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Obama-Biden, McCain-Palin: Scandals by the Numbers

Daniel Eran Dilger
Scandalous accusations are so hard to process without a smattering of numerical context. Here’s a look at brewing scandals by the numbers for each ticket in the 2008 Presidential Election: Barack Obama and Joe Biden vs. John McCain and Sarah Palin.
Number of links to individuals or groups supporting violent terrorism:


Obama: 1

  • Obama worked next to William Ayers on the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, a public school reform project funded by Republican billionaire Walter Annenberg. Ayers had been part of the former Weather Underground 40 years ago, which violently opposed the Vietnam War; Obama was never a member of the Weather Underground, but Ayers “in 1995 hosted a campaign event for Obama and in 2001 gave him a $200 contribution.”

Terrorist Criminal Links to the Presidential Candidates

Biden: 0

McCain: 2

  • Considers Watergate burglar G Gordon Liddy, who served four years in prison for crimes against the Constitution and who plotted to kill journalists and kidnap anti-war protest organizers, as “an old friend”; “Liddy’s home was the site of a McCain fundraiser. Over the years, he has made at least four contributions totaling $5,000 to the senator’s campaigns — including $1,000 this year.”
  • McCain was also a member of the “U.S. Council for World Freedom,” which backed terrorism connected with the Iran-Contra scandal and served as “a haven for extremists, racists and anti-Semites.”

With friends like these … — chicagotribune.com
McCain didn’t report ties to Contra group – Politico.com

Palin: 4

  • Palin has directly allied and supported Mark Chryson, a variety of anti-government militias, and the Alaska Independence Party, a group supported by the Islamic Republic of Iran to demonstrate Anti-American sentiments to the UN. Its founder is tied to violent terrorism and espousing of the use of nuclear weapons to destroy glaciers in Alaska before being killed by a fellow secessionist.
  • Palin also encourages and condones violence and death threats against her political rivals on the campaign trail, implying to her crowds that Obama is himself a terrorist.

Salon.com News | Meet Sarah Palin’s radical right-wing pals

Number terrorism links denounced by candidate:

Obama: 1

  • Has denounced Ayers’ violent past as “detestable acts.”

Biden: 0

McCain: 0

  • Still calls Liddy a close friend despite his inciting violent attacks on Federal agents. Has not denounced Libby’s criminal past or recent terrorist threats.
  • Left the U.S. Council for World Freedom after “questions were raised about its activities.” Prior to leaving, McCain had failed to disclose his membership in his personal financial disclosures to the US House. Has not denounced the group or its use of terrorism in Central America.

Palin: 0

  • Warmly welcomed the Alaska Independence Party this year; has never condemned its anti-American activities or its violent past. Continues to support separatists and militia groups seeking political favors.
  • Continues to fan terrorist threats against Obama.

Number of links to serious criminal investigations:


Obama: 0

Biden: 0

McCain: 4

  • Keating Five scandal, which found McCain had acted in poor judgement in supporting Keating’s S&L fraud
  • Cleared his second wife, Cindy McCain, of felony drug abuse investigations from the DEA after she stole illegal drugs from her charity.
  • Ongoing allegations of failure to report gambling winnings as taxable income since at least 2000.
  • A series of shady actions taken on the part of lobbyists, including at least one with romantic involvement: lobbyist Vicki Iseman.

McCain Has Two Standards on Drug Abuse
For McCain, Self-Confidence on Ethics Poses Its Own Risk – New York Times

Palin: 3

  • Ongoing Troopergate Scandal related to abuse of power.
  • Ongoing scandal related to gifts from constituent special interests.
  • Ongoing tax evasion and fraud related to state paid per diem fees to live in her house and the failure to report these as income.

Number of links to inflammatory religious extremists:


Obama: 2

  • Obama’s former preacher Jeremiah Wright fumed that the US was to blame for 9/11.
  • Nation of Islam’s Louis Farrakhan has voiced support for Obama despite the fact that Obama “did nothing to solicit Farrakhan’s support.”

Biden: 0

McCain: 1

  • McCain’s preacher John Hagee fumed that God had sent Hurricane Katrina to ravage New Orleans because a gay pride event was planned there, and preaches anti-semetic and anti-Catholic messages. Televangelist Hagee heads the 18,000-member Cornerstone Church and reaches a TV audience of millions. McCain actively sought the endorsement of Hagee.

