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Microsoft’s ‘I’m a PC’ Ads Created On Macs

I'm A PC
Daniel Eran Dilger
After dumping its $10 million contract with Jerry Seinfeld after just three ads (only two of which even aired) Microsoft has created new ad copy where regular people and a few celebrities say, “I’m a PC!” One problem with the campaign’s credibility: the ad work was created using Macs.

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I’m a PC too… touché
Flickr user LuisDS found that metadata on the creative copy of the “stereotyped PC user” and other photos appearing on Microsoft’s “I’m a PC” website revealed that they were produced using Macs running Adobe Creative Suite 3. One might expect that Microsoft would use Windows PCs running its own Microsoft Expression Studio software, which as the company advertises, “takes your creative possibilities to a new level.”

Apparently, neither Windows PCs nor Expression Studio are up to the task of taking on Apple and destroying its globe enshrouding “Get a Mac” campaign. The image of John Hodgman as a troubled PC struggling with Vista-related problems has pushed Microsoft to defend itself with a $300 million campaign to take control of the “conversation about Windows,” using Macs as needed to get the message produced.

When LuisDS checked on the photos again this morning after publishing the metadata details on Flickr last night, he found that Microsoft has scrubbed the revealing details from the work, an effort that also resulted in the 272 KB photo ballooning to 852 KB.


Priceless! on Flickr

[Update: “the ads were also audio mixed on Macs” according to an unnamed source.]

You Paid $300 Million For What?

Microsoft has previously taken heat for its Mojave Experiment and got blank stares from users blown away by the Seinfield ads about nothing, which portrayed Bill Gates as a spendthrift billionaire who complains about leftovers served by his host as he struggles to get “in touch with ordinary American life” and turns out “to be an unimpressive tipper,” according to the work featured on the Windows ad site.

Microsoft PressPass – Windows

Microsoft’s Mojave Attempts to Wet Vista’s Desert
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No CP+B, That’s a Little Too Much Like ‘Get a Mac.’

Once it was revealed that Microsoft’s marketing company for the ads, Crispin Porter + Bogusky, was profiled on Apple’s Pro site as an enthusiastic user of Macs, the profile was pulled from Apple Canada’s website. Here’s the original profile:

Crispin Porter + Bogusky: A Crash Course in Taxi Driving

By Barbara Gibson

Watching the gypsy cab — a shiny black Volkswagen Rabbit with checkerboard side stripes — pull onto Fifth Avenue, you probably wouldn’t know that its driver, Steve from Colorado, had never driven in New York City. Or, in fact, ever been to New York.

But in a reality-video experiment called the Gypsy Cab Project, Steve cruised the streets of Manhattan for 14 days, offering perfect strangers free taxi rides in an effort to demonstrate the Rabbit’s ability to negotiate extreme city traffic.

The brainchild of Crispin Porter + Bogusky in Miami, the Gypsy Cab project documented, via spy cameras, Steve’s efforts explaining the project and getting 100 people to trust him to take them where they wanted to go — in spite of traffic jams, fire trucks, garbage trucks, delivery trucks, bicycle messengers, oblivious pedestrians, and 12,187 other cabbies.

CP+B captured the digital video using four Mac minis stored in the Rabbit’s wheel well, then broadcast the footage — first raw and later edited — on the Gypsy Cab website.

It’s No Accident
“One of our logistical challenges with Gypsy Cab was to find a way to mount four cameras in the vehicle and record everything so we could edit it later,” says interactive producer Marcelino Alvarez.

Working with technical director Scott Prindle and system architect Adam Heathcott, Alvarez suggested the Mac minis. “Most of the company works on Macs and I knew we’d be editing on Final Cut Pro systems,” Alvarez says. “The easiest way for me to approach this was, get the footage already digitized, give it to our editors in a format they can use, and just feed everything up.

