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Paul Thurrott calls Apple “the Bad Guys” of Microsoft’s $300 Million Ads

Daniel Eran Dilger
While praising Microsoft’s new $300 million ad campaign, Paul Thurrott, a Windows Enthusiast who regularly complains about any criticism of Microsoft’s questionable business practices and its shoddy product quality and who portrays himself as an unbiased user of Apple products to court the favor of his readers, has called Apple “the bad guys” in exposing Vista’s flaws.

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Paul Thurrott calls Apple “the Bad Guys” of Microsoft’s $300 Million Ads
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Thurrott was commenting on an email from Microsoft’s senior vice president Bill Veghte to the company’s employees, introducing its new $300 million ad campaign to “reintroduce Microsoft to viewers.”

“I’m glad Microsoft is finally telling its own story,” Thurrott wrote. “The bad guys have owned this conversation for too long.”

Who Are The Bad Guys?

Was Thurrott addressing the US Department of Justice, who convinced the US District Court to convict Microsoft as a monopolist obstructing competition? Was he defending Microsoft from “bad guy” complaints raised by a number of US states which successfully presented a case that the company was cheating customers? Were the “bad guys” European Union regulators who insisted Microsoft not use Windows as a way to force PC makers to bundle Windows Media Player? Or how about Iowa, which sued Microsoft for falsely advertising that PCs that could not really not run Vista were “Vista capable”?

No, the “bad guys” were Apple and its users, which Thurrott also referred to as the “iCabal.” A cabal is a sinister secret society. Wikipedia says the word’s usage “carries strong connotations of shadowy corners, back rooms and insidious influence; a cabal is more evil and selective than, say, a faction, which is simply selfish. Because of this negative connotation, few organizations use the term to refer to themselves or their internal subdivisions.”

Wikipedia also noted that Lawrence Wilkerson, US Secretary of State Colin Powell’s chief of staff, “claimed the Bush administration’s foreign policy is run by a ”Cheney-Rumsfeld cabal,“ implying a sinister intent.” Why is Thurrott portraying Apple and Mac users an evil shadowy group using intrigue to assert an insidious influence over the rest of the world?

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Paul Thurrott’s Merciless Attack on Artie MacStrawman

Good Guys vs Bad Guys.

Thurrott is attacking Apple and Mac users (“They’re bad people,” he wrote, “They’re people who lie and lie and lie, and the fanatics just suck it up.”) because Apple’s “Get a Mac” ads have played on the fact that Windows Vista is plagued with problems from being slow to not working with a lot of users’ existing hardware and software to not delivering the same level of real world security for users as Mac OS X Leopard.

However, Apple’s ads reference problems that users and even many Microsoft-supporting reviewers have regularly noted. Does it make one a “bad person” to point out the truth, even when the truth isn’t flattering?

Is Steve Ballmer a “bad person” for saying Apple’s market share is less than Microsoft’s, or is it only really bad when he lies about Zune market share or misrepresents Windows Mobile’s market share as being far higher than it ever was or will be?

 Wp-Content Uploads 2007 12 200712131928-3

Market Share Myth 2007: iPod vs Zune and Mac vs PC
Canalys, Symbian: Apple iPhone Already Leads Windows Mobile in US Market Share, Q3 2007

Thuggery Skulduggery Crock.
The real secret behind-the-scenes maneuvering in the tech world comes from Microsoft, which has ghost written a blizzard of white papers and surveys that attempt to point out that users are simply wrong and that Vista’s problems are the fault of those pointing them out, and that free software costs more than expensive software, and that Vista PCs with a reduced security crisis are less vulnerable than Macs with no security crisis.

Microsoft sure played up the idea that some security outfits have counted “more vulnerabilities” in Leopard than Vista, without noting that Leopard’s counts include large libraries of open source software while Vista’s counts not only exclude a tally of vulnerabilities related to Microsoft’s equivalent code, but that vulnerability discovery in Windows is also constrained by Microsoft’s closed development model. Researchers have greater access to discover flaws the iPhone’s OS software than to Windows’ code. Don’t “bad guys” present false facts that contradict reality in an effort to hide the truth?