CJR: The McCain-Hagee Connection

Palin: At least 3

  • Current pastor Larry Kroon prophesied in June that “God, instead of responding by granting spiritual renewal and sustained prosperity could just as easily… it’s conceivable that He could just as easily, for example, raise up a revived, prosperous and powerful Communist Russia with a web of alliances across the Middle East. And our gas pumps would go dry. The dollar would collapse. And the markets would crash. The kayak could go upside down. And it could happen in a matter of weeks. That could happen. It could happen by this fall.”

Palin’s Pastor: God “Is Gonna Strike Out His Hand Against…America”

  • Credits Bishop Thomas Muthee, revered as a witch hunter at Wasilla Assembly of God, with helping push her ascent as Governor of Alaska. Video from 2005 revealed Muthee preaching “take the economy back from Jews” rhetoric, saying “The Bible says that the wealth of the wicked is stored up for the righteous. It’s high time that we have top Christian businessmen, businesswomen, bankers, you know, who are men and women of integrity running the economics of our nations. If you look at the – you know – if you look at the Israelites, that’s how they work. And that’s how they are, even today.” Palin joined Muthee on stage moments later.

Sarah Palin has appeared to condone anti-Semitic remarks – guardian.co.uk
The Witch Fighter Anoints Palin

  • Christian Broadcasting Network vice president Jim Bramlett wrote to his evangelical audience, “Sarah [Palin] is that standard God has raised up to stop the flood. She has the anointing,” and described Palin as someone “gifted with prophetic command,” in contrast to Obama, who Bramlett described as being propelled only by his “eloquent oratory and his race.”

Jim Bramlett @ inJesus.com
The Crusaders : Rolling Stone
Birth Pangs of a New Christian Zionism

Number of inflammatory religious extremists denounced by candidate:

Obama: 2

  • Called Wright’s rhetoric “divisive and destructive,” and said “they end up giving comfort to those who prey on hate, and I believe that they do not portray accurately the perspective of the black church. They certainly don’t portray accurately my values and beliefs.”
  • Tim Russert of NBC News and Washington Post columnist Richard Cohen both drew attention to Obama’s unsolicited endorsement from Farrakhan, and Russert “asked Obama to reject Farrakhan’s support” during the democratic nominee candidate’s debates.

Biden: 0

McCain: Half

  • Said of Hagee’s Katrina comments “it’s nonsense. I reject that categorically,” although McCain actively sought Hagee’s [support] and appeared on stage with him, and has not been pressed to reject his support by the media or in debates.

Palin: 0

  • Has fully supported her preachers’ radical fundamentalist ideas and expresses the same ideas herself, entwined with her political policy aspirations. Has never spoken out against their comments or distanced herself from it.
  • Has not been pressed to reject the support of any radical preachers by the media or in debates.

Reports of voter fraud:


Obama-Biden Ticket: suggested

  • Reports allege problems with ACORN voter registrations among poor citizens, voters who would mostly likely benefit the democratic ticket. However, false registration are fraud against ACORN, which pays volunteers to register voters. The hundreds of alleged fake voters that have been registered are not going to show up to vote. Rather than voter fraud, there has been fraud against ACORN as an organization, which has ended up paying for invalid voter registrations. Police have raided ACORN offices and taken equipment.

Another look at the ACORN furor – War Room

McCain-Palin Ticket: documented

  • The Montana GOP pushed to remove 6,000 voters from democratic counties, often related to University populations that would favor Obama. The GOP backed down after being challenged. This fraud would have directly disenfranchised voters. Police have not raided the Montana GOP offices nor taken equipment.
  • Conservative reporter John Stossel, a critic of global warming science, has prepared a segment for 20/20 that suggests young voters are not informed enough to vote. Titled “Maybe It’s Your Civic Duty Not To Vote,” the segment compares voting with brain surgery and concludes “maybe instead of telling people things like ‘Rock the Vote,’ these groups should say ‘Rock or Vote.’” Stossel didn’t suggest vetting voters’ knowledge of the issues in general, but does suggest that young voters, who overwhelmingly favor Obama, should not be allowed to vote.