”Besides, with regular tapes,“ Alvarez adds, ”we would have needed four tape decks. They only have about an hour to record, so we would have spent all our time switching out tapes, labeling the tapes, digitizing the tapes and probably missing some good footage when a fare ran over an hour. With the Mac minis, we could record over 10 hours continuously.“

Rookie on View
Alvarez also set up a wireless network in the back of the Rabbit and added an amplifier to the wireless signal. ”We had a MacBook Pro in the chase vehicle so we could monitor the video and control the recording on each camera using Apple Remote Desktop,“ Alvarez says. ”Steve also had an earpiece so we could talk to him from the chase car.“

One fare Steve picked up, a producer for a major network news show, asked, ”So where are your big chase vehicles?“

Steve: ”Everyone’s running everything from a laptop in the car behind us.“

”You only have one car? You don’t have four?“

”When the news producer does shows, he has four chase vehicles and microwave technology, and everything’s beamed somewhere else,“ Alvarez explains. ”We had everything stored in the back of the Rabbit. Those are the really cool, key moments when you can step back and look at what you’re doing and you say, ‘Wow, this is kind of ahead of the curve, and it’s working.’“

Unifying Theory
For compression and editing, Alvarez and Prindle set up seven Power Mac G5s in a New York apartment. ”We decided to go with the G5s with quad processors because we wanted to compress the footage and post it to the website within 24 hours,“ says Alvarez.

Two editors matched the video to real-time GPS data the Gypsy Cab collected, then compressed and uploaded the raw footage. Two others worked in Final Cut Pro to create edited versions of Steve’s Favorite Fares.

Even Prindle was impressed by the video the production team was able to compress and upload in such a short period of time. ”One of the producers who worked with us on the Gypsy Cab project had also worked on ‘Taxi Cab Confessions’ for HBO,“ Prindle says. ”He told us that it took them more than a month of shooting before they could fill an hour time slot on the show.

“We were turning video around left and right. Here we had these Mac Minis buried down in a wheel well, underneath people’s luggage, and we could count on them being dependable and reliable throughout the process.”


Microsoft’s Meanest Envy.

The new “I’m a PC” ads portray a Hodgman lookalike as a stereotype, making it unclear if Microsoft is trying to portray the PC character as an unrealistic and unflattering attack by Apple (which the rest of the ad underscores), or if the company is trying to hijack Apple’s character as the “kind person you would rather have a beer with,” the message being presented by Windows Enthusiast pundits ever since the Get a Mac ads began playing.

That idea of the everyman PC is subtly hinted to in the sean@windows.com email address that appears in the Mac-created photos. Is it there to tempt readers into sending love letters to the stereotypical PC character? Why isn’t it bill@windows.com? Why doesn’t it credit Apple?

The solo PC character creates an immediate association with Apple’s ads, which probably wasn’t the best way to spend $300 million, but certainly no worse than Mojave or the ‘Antisocial Gates’ short films. Where was Mac? Apparently, he was iding behind the scenes to produce everything.

Macs at Microsoft.

In 2003, Microsoft fired an employee who posted a photo of new PowerMac G5 systems being delivered to the company onto his blog.

At the same time, the company has no problem showing the vast numbers of Macs it buys to test builds of Office for Mac within the MacBU. Microsoft is apparently still the largest Mac developer outside of Apple.

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1 marksch { 09.20.08 at 10:28 am }

Well, it takes a Mac to beat a Mac!

2 meneame.net { 09.20.08 at 10:36 am }

Anuncios de "I’m a PC" de Microsoft creados con Macs…

Parece ser que han encontrado en la Metadata de los archivos que usaron para crear los anuncios de I’m a PC que éstos fueron creados con el Adobe Creative Suite 3 funcionando sobre Macs xD Cuando los detalles fueron mostrados en Flickr, Microsoft rá…

3 “I’m a PC” part 2 « { 09.20.08 at 10:48 am }

[…] link here. Full Roughly Drafted post here. LuisDS image on Flickr here. Cult of Mac post […]

4 Los comerciales de Microsoft se realizan en Mac | XKOD { 09.20.08 at 12:44 pm }

[…] vio que dichos anuncios eran realizados con Mac OS X!!!, y si no están convencidos pueden leer el siguiente artículo, y si aún siguen sin convencerse vean este otro […]

5 Microsoft utiliza Mac (y no es una broma) - Agencia de Publicidad, campaña, engaño, mac. pc, Microsoft - MAKE Marketing { 09.20.08 at 1:51 pm }

[…] leer la historia completa aquí (en inglés) Si te gustó esta noticia, no te pierdas las […]

6 Microsoft’s ‘I’m a PC’ campaign created with Macs { 09.20.08 at 1:57 pm }

[…] not even Microsoft itself can wean itself off the Mac, as the metadata discovered by Flickr user LuisDS points out. Microsoft was not only using Macs but also Adobe’s software […]

7 daGUY { 09.20.08 at 2:14 pm }


“Why is daGuy trolling a Mac fan blog/site?”

