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iTunes Store goes DRM Free, offers over-the-air downloads

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Prince McLean, AppleInsider

While bowing to studio pressure to offer variable pricing on iTunes tracks, Apple has also finally convinced all the big labels to release their music as DRM-free ‘iTunes Plus’ tracks at the same 99 cents.

iTunes Store goes DRM Free, offers over-the-air downloads

  • John E

    two great things about this: (a) no longer any problem copying purchased songs between multiple computers – before, even when all were “authorized,” it was hard; (b) now i can stream my entire library to my iPhone or a friend’s computer anywhere, anytime with SimplifyMedia. the DRM blocked that before.

    one bad thing about this: i’ll have to see what it costs to upgrade about 2000 songs!

  • http://home.comcast.net/~daguy daGUY

    There goes the argument about Apple keeping DRM for iPod/iTunes “lock in” like all the pundits have been claiming.

    Apple made it quite well-known that they didn’t want to do variable pricing. The fact that they finally caved on this proves that the labels were withholding DRM-free music as “punishment” for the lack of variable pricing. So it was the labels that insisted on DRM, not Apple. And Apple obviously saw DRM-free as a bigger selling point than consistent prices, otherwise this wouldn’t have happened.

    It will now be impossible for any other store *with* DRM to compete with iTunes. It looks like music DRM is officially over.

    That’s one battle. Now we need to work on video…

  • http://home.comcast.net/~daguy daGUY

    Forgot to mention – the one big downside is the $0.30/song “upgrade” fee to remove DRM from songs you already own. True, you do get a higher-quality copy, but they should also give you the option to *just* remove the DRM, for free.