John Stossel To Run Hatchet Piece on Young Voter Engagement

  • Along those lines, “Young voters at Drexel University in Philadelphia, Penn. have already been targeted, with students reporting that flyers have been posted around campus warning that undercover police will be at the polls on Election Day looking to make arrests.”

ABC News: ‘Tis the Season of Election Dirty Tricks: Scaring Student Voters

  • “Tens of thousands of eligible voters in at least six swing states have been removed from the rolls or have been blocked from registering in ways that appear to violate federal law, according to a review of state records and Social Security data by The New York Times.”

States’ Actions to Block Voters Appear Illegal – NYTimes.com

Did I miss any scandals? Let me know! Send in links worthy of mention.

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  • jdoc

    stefancolson: Currently, 43% of Americans pay no federal income tax. If you’re referring to the EMPLOYER tax on healthcare that McCain is promoting, then your statement is wrong. Employees will not be taxed.

    OTOH, Obama will raise taxes on those individuals making $200,000 and families making $250,000. So those businesses that want to expand, better not expand too much! Or else they’ll be paying much more in the way of taxes! There’s some incentive for ya…

  • http://stefancolson.wordpress.com stefancolson

    No, my statement is not wrong. As it stands now, we pay income tax on monetary compensation from our employers, but not on other benefits such as health care plans. Part of McCain’s plan includes making these benefits taxable, meaning that you will pay income tax on the amount that your employer contributes towards your health care plan. At an average of about $8,000 in employer contributions, a person making $40,000 – $60,000 a year will pay more than an additional $1,000 a year in taxes – an amount that far exceeds the $319 that they would get back from a McCain administration.

    Bear in mind that someone making $3,000,000 a year will receive a nice $250,000 tax break under McCain’s plan.

    The significant tax hikes under Obama’s plan don’t really kick in until we cross the $600,000 mark, but yes, if a business (run by a person who files as an individual instead of as a business) bringing in $200,000 annually triples in size, they will see a sizable increase in their tax burden. I would venture to say that growth of that magnitude brings with it many positives that outweigh a gradual shift towards higher taxes, and that the bulk of tax relief is needed by those businesses bringing in less than $250,000 who aren’t experiencing rapid growth. I don’t think I’ve run across someone who’s primary incentive to grow their business is for disproportionate tax relief aimed at the higher brackets, just as I think you’d be hard pressed to find many businesses who envy those who are less successful.

  • droughtquake

    There are already some who pay taxes on their health benefits. Domestic Partner benefits are taxed by the Federal Government. [Note: I do not have a Domestic Partner — I am not in a Same-Sex Marriage either. Why? Are you proposing?]

    But there are many, many other reasons for Gays & Lesbians to vote for Obama/Biden rather than McCain/Palin.

  • jdoc

    stefancolson: Take a McDonald’s franchise, for example. The ‘sweet spot’ for franchise number is 3. For an individual with two franchises, the income range is between $210,000 and $270,o00, with an average nationwide of $233,000 (depending on location, local laws, etc.). Again, no incentive to expand (pick a franchise of your choice, and similar numbers will come up).

    Take medical practices (like mine) for example- we’ll have no incentive to buy new equipment, or turn-over our aging equipment. And we’ll also have no incentive to hire new employees, including new doctors. Now we have 9 OB/GYN practices in our suburban area, and all of us are in the same boat (including the ALL of the other practices in our area). We have a hard enough time recruiting doctors in the first place, and now if we DO recruit them, we may not be able to support them, both financially and with staff assistance.

    The list could go on….

    Businesses find ways to avoid paying Uncle Sam all the time (we ‘zero the books’ every year). Just as I’ve stated above, most of these commonplace businesses are already on the brink of reversing their margins, and if their margins are not substantially greater on the higher tax side of things (which would be the case for most of the businesses out there), then the incentive is lost.