I find this comment hilarious, since I’ve been using Macs exclusively as my personal computers since 2002 (currently using a 2005 PowerBook G4 running Leopard). Also, I help run MacvsWindows.com, where, if anything, people accuse me of being biased in favor of the Mac, not vice versa. Nice try, though.

“The point is: Microsoft has the tool and they claim they are better than what the competition offers, so why not use them in their own ads? Apple has no POS system for their handhelds and that is why they use WM, get it? When they develop their own POS they will obviously drop the WM POS.”

Microsoft doesn’t make their own ads! It’s an outside company. MS has no say in what products are used to produce their ads. On the other hand, Apple COULD produce their own POS software for the iPhone/Touch, but they haven’t, and instead have continued to use Windows Mobile in their stores. All I’m saying is, if you’re going to criticize Microsoft for having their ads produced on Macs *when they don’t even have any control over that*, then you definitely have to criticize Apple for *choosing* Windows Mobile POS systems when they have the option of developing their own software for their own handhelds.

8 Ponder Marketing » Blog Archive » I’m a PC, but I make my ads with Mac { 09.20.08 at 2:18 pm }

[…] new ‘I’m a PC’ ads were apparently created using Apple computers. See Microsoft’s ‘I’m a PC’ Ads Created On Macs for the details. Great move guys. Crispin Porter Bogusky may have jumped the shark upon picking up […]

9 Microsoft’s ‘I’m A PC’ Campaign Was Created on Mac | infone.org { 09.20.08 at 2:48 pm }

[…] Read More […]

10 The new Microsoft Ads are pretty good — TechWag { 09.20.08 at 3:23 pm }

[…] So I am probably standing out there alone, after all I am a windows fan boy even if I recently purchase an Apple computer and have 3 IPods in the house. But the new Microsoft Ads are pretty good, even if they were written on an Apple Computer. […]

11 luisd { 09.20.08 at 4:22 pm }


I think the point here is that those ads where directed straight at the I’m a Mac ones. Even if the ads were all produced using Macs, the lack of attention to detail on the part of Microsoft is the problem. It doesn’t matter how you produced the files, when you up-load them to the website, you ensure the metadata is consistent with your marketing. Otherwise you just show as a sloppy company, and it erodes your credibility.

12 “I’m A PC” Advertisement Created Using Adobe Creative Suite 3 For Macintosh { 09.20.08 at 6:00 pm }

[…] audio was also mixed on Macs according to a source at RoughlyDrafted.  About 5 years ago, Microsoft fired an employee for posting a picture of PowerMac G5 […]

13 theNYmacguy { 09.20.08 at 6:39 pm }

This is much ado about nothing. Macs are used all the time to produce Microsoft ads. Guess what? Microsoft products are used all the time to sell, ship, track, etc Macs. I have a client who exclusively uses PCs sold by a major PC vendor because of close family ties with that vendor. But all the support work I do for them is done on a Mac. This is not news, folks. There is plenty of real stuff to get excited about.

[For starters, this isn’t “much ado,” but rather just an article. Also, given that Microsoft is targeting the Mac ads, the fact that Macs were used in the production of that same ad is notable. But I’m not sure why I have to point out the obvious here, or why you and many others have to insist that no one mention this fact. ]

14 …iWas blind but now iSee « One Missing Sock { 09.20.08 at 6:50 pm }

[…] All well in good, until you speak to the techies who have been able to identify what software compiled it…its not from Microsoft. How bad is your system when your adverts are even compiled with your rivals product? […]

15 jbomb . net { 09.20.08 at 7:15 pm }

[…] Things just get worse for Microsoft. The new commercials were made with Macs. Previous Post […]

16 hmciv { 09.20.08 at 7:31 pm }

Strange bedfellows indeed. The question is, which partner should feel dirtier?

17 Nick Barron { 09.20.08 at 8:46 pm }

As humorous as the thought it is initially, it makes sense once you stop chuckling. That is until MS attempt to cover it up.

