. – Dan]

  • http://crankyoldnutcase.blogspot.com/ The Mad Hatter


    The difference is that Apple makes things that people want to buy. Generous Motors made things that they wanted to sell. There is a difference. A huge difference.

  • tundraboy


    Okay Henny Penny :-), if having better products and tons of cash won’t stop you from worrying about a company’s health, what will?