Daniel Eran Dilger
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Headed to WWDC

Daniel Eran Dilger

Say hi if you’re at WWDC this week. I’ll be there this morning, but couldn’t manage to get a ticket this year. If you find yourself with an extra pass burning holes in your pocket, let me just say it’s my birthday this week. Otherwise, I may be left to restrict myself to the parties offering free drinks.

  • gus2000

    OK you big-city liberal, enjoy your socialist beer while the rest of us toil away at our day jobs. I really hate myself. I would have killed myself by now, but I want to see the new iPhone first.

    So I wonder if that’ll be the new target of the RWNJs: the socialist redistribution of candy every Oct 31? The horror!

  • Etreiyu

    Enjoy your BD week, Daniel – if I were out there, I’d GLADLY buy you a beer (or other adult beverage of your choice)!

  • http://macsmarticles.blogspot.com Derek Currie

    Daniel sez: “…it’s my birthday this week…”

    Figures. Mine’s June 2nd. Groking Gemini. Hope you made it to the conference! Keep kicking Daniel.