Why do that? It seems that common sense and a basic intelligence is missing from the dept in charge of these adverts.

Somebody needs to get fired for this.

18 The Wiz Report » “I’m a PC” Commercials Made on a Mac? { 09.20.08 at 9:20 pm }

[…] Read […]

19 tehawesome { 09.21.08 at 3:36 am }

Even within Microsoft, there’s a distinct reluctance to eat their own dog food: I know of at least one office where the vast majority of computers are still running WinXP in preference to Vista (amid comments about cold, dead hands) and every time an auditing group from Redmond turns up there’s a scurry to hide all the iPods and remove all traces of iTunes.

20 one-seventh.ca | Microsoft could not even maintain its cool in not being cool : { 09.21.08 at 4:51 am }

[…] anticipate the headlines that Microsoft fired Seinfeld? Do you think no one would figure out that your ad agency uses Macs? All of these imply a weak sense of self. Exactly the opposite of the campaign’s intent. […]

21 blog.fotogenia.info » Ajeeeeeeeeeem Piiiiisiiiii! { 09.21.08 at 6:06 am }

[…] Ja wiem, marketing rządzi się swoimi dziwacznymi prawami, żarty bywają niezrozumiałe i tak dalej ale może po prostu ta kampania zatytułowana jest 300 milionów w błoto? O to chodzi? […]

22 Hi. I’m a PC … wurde auf einem Mac erstellt ;) | HELLWEISS { 09.21.08 at 10:25 am }

[…] wie Screenshots der Metadaten belegen.  Inzwischen hat MS zwar die Meta-Daten aus den Dateien entfernt, aber die Tatsache, dass Betriebssysteme und Softwarelösungen von Fremdherstellern bevorzugt […]

23 softie { 09.21.08 at 10:55 am }

“[Somewhat ironic to say, given that Microsoft’s $300 million campaign has people talking about how it relates with the Apple ads its copies, rather than anything Microsoft actually sells.]”

Do you really think that’s the conversation most of the country is having, i.e. those people who aren’t already predisposed to Apple? I think that’s a bit naive. Were the Mac ads prompting people to discuss the actual features of Macs compared with the features of PCs/Windows?

“[Apple supports open protocols and open standards and open source; it doesn’t break the law, violate consent decrees, and hasn’t held back technology for two decades. It doesn’t’ ship mediocre products that the world is forced to use because it has prevented a competitive marketplace. For starters….]”

Right … Apple doesn’t promote an anti-competitive marketplace by preventing software installation on third-party hardware (Apple/Mac licensing terms), or violate labor law by turning a blind eye to violations (Apple’s response to “iPod City” worker conditions), or disregard First Amendment rights through censorship (banning digital comic content from iTunes) … the list goes on. Cupertino isn’t Spanish for “glass house,” but Apple (and its die-hard fans) might want to think about that.

As for Apple supporting open protocols, open standards and open source, why is the Free Software Foundation complaining about restrictions and royalties related to development for iPhone apps? Why does Jobs rail against DRM, but Apple continues to reap huge benefits and profits from DRM in iTunes? Does that promte a competitive marketplace? I bought the music in iTunes, why can’t I use that music on a Zune or other MP3 device, since Apple “supports open standards?”

“[Are you sure soda vending machines run Windows? In any event, the point isn’t that Macs are better than Windows due to branding, but that Microsoft is a desperately flailing company with no sense, no taste, and no original ideas. I think your over the top pride is a bit overstated. ]”

It’s called Windows Embedded, and yes, I’m sure they run it. I understand your point, and I think the irony here is that you’re telling me my over-the-top pride is overstated. I was simply pointing out that the fact that Microsoft’s ad agency uses Macs doesn’t invalidate the message of the compaign any more than the fact that Apples auditors use PCs compromises the integrity of Apple’s financials.

The rabid assertion that Microsoft is a hypocritical, malicious corporate entity, and that Apple is an altruistic, benificient organization that promotes a fair marketplace, just shows how effective Apple’s marketing engine is, or how biased its fans are.

I never said Microsoft was perfect, nor did I say they were more innovative or had better products. My point was that the Mac is not a suitable product for everyone, given everyone’s vastly disparate needs, and that that’s the point of the ad campaign.

