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Review: Apple’s second-generation iPod touch

 Ipod touch 2 Review iPhone 3G
Prince McLean, AppleInsider
The 2008 iPod touch inches closer to the iPhone line while retaining its iPod branding. It gets new audio input and recording features, volume controls, a speaker, and a full assortment of bundled apps, including Nike+ support.

Review: Apple’s second-generation iPod touch

  • qka

    Nike+ support. Whoopee!

    Nike makes crap.
    I bought a pair of Nike sneaks, they fell apart within a month.
    Fool me once, shame on you.
    Fool me twice, shame on me.
    We won’t be fooled again.

  • John E

    it’s the slimness of the Touch that is really amazing. you have to hold one to really appreciate it.

    the one killer feature still missing tho is the ability to display apps you are on running on the Touch simultaneously on a TV screen via video out. the review didn’t cover this, but the Touch will export very decent 480p/576p movies and video via a $49 component cable (with audio and USB connections too). that’s nice, but there are lots of easy ways to do that already, like AppleTV, TiVo, or a Playstation3. but if you could play all the app store games on your big screen TV using the Touch as the game pad sitting on the sofa, that would be revolutionary. wifi would be better than a cable connection of course, but that would take a receiver unit that was plugged into your TV – like an AppleTV.

    (i don’t know why Steve Jobs is so determined to fail in the current battle for a truly integrated home entertainment system. wirelessly combining the AppleTV with the iPhone/Touch and all their apps and services is the obvious package that would push Apple ahead of the rest. maybe Steve just hates television.)

  • Realtosh

    @ qka

    Don’t mean to defend Nike. I won’t even bother to get up and check the brand of my sneaks.

    They all make good ones and bad ones.

    Ask yourself some questions. Where did you buy them? Could they be counterfeit goods? What was the price point? Where they they the most expensive one in the store? cheapest ones? etc.

    You need not reply on this thread. I just get taken aback when someone has a bad experience with one product and universalize it to everyone else, especially a brand like Nike, which has a rep for making good products. Now if we get 20 more comments on here from others who sneaks have been subpar, then Nike’s got big problems. And Apple would probably need a new fitness product.

    However, I don’t expect any of the the above to be the case.

    You probably got a bad set. Either not Nikes (counterfeit), low-end product, or an inferior batch with poor quality control.

    Sorry ’bout our sneaks.

  • PerGrenerfors

    I’ve yet to see one of the new touches. I’m still amazed at how thin the old one is.

  • Joel

    qka, did you check the consumer laws in your country…? If I had bought a pair like they would be straight back in the shop. For the record, I run approx 30 km a week on an 18 month old pair of Nike sneakers. They seem ok…