    And the healthcare plan divides the taxes based on whichever plan you choose (eg employer-based, etc)- you don’t have to have an employer contribution at all. Either way, you still come out on top (http://www.johnmccain.com/content/default.aspx?guid=9b94f39b-1650-4a3a-89ef-fba8cba4c868

    An aside: It’s a shame that Daniel keeps modding my posts. I’ve posted a couple of posts with point by point rebuttals that have not shown up…

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  • tommytrc

    Change for the US, lets look at Chicago, Il

    Body count. In the last six months
    Chicago: 292 Killed (murdered),
    Iraq: 221 Killed

    [Oops! You’re comparing total homicides in a city with soldiers killed during a standoff period! How about comparing how many cops were killed in Chicago over the last 6 months instead? Or add in the tens of thousands of innocent civilians who have been killed in Iraq due to the occupation, sectarian violence that developed after the war as an unintended consequence, AND THEN all the crime related murders that also happened within the whole of Iraq, or even any city within the country? Nothing like a completely false comparison to make a simpleton point that isn’t accurate all all into a “fact.”

    Now, consider the that “surge is working!” that phrase wingnuts like to roll out in defense of the horrific consequences of the bungled Iraq occupation. It’s “working” only because the war has caused massive refugee migrations that have resulted in fewer deaths to count in specific areas. No doubt the homicides in Chicago could be lowered if we sent in a paramilitary force that drove everyone out of the city and executed everyone who lacked the circumstances to flee. ]

    Barack Obama
    Dick Durbin,

    Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr.

    Democrat Rod Blogojevich,

    House leader
    Mike Madigan (D)

    Attorney General
    Lisa Madigan (daughter of Mike),

    Richard M. Daley (son of former Mayor Richard J. Daley)

    Chicago is a combat zone

    And what about the rest of the State?
    -Leadership in Illinois Legislature: All Democrats.
    -State pension fund $44 Billion in debt, worst in the country.
    -Cook County (Chicago) sales tax 10.25% highest in country. (Look it up).
    -Chicago school system one of the worst in country.

    Of course they’re all blaming each other. Unfortunately, they can’t blame Republicans. There aren’t any!

    [Now compare Alaska: predominantly Republican, dripping with ACTUAL Republican scandals, completely dependent upon Federal money despite rolling in enough oil money to be able to pay its citizens $3,200 dividends, all despite being less populated than San Francisco. ]

    This is the political culture Obama comes from. Now he wants to got to Washington and fix things?

    “Change We Can Believe In”….
    (Can we afford Obama?)

    [Obama represents a populated state with the problems of a densely urban city: the THIRD LARGEST in the US, with around 3 million people (nearly 10 million in the metro area). He has only served in the US Senate for a couple years, but has worked in real public policy and has taught constitutional law for many years.

    Palin represents a beautiful vast wasteland with nothing but trees, ice, and oil. It is the least populated by far, with less than 700,000 thousand people, 40% of whom live in Anchorage. Palin has served as a small town mayor over a tiny town of 6,000 people where her main goal was building big box retail like WalMart, a sports complex in the middle of nowhere that left the town deeply in debt, and an expensive call center that was unnecessary and a huge waste of money. Apart from that, her accomplishments as an “executive” were to illegally deny abortions in the public hospital, seek to ban books written by a pastor she didn’t like (targeted at understanding homosexuality), destroying the environment of her small town and killing the lake she lives on.

    As governor, she pushed out a corrupt republican and immediately used her position to pursue harassment in a personal family feud case (which a Republican-led investigation found her guilty of violating state ethics laws in), taking thousands in gifts from her constituents, charging tax payers ten thousand + to attend her churches, and demanding massive Federal dollars while cheering on the AIP secessionist party. ]

  • nelsonart

    “Now, consider the that “surge is working!” that phrase wingnuts like to roll out”

    Obama must be a wingnut. He stated the surge has succeeded beyond anyone’s wildest imagination.

  • benlewis

    @nelsonart: You do realize that Maher bring Steve Moore on the show because he makes conservatives looks so foolish, right?

  • enzos

    @ALL … interesting statistics…

    >Of the 10 fattest states, nine show strong support for the Republican nominee, John McCain, with only Michigan – once considered a battleground state, but recently abandoned by McCain’s campaign – as the exception. / Of the 10 least obese and overweight states, eight support the Democratic nominee, Barack Obama, although Colorado, where Obama is ahead by four points, is still considered a toss-up. The exceptions are the conservative mountain states of Utah and Montana. / The bigger picture reinforces this story. In the heaviest half of the 50 states, polls in 68 per cent show support for McCain. Of the lightest half of the states, plus the District of Columbia, 84 per cent are for Obama

  • shiver me timbers

    This is a test … Dan please delete.

