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Apple HDTV rumors resurface

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Prince McLean, AppleInsider
Years-old rumors that Apple will roll out a line of Internet-connected displays have resurfaced in reports that suggest the company will bundle its Apple TV product within a new line of HDTVs.

In a report referencing a rumor floated by Mahalo chief Jason Calacanis, who claims that he knows “first-hand” that Apple is working on what’s described as a networked television, CNET writer Nate Lanxon noted that the assertion “isn’t surprising” given Apple’s 30-inch Cinema Display.

Back in January 2007, American Technology analyst Shaw Wu supported such rumors with a research note stating that the company was working on “large screen” technologies within its development labs. “We are not certain on timing but our analysis indicates that AAPL is beyond prototype on large-screen technologies (for a larger monitor or possibly Apple-branded HDTV),” he advised clients at the time.

However, that was nearly two years ago. Since then, Apple has continued to sell video projectors from Epson and NEC in both its online and physical retail stores but does not sell HDTVs in either, indicating that the company hasn’t exactly rushed to enter the HDTV market. A number of cost and usefulness factors have likely come into play.

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