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Podcast: What’s new in iPhone 3.0

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I am belatedly posting the recent podcast where Gene Steinberg of the Tech Night Owl invited me to talk about Apple’s iPhone 3.0. Listen and subscribe to the Tech Night Owl RSS feed at:

The Tech Night Owl LIVE with Gene Steinberg

Recent episodes:

March 19, 2009, talking about the iPhone 3.0 SDK

February 26, 2009, covering the Apple stockholder meeting
January 8, 2009, covering Apple’s last Macworld Expo

Earlier episodes I’ve participated on:

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Oct 2 08
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Apr 26 07
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Jan 11 07

  • nat

    Gotta be honest, first Tech Night Owl podcast I didn’t like. Maybe that’s not saying much considering I only listen when Dan’s on, but I found the host to be rather crass, especially regarding Jobs. Steinberg basically took on the gripes of his earlier guests – no more Macworld keynotes/no 25th Mac anniversary parade, and the iTunes Store’s all-or-nothing upgrade process – as his own with little consideration.

    Sheesh, how long have people bitched and moaned about iTunes’ rather lax DRM!? Now Apple’s gotten the Big 4 to finally give up their shenanigans and…whaa, I’m not spending my money to upgrade all my music!! Wasn’t it always the case that on average, iPods only had like 5 to 10 iTS-bought songs, while the rest were ripped from CDs or obtained by other means? Who’s being forced to upgrade at all?

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not crazy about it either, but it’s really not that bad. Most consumers have no clue their music is FairPlay encoded, nor do most have good enough headphones to notice the difference in sound quality. Maybe when all songs go DRM-free in March, they’ll change the process. What if a ton of back catalog songs go down to $0.69? Wouldn’t it be nice to possibly upgrade for even less than $0.30/song?

    As for the 25th anniversary of the Mac, uh, it hasn’t arrived yet! Daniel, you brought up a good point: why not say something about it when they have more Macs to unveil, i.e., at their inevitable iMac/Mac Mini event? Or at Snow Leopard’s public demo (if it’s separate from the desktop announcements)?

    All this of course is Jobs’ fault/evil doings according to the host and thus he must pay for it while recuperating on his imagined hospital bed. Classy!

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  • Per

    This podcast is really cheesy, Daniel. May I suggest going on MacBreak Weekly instead?

  • enzos

    You were OK, Dan.. but who was that self-regarding twat who came on before you? (Yeah, I know, but I’m not going to cue it up again to find out.)