  • shiver me timbers

    (part 1)

    Dan, you assert that Obama is a “different” politician, but you have failed to mention the most scandalous of all scandals of which both tickets are guilty: the vote for the $700 billion dollar bailout.

    When the bill couldn’t pass at first, $100 billion of pork payoffs to congressional districts was added to sway votes.

    McCain, Obama, and Biden — all three — voted for this scam on the American people. Big corporations should go bankrupt for making bad deals. But instead, we are now buying off their illiquid assets. It is being dumped on us.

    [ Already, after AIG’s bailout, executives were caught spending $440,000 at a posh California retreat, including $23,380 worth of spa treatments. ]

    The bailout was initiated by the Federal Reserve (a private bank) to bail out banks. How will we pay for this $800 billion, since we do not have the money? The very same Federal Reserve will print more money to pay for it.

    The result of this on the American people? That flippant printing of dollars will circulate into the economy causing our existing dollars to devalue tremendously, because our money is not real money that holds its value, as the government keeps printing more of it. If you were worried about gas being $4 a gallon, you should now worry about it being $8 a gallon.

    The truth is that gas prices have not risen. Rather, it is our dollars that have lowered in value and buy less. A barrel of oil would still be virtually the same amount as it was in 1971, were we still on the gold standard. Instead, we have bank notes that are not real money, because they do not hold their value, and our not backed by gold our silver. And such bank notes are illegal; they are unconstitutional.

    In fact, this is all unconstitutional: the Federal Reserve, a central bank, the printing of money not backed by gold or silver, the government artificially manipulating our economy for its short-term interests.

  • shiver me timbers

    (part 2)

    And that brings us to the Council on Foreign Affairs, a secretive organization of elitists comprised of notable democrats, republicans, and the wealthy. An organization which has tremendous power to control our foreign policy and our economy. An organization founded by David Rockefeller which attempts to circumvent our Constitutional form of government to control the direction of our country. If we abided by the Constitution, all of its members should be tried for treason.

    And who are among this secret organization’s members? George Bush, George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, John McCain. But also, Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, John Biden.

    What are its goals, its mission? The CFR is ushering in a one world government for the benefit of the banking industry. All of their foreign policy recommendations and economic strategies are aimed at this goal. Just as with the EU and the Euro, they have a documented strategy of how to unite the US, Canada, and Mexico into a similar union, the North American Union, with a one currency being the Amero.

    By looking at past quotes from the founders of the Federal Reserve, it is very clear that once the North American Union, the European Union, the African Union, and the Asian Union are all solidified, the next logical step is to combine them into a one world government controlled by the banking industry. This is the New World Order George Bush Sr. ran on.

    But the CFR is a secretive private organization of elitists. They have not been elected, they are not representative of the people, and they do not hold public hearings. Since they have great power over foreign and monetary policy, their unconstitutional actions are treasonous.

  • shiver me timbers

    (part 4)

    It is also clear that you share a passion for politics. You are in a unique position in which you can inform people to how our country is at risk of its solvency and its sovereignty. You could carry a banner exposing politicians breaking constitutional law that threatens to collapse our country. You could bring to light the back room secret elitist organizations that attempt to control our American form of government for their own world banking interests by circumventing the Constitution. Instead, you focus on partisan politics, generally characterizing Republicans as the bad guys and Democrats as the good.

    While they certainly have their differences — the banks don’t care about many of these differences — what they care about is the control of the economy and monetary system for their benefit. And in the end Republicans and Democrats are very similar and are each a part of the problem. They both will spend, borrow, and print dollar bank notes not backed by gold until our country risks financial collapse. We are already bankrupt. Additionally, Democrats and Republicans both will charge the military into nations unconstitutionally (the Constitution requires for Congress to declare war) for the purpose of nation building while fulfilling one world government goals (having a presence in the middle east) and oil interests (protecting piplelines).

    Would we like it if another country invaded our country forcing us live the way they thought we should?

