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Fix for WiFi problems after iPhone 3.0 upgrade

iPhone 3.0 Wifi problem

Daniel Eran Dilger

So I’ve been pulling my hair out over my iPhone 3G and iPhone 3G S both refusing to stay on WiFi and failing to automatically reconnect after waking from sleep ever since the upgrade to iPhone 3.0. Strangely enough, my original iPhone doesn’t seem to have the problem.
Apparently I’m not alone, as Google recommends in Safari. So here’s how to fix the problem:

1. Settings
2. General
3. Reset…
4. Reset Network Settings

This will wipe all your WiFi settings out and restart the phone. When it starts up again, you’ll have to reenter passwords for the WiFi networks you use. Ever since the reset, my phone seems to join my network normally.

Something else:

Find My iPhone, Remote Wipe work with as many devices as you can register with MobileMe:

Picture 6

  • solipsism

    I’m not happy that the Find My iPhone/Remote Wipe feature doesn’t work if Push is turned off and get mail is set to Manual in the Fetch New Data section? It also doesn’t require a password to turn off Find My iPhone or delete the MM.

  • mr_kitty

    The idea is that you would password lock your phone itself.

    I hate that FMiP requires location services to be on. I mean, obviously it would, but damn location services cuts my battery life in half. In 2.x I just kept it off all the time.

    As far as the wifi goes, I had this start happening before the 3.0 update. I had a problem with the dock port on my 3G, the genius bar swapped me out with one that won’t stay on any wifi network EXCEPT the one in the Apple store. I tired resetting the network settings before the 3.0 update, trying again for shits and giggles.

  • mr_kitty

    no joy. AirRadar sees 17 networks, my MacBook sees 10. iPhone sees zero. Including my time capsule 7 feet in front of me.

    Back to the genius bar i go. (“no, seriously mr genius, i’m not making this problem up….”)

  • Brau

    Thankfully, no problems for me regarding the upgrade to 3.0 on my 3G other than one fairly hefty third party app (FourTrack multitrack recorder) that has begun to balk and clearly needs updating to work well with the new OS. Apple’s implementation of cut and paste is excellent and I can see why they took so long to do it right. Overall I find UI responsiveness has increased and I simply love the new features enough that I’m finally going to cancel the landline and get another iPhone for my wife. Apple also seems to have reinvented how pocket cameras will function in the future with their new Camera App on the 3G S. I love the touch-to-focus idea and video trimming … so damn simple and logical.

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  • http://vitotechnology.com hrissan

    I had the problem in 2.2 on iPhone 3G that it would ask WiFi password every time it wakes up. Reset network settings helped to fix the problem.

    To “mr_kitty”: I cannot understand how leaving location services on could slash battery life in half. If you use something like Maps, yes, but it must be useless without location services! :) I suggest you try turning location services on and testing again. I have them always on and have excellent battery life – up to 5 days standby time (during periods of mild use).

  • mr_kitty

    @hrissan – probably has something to do with being in NYC, on and off the subway all the time. But location services definitely keeps the GPS powered on even when it’s not actively being called by an application.

    And I’ve tried it on / off, on multiple iPhones. I have it on now for “Find My iPhone” and find I have to recharge the device around 6pm each night.

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  • yuhong

    Test to see if I am banned.

  • mr_kitty

    just to follow up — my issue might have been a weird corner-case that just happened to manifest the same way. I visited the genius bar again, the genius was able to see the problem himself this time and replaced the phone. He suggested that if anything like this happens again, to restore the phone as a new device (not from the backup). I’d lose the settings, SMS, etc, but it was the only way to get a real clean restore.

    I got home, followed his advice just to be safe and restored as a new phone. went thru the hours it took to upgrade to 3.0 again, transfer my music, podcasts, ringtones and applications and set them back up again and lo-and-behold the problem came back.

    I spent all day troubleshooting it and finally figured out that ONE of my applications had some sort of corruption in the downloaded version that was on my computer. Once I’d removed that app and restarted the phone, the problem did not re-occur. I was even able to redownload it direct from the app store without losing wifi stability. So obviously, when I was restoring the phones previously, it kept copying over the damaged version from my MacBook.

    It just happened to be an application that I use 50x a day (my RSS reader).

  • http://blog.cytv.com cy_starkman

    All good with wifi 3x3G handsets upgraded.

    Mine swapped into an Asian language and lost a few settings though.

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  • Orenge

    WiFi totally DEAD 5 days after updating from 2.2 to 3.0.

    None of this helps:

    Restting Network Settings (but it DID lose all my hotspot logins. great.)

    Turning off BT (was never on)

    Turning off Push

    Standing 2 inches from the router

    Using WiFi G only

    Using a network with no other 2.4Gz devices within a mile!

    Using many different brands and types of routers, Apple, non-Apple, and software base stations


    Trying again and again and again

    Half the time I can’t even see the network listed. When I can I can’t join. Ever. On ANY network. The device is near useless to me now. I could wait a month for 3.1…. or Apple could test better in the first place.

  • mr_kitty

    @Orenge –

    The problem keeps coming back on my iPhone 3G — at least once or twice a day. I’ve found that it is somehow cache related. I haven’t been able to keep any of my RSS reader apps installed (installing Byline in particular kills the wifi right away), and yet the problem still keeps coming back.

    I’ve found that sometimes resetting the network settings, followed by a hard boot solves it, sometimes it’s as easy as clearing the browser cache and hard booting. Once I had to reset all settings to get it to come back. Definitely not happy.

    From the behavior, I am thinking that Apple instituted some sort of hard limit on the caches directory or something and it’s not expiring / clearing correctly. Once it fills, the wifi driver can’t cache it’s network scans.

    I’m going to reduce the size of my Mail’s IMAP folder to see if that resolves it. If mobilemail is also writing to that cache directory and if there is a hard limit on it’s size, that might explain why I am seeing it while so many others aren’t….

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  • http://toykite.com doughogg

    We ran into problems connecting over Wi-Fi when Bluetooth is turned on when developing our game, iSamurai: Real Life Sword Fight. Turning off Bluetooth while playing over Wi-Fi resolves the problem. And turning off Wi-Fi when playing over Bluetooth also handles it.

    We have been working with Apple on this, and they are working on a permanent resolution. So people who are having Wi-Fi problems may want to turn off their Bluetooth connection to see if that helps. Turning off Bluetooth definitely handles the issue when playing iSamurai over Wi-Fi (and turning off Wi-Fi handles the issue when playing over Bluetooth).

    Additional info is available on our blog athttp://toykite.com/content/bluetoothwifi-issues-and-status-30

    Doug Hogg
    Toy Kite Software

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  • RauForce

    Is this a good time to ask a technology question? what would it take technically for the ipod touch or the iphone to do cdma or wimax? Would it be possible with the new 3.0 api’s to create an attachment that does this?

    [It would require a different radio hardware. It’s like saying what would it take to listen to FM radio stations from an AM radio = answer is: a new radio. – Dan]

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