By stating Microsoft is a “desperately flailing company with no sense, no taste, and no original ideas,” you lose the high ground. Apples Get a Mac ads are awesome. I get a huge kick out of them … really. There’s no debating Apple’s industry-leading innovation in both products and marketing. However, it’s not all about cool digital music players, dorm room computers or slick cell phones.

That’s why i’maPC.

24 softie { 09.21.08 at 11:34 am }


“Even within Microsoft, there’s a distinct reluctance to eat their own dog food: I know of at least one office where the vast majority of computers are still running WinXP in preference to Vista (amid comments about cold, dead hands) and every time an auditing group from Redmond turns up there’s a scurry to hide all the iPods and remove all traces of iTunes.”

Well, this just shows some pretty clear ignorance. First, there aren’t any “auditing groups from Redmond.” Microsoft uses their own product suite – System Center – to remotely manage and monitor what’s installed on corporate desktops. These rebellious, covert Apple Jacks wouldn’t be able to “remove all trace” of iTunes given the fact that the installation itself is logged on the System Center servers in the data center.

Second, there are folks who have Apple products, including iPods, at Microsoft, just like there are folks with Windows Mobile devices at Apple, and people using Office at Oracle . People don’t get fired for owning competitive products (though they may get some unofficial flack for it).

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[…] that they run Windows. However, not even Microsoft itself can wean itself off the Mac, as the metadata discovered by Flickr user LuisDS points out. Microsoft was not only using Macs but also Adobe’s software in place of its own Expressions […]

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31 Home Biss { 09.21.08 at 4:04 pm }

Microsoft’s ‘I’m a PC’ ads made on Macs?…

Thanks to LuisDS (flickr user), now everybody knows that those ‘I’m a PC’ commercials were created with Adobe Photoshop Creative Suite 3 (CS3) that were installed on Macs, not Windows!

How embarrassing could that be for Microsoft?

32 Les pubs de PC ont été faites avec… un Mac » DominicArpin.ca - Le Patrouilleur du Net { 09.21.08 at 4:39 pm }

[…] télé mettant en vedette Seinfeld et Bill Gates, ça ne pouvait plus mal tomber. Histoire ici, ici et capture d’écran de LuisDS ici. […]

33 I am a PC and I am not original « brewster { 09.21.08 at 4:42 pm }

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[…] En la página de Microsoft se muestra prácticamente el resumen de toda la campaña, que a mi gusto tiene mucha retórica y poca sustancia. Para colmo, se dice que la nueva campaña está hecha en una Mac. […]

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[…] reklamami mířící na slabiny Windows Vista značně pošramotil Apple. Poté co utratil 10 milionů dolarů za 3 spoty s Jerry Seinfeldem, z nichž se vysílaly zatím dva, přichází Microsoft s parodií kultovních […]

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[…] The entire campaign was created on Macs, as evidenced by metadata scraped from some of the ad campaign’s photos. […]

49 chuza.org { 09.22.08 at 10:42 am }

Cachada brava: Anuncios de Microsoft feitos con Mac…

A comunidade descubriu que cando menos parte da nova campaña de Microsoft na célebre batalla “Son un PC/Son un Mac” contra Apple foi elaborada co software da marca da mazá. A piada acadou tanta transcendencia que a compañía, vendo ameazada _a s…

50 Rambo Tribble { 09.22.08 at 1:06 pm }

This should come as little surprise. Media generation firms have systems in place and aren’t going to switch platforms just to do a few ads, even for a special client like Microsoft.

The Mac has held sway in the visual arts since the first Motorola 68000 machines were introduced in the early ’80’s. They continue to dominate in the middle strata of media creation, such as ad firms.

More telling for the future is the current situation in major Hollywood studios; the once-dominant Mac has been largely replaced by Linux systems, not just at the render farms, but on the desktops and in the studios, as well.

It will probably be some time before Linux displaces the Mac in the middle tier; ironically, the proprietary software that the major studios use, which runs on Linux, is prohibitively expensive for all but the deepest pockets.

If one thing is clear, Microsoft would run screaming from anything with “Linux” on it long before they would quail at the Mac. Indeed, both Microsoft and Apple fear the penguin far more than they do each other. After all, if it weren’t for Microsoft’s patronage in the form of producing software for the Mac, Apple would have had a very hard time surviving to this day.

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