    Dan, if you must fill roughlydrafted.com with political tirades, I implore you to research the issues that are much more critical to the survival of our country rather than the more partisan ones. Come to understand that the Democrats are as much a problem as the Repulicans and that neither McCain nor Obama offer real change that will bring our nation back to solvency, retain its sovereignty, force politicians to abide by the Constitution, and return our lost civil liberties.

  • shiver me timbers


    An infamous video floats around YouTube of Dick Cheney speaking at the Council of Foreign Relations and reminding that not only was he a member of the CFR but that he once used to be a director. He laughs that he concealed his position as Council of Foreign Relations director when he was compaigning for congressional office.

    Similarly, Obama has become the same Washington elitist politican. Another YouTube video shows Obama answering a question about his membership with the Council of Foreign Relations. After first stammering, he then mischaracterizes the power of the Council of Foreign Relations by suggesting it is only a forum. He then backpedals about his membership stating that he his not really a member. But he is a member, and it costs a tidy amount to become a member, and even if that slipped his mind, his wife is a director.

    He then pretends to be ignorant of the North American Union — not even being able to pronounce it’s name — while in the very next statement, he is aware that Ron Paul talked about the threat of the North American Union to our sovereignty. He then goes on to deny that there any such effort towards a North American Union, though the CFR has a documented plan for it.

    Dan, you give a phenomenal service with your technology articles. Before I used to simply dislike Microsoft and Windows. But you opened up many eyes to the horrid deeds of Microsoft.


  • shiver me timbers

    (part 5 – The End, I promise…)

    A good place to start is the DVD, “America: Freedom to Fascism”. While it starts with the illegality of the Federal Income Tax and how it is used to control the people, like peeling back the layers of an onion, it leads from one area of control and power by the bankers and politicians to another.

    Google “America: Freedom to Fascism”. It can be found on DVD for only $10. A lower quality version can be watched for free on Google Video.

  • http://www.radianttechnology.net Windinthedust

    Dan, you are doing a better job with you political articles… keep up the improvements!

    You still are not going deep enough on your own side, and not being honestly object on the side you oppose. Again; I support neither side, but as a neutral bystander, I see you still have on rose colored glasses when covering the side you were “born with”. Do some soul searching- this should not be like a football ball team where you support the home team at all cost. Rather then presenting objective arguments, the article came across as a defensive move, justifying your candidates flaws and mistakes, by highlighting your opponents. I’m not saying not to do this, by all means, expose away, we need to know… I’m just saying, go all the way- you stopped short on both sides by not giving the entire backstory on either. This back story might exonerate, or it might damn…. it doesn’t matter, it needs to be told as is.

    Political persuasion is like a “family religion” where people are born of a certain creed (usually determined by what part of the world their are born in), and they die of that creed without bothering to investigate whether it’s really “truth”.

    In like manner, I want you to dig for the “truth” on both sides, and report this, no matter where it leads. Honest, un-hypocritical comparisons, no excuses…. no more, “your father is better then my father debate”, this is all bunk. Without doing this, you become like a M$ shill, that will always root for the home team, no matter what the reality sitting in the room with them. (I hope that wasn’t too harsh!)

    Just a little more critiquing- thanks for being humble enough to consider it.

  • http://www.radianttechnology.net Windinthedust

    Dan; a nice follow up article, might be- “Candidates Plans for the Future- by the Numbers” this would now make a positive comparison of which “computer” we should buy. :-)

    I would also like to see you do some candidate neutral articles, where you simply lay out arguments for certain policies to be adopted: as a starter, you could explain how taxes really affect the economy, how the government makes the most money, and why government (tax payer) spending of capital on projects with no “return on investment” or consumer value is such a bad idea. Doing this, and digging into historical data would be really fun!

  • jdoc

    For all that are interested in the truth behind Palin and her experience: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sarah_Palin#Governor_of_Alaska

    Needless to say, Dan is a bit off on most of what he said.

    And for those who want the truth about ‘troopergate’, you should read the actual finalized documentation. Both my wife and I have read it- bottom line, basically a hit piece. She was found guilty of not stopping her husband from talking too much. (she rightfully fired Monegan, and Wooten was corrupt to say the least. Incidentally, the complaints against from Palin, et al started before she was Governor).

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