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I’m a PC too… touché

I'm a PC too
Daniel Eran Dilger
In its efforts to hijack Apple’s Get a Mac ads and embrace and extend their message to suit itself, Microsoft apparently forgot to actually watch Apple’s clips. User Sigma902 remixed the two for comical effect (well, probably not so funny to Microsoft after it spent $300 million brainstorming it all), but his post managed to get waylaid in my spam filter. So here it is in full glory.

Microsoft $300 Million Ads
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Microsoft’s Mojave Experiment Exposes Serious Vista Problems
Paul Thurrott calls Apple “the Bad Guys” of Microsoft’s $300 Million Ads
Gates, Seinfeld and the $300 Million Ad to Nowhere
Microsoft’s $300 million ad campaign tumbles with new PC ads
Microsoft’s “Windows vs Walls” Ad Tries to Think Different, Fails
Microsoft’s “I’m a PC” Millions Actually Promoting the Mac
Microsoft’s ‘I’m a PC’ Campaign Keeps Getting Stranger (With Videos
I’m a PC too… touché

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  • Janus

    I do wonder if Apple is going to respond to these ads. On one hand, it would be reducing itself to MS’s level. On the other hand, they’re just so bad that they BEG for dismemberment…

  • meteorfreak_21

    the i’m a pc too get a mac ad does a better job of promoting windows than microsoft with there hole 300 mil campaign

  • danpoarch

    Apple knows that we will dissect these ads for them. That’s the game for them isn’t it? Get us all culted up… Let us do the marketing for them. I’d hate it if it wasn’t the best hardware, the best software, and the best overall experience by a huge margin. Sadly, these are not the droids we were looking for. Let’s move along… Apple will.

  • http://www.ecphorizer.com Tod

    @Dan [OT but i don’t know how to contact you off list]: A quick look at the SJMN site shows that our buddy Troy Wolverton is no longer on staff. Anything you know about this?

    Sorry for the interruption, now back to our regularly-scheduled comments.

  • benjamintm

    Actually I wouldn’t think it means that much to Microsoft where a user runs Windows, on a Mac or a Dell. The “I’m a PC” campaign (ignoring the Seinfeld debacle) is attempting to illustrate that being a PC isn’t boring. Apple’s campaign has been about how cool OS X is in comparison to Windows. Microsoft’s is about real people using Microsoft’s OS in a variety of settings. To me, Apple’s has a sense of smugness whereas Microsoft has sense of populism. Overall I like the new ads again sans Seinfeld and maybe that Deepak Chopra Human Being/Doing bit.

  • Jon T

    That is a clever remix!

    And to ben above, you’re right, Windows is populist, but being populist does not mean forcing on them poor, badly designed products that do them more harm than good.

    I’d argue that Apple is a far better populist than MS will ever be. Making great products that people actually want and choose is one heck of a start…

  • http://web.mac.com/lowededwookie lowededwookie

    The term PC is pretty broad really. The fact it means “Personal Computer” pretty much makes Amiga, Mac, iPhone, Windows Mobile, etc all PCs. The idea that Windows is PC is discriminatory in much the same way calling white people Humans is while completely disregarding the other colours.

    PCs aren’t boring because some of them run Mac OS X.

  • Jesse

    Any user of Windows hates it at some level. That is what Apple’s ads play to: hey, you don’t have to hate your computer. They’re addressing how people really feel. There is no broad personal identification with Windows for Microsoft to play to. These ads are attempting to manufacture that sentiment. Apple’s ads may be smug, but they’re leveraging how people really feel. Microsoft’s ads are anything but populist; they’re fascist propaganda if anything, because they’re telling you how you should feel.

  • relayer

    To benjamintm:

    Microsoft’s Windows isn’t populism any more than AT&T’s phones were back in the 50’s and 60’s. Monopolies by their very definition don’t get to represent the “interest” of the ordinary people. Quite the contrary.

  • danielmramos

    I really have trouble understanding exactly what m$ is trying to get at with these ads. All, or any, of those people that are stating that they are PCs could be using Macintoshes. It is like they made a series of ads that proves absolutely nothing other than that the people aren’t using mainframe or minicomputers. Wait a minute! Might it be that these ads are actually targeted at mainframe and minicomputer users? Whoa, this would mean that the guys over at m$ are in a freaking time warp that has them stuck back in the 1980s. I submit evidence that their last Gates/Seinfeld add showed Gates doing the robot dance. Interesting, maybe m$ plans to make these ads in the present, transport them into the past, and win the fight by altering the time line. Devious! ;-)

  • Peter C

    Here’s another blast from the past.

    Given Deepak Chopra’s comment in the latest ad, “We are all a PC, inseparably one”, combined with the mass-cloning of individual identities: I can’t help thinking of Apple’s ad for its 1984 introduction of the first Macintosh, especially the dictator’s speech right at the end where he says, “We are one people, with one will, one resolve, one cause. …We will bury [our enemies] …with their own confusion”.

    Under the circumstances rather prescient I think. All the Steve Ballmer PC look-alikes are kinda cute too. There’s that life imitating art thing again.

  • LuisDias

    I disagree with Daniel.

    I really do think that these ads by Microsoft aren’t shitty. I think they might work in the sense that they make two things very well:

    – It connects “PC” with windows. Dan says this is bad because windows is wasting 300 million bucks to promote a thing that they don’t own. Well, you got it all wrong. They are doing exactly the opposite. They are entrenching (or defending) the notion that PCs are Microsoft’s territory. There are “other things” not mentioned that aren’t pc’s (macs), but if you want just a PC, then it’s MS. It’s clever.

    – It clearly says that Apple’s ad is bad because it stereotypes. And while Apple’s ads do stereotype, they do it to computers (PCs), but MS ad clearly states that Apple stereotypes computer users. People here are right pointing out the difference, but wrong pointing out Microsoft’s idiocy on this. It’s full of purpose and malice. They are subliminally getting the audience to question Apple’s elitist and dismissive attitude towards the “dumb masses” that opt to buy PCs.

    And lastly, it’s full of “joy” and upbeat attitude.

  • Peter C

    Although it has 90% of the market, Microsoft has a problem with its Windows boxes being “stereotyped” and in defence tries to counter this by using a stereotypical label for a range of individual human beings. Weird.

    While Apple makes machines that seem almost human and reflects this in its advertising by having them appear as people, Microsoft treats people like machines and reflects this in its advertising.

    Apple tries to imbue its Mac’s with a personality as individual as the user, while Microsoft focuses on user conformity. In Microsoft’s ad’s the PC character complains that he’s been made into a stereotype and then a whole string of different people all proclaim that they’re tarred with the same stereotypical brush. No matter who they are or what they do, they are all reduced to being “PC’s”. So who is stereotyping whom?

    Microsoft can’t even copy advertising well.

  • bellview

    I really hate that I didn’t think of that … :/

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  • cairnwalker

    Where is the link to the remix in its full glory?