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App Store audience hits 30 million users, 13M iPod touches sold

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Prince McLean, AppleInsider

At its preview of the new iPhone 3.0 platform, Apple has finally revealed sales figures for iPhones and iPod touch units together: 30 million devices. The company noted that it has sold 17 million iPhones, leaving 13 million iPod touch sales.

The presentation by Greg Joswiak, Apple’s VP of product marketing for iPods and iPhones, also detailed that Apple has shipped 800,000,000 apps from iTunes in the first eight months, which is well ahead of the previous pace to reach a billion apps in its first year. In comparison, it took Apple two years to reach its first billion song downloads.

Joswiak said the store now boasts 25,000 titles and has signed up 50,000 companies in the iPhone developer program. He said 80% had never developed mobile software before.

He added that Apple has managed to approve 96% of apps submitted this month, and that 98% of those apps were approved in less than 7 days.

Follow the iPhone 3.0 special event, updated live.

  • beanie

    “The company noted that it has sold 17 million iPhones, leaving 13 million iPod touch sales.”

    Interesting. I would have guessed iPod Touch would have outsold the phone since it is cheaper and does not need a wireless phone subscription. So what percentage is iPod Touch out out iPod sales? As you know, Apple keeps individual model sales a secret, but we can calculate a ball-park figure.

    iPod Touch is about 16% of total iPod sales. The other 84% are Shuffles, Nanos and Classic music players. So in quarters where Apple sells around 10 million iPods, about 1.6 million are iPod Touches.

    2007 September: about 3 million iPods
    2008 Q1: 22.1 million iPods
    2008 Q2: 10.6 million iPods
    2008 Q3: 10.0 million iPods
    2008 Q4: 11.0 million iPods
    2009 Q1: 22.7 million iPods
    sum about 79.4 million iPods

    So iPod Touch is 13/79.4 or about 16% of iPod sales.