Daniel Eran Dilger
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A closer look at Apple’s advanced notebook battery tech


Prince McLean, AppleInsider

The new 17“ MacBook Pro claims an industry leading 8 hours of battery life, thanks to a series of innovations Apple highlighted in the new notebook’s introduction. Even so, many of the advancements are not actually new, but rather the product of Apple’s incremental engineering efforts to increase its notebooks’ usability and desirability by thinking differently.

A closer look at Apple’s advanced notebook battery tech

  • http://spacecynics.wordpress.com Thomas

    I’ve already heard a lot of pushback from pro users about the battery. I attended a Pro Video workshop sponsored by Apple and a partner who rents high-end gear for the film/video market. Filmmakers in attendance were scared to death of losing battery power during, as they put it, “a 12-hour shoot in the middle of the desert,” where there was no access to an outlet. Expect an upsurge in external power backup solutions and small generator sales/rentals. But no one in THAT room, at least, was taking Apple’s claims at face value. I myself was Tweeting the Keynote, and had to swap my battery near the end of it.