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New EU directive pushes toward replaceable iPhone batteries

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Prince McLean, AppleInsider

The European Union is preparing new directives that could have an impact on Apple’s future products, including “the New Batteries Directive,” which proposes to mandate that batteries in electronic appliances be “readily removed” for replacement or disposal.

New EU directive pushes toward replaceable iPhone batteries

  • gus2000

    Isn’t it counter-productive to make the battery removable? I would say that 99% of iPhone batteries will be recycled, but much lower on other devices with removable batteries.

    You do know that ALL batteries are supposed to be recycled, right? Even alkalines? Have you ever put a battery in the trash? Whoops!

    And are we going to ban fully integrated devices? What about pacemamakers? Hearing aids? Disposable cameras? I can think of all manner of devices that have a non-serviceable battery, not just the iPhone.

  • nelsonart

    I would think the environment would be better off if you had to take your iPod/gadget to Apple to replace the battery since they have programs in place to dispose of them properly.

    If I get to do it, it’s going in the trash.

  • Grayfox

    I’m not surprized by this directive. I don’t know how it is in other UE countries, but in France, there are special “battery trashes” in a lots of places (all supermarkets, pharmacies/drugstores, …).

  • http://ideasengine.cytv.com cy_starkman

    I have never got the whinge over non-removable batteries.

    More water-proof, less dust and other bad stuff getting in, no damaging sensitive exposed bits, less space required, no breakable panels.

    People make the argument that the iPhone (and every other 3G phone) runs out of power quickly. Sure. That’s why it can power off USB ports which are everywhere, you buy a car charger as you travel in-between everywhere and if desperate by an external extender just in case you are in the middle of nowhere.

    Also unless you then buy an external charging unit (being that the battery is removable) you have to be awake at the right time so you can change over batteries. Most devices, do not have external chargers available. In particular laptops. I didn’t bother buying a second battery for my MacBook Pro, cause I was not likely to be awake at 3am to swap batteries over.

    Thanks, my rant is done.