Mac Shot First: 10 Reasons Why CanSecWest Targets Apple

The Mojave Experiment similarly denied the Vista holocaust by presenting that users who had heard of Vista’s problems could be hoodwinked into thinking that Vista was actually great just by being given a brief, controlled demonstration that carefully avoided any performance comparisons with other operating systems and any exposure to the wide variety of PC hardware and software that Vista can’t properly support. Does Microsoft’s capacity to temporarily fool users into thinking that there’s not any problems with its products mean there are no problems, or does it just make the company look bad?

Microsoft’s Mojave Attempts to Wet Vista’s Desert
Microsoft’s Mojave Experiment Exposes Serious Vista Problems

If Mojave’s false pretense sounds like “bad guy” behavior, it’s nothing in comparison to the astroturf (fake grassroots populist efforts) Microsoft paid Ralph Reed to orchestrate during the monopoly trial, where supposedly upset citizens, some of whom were actually dead, filed complaints with the DoJ on Microsoft’s behalf.

And what about the professional looking woman that Microsoft presented as a real life “Mac to PC convert,” only to later admit that the “person” had been constructed by professionally written ad copy paired with stock photography?

Zune Astroturf

iPod vs Zune: Microsoft’s Slippery Astroturf

Microsoft is also tasked with ensuring that all of the Wikipedia articles related to its products are stripped of significant criticism and any pestilent, unflattering facts. While Apple product pages are dominated by a discussion of petty or imagined criticisms, Microsoft’s have frequently spun serious criticism off into separate articles that Microsoft’s Wikipedians do their best to hide.

The judge presiding over the monopoly trial wrote that Microsoft’s executives “proved, time and time again, to be inaccurate, misleading, evasive, and transparently false. […] Microsoft is a company with an institutional disdain for both the truth and for rules of law that lesser entities must respect. It is also a company whose senior management is not averse to offering specious testimony to support spurious defenses to claims of its wrongdoing.”

Minnesota Attorney General Mike Hatch called Microsoft’s astroturf campaign “sleazy,” saying, “This is not a company that appears to be bothered by ethical boundaries.”

Thurrott’s Fiery Campaign Against Apple.

Clearly, Thurrott’s task of portraying Microsoft as good and Apple as evil is not an easy one. A lot of desperate reaching is required, as is a lot of selective omission of facts.

Thurrott has recently complained mightily that Apple’s MobileMe does not support syncing with Vista’s Windows Calendar (which also unsupported by Microsoft’s own Windows Mobile devices), demanded that Apple somehow fix problems in Outlook and Exchange Server that affect iPhone users (issues only Microsoft can fix), and at one point said that Apple’s share of the market with the iPod was only 14% while talking about the Zune having around 10% (of different markets of course; the iPod was thrown in with every phone on Earth that could play MP3s, while the Zune was only compared against US models of identical capacity).

However, I could find no comment from Thurrott discussing the fact that Microsoft deceptively changed its RAM reporting starting with Windows XP SP2 (and including Vista) to only show the amount of RAM installed, rather than the amount of usable RAM (colluding with PC makers to hide their fraudulent efforts to sell PC users RAM that Windows can’t even use). I also failed to find any mention of Thurrott calling Microsoft to task for its refusal to support most of its products on the Mac or Linux platforms.

64-bit PC swindle

Road to Mac OS X Snow Leopard: 64-bits, Santa Rosa, and the great PC swindle

Why all the hypocrisy, false comparisons, scapegoating, statistical fallacy, incomplete stories, emotionalist rhetoric, and the overall unhealthy preoccupation with Apple that makes “Apple” and “iPhone” the same size in his Windows blog tag cloud as “Vista” and “Xbox 360” and far larger than more embarrassing topics such as “Zune,” “Windows Media,” “Windows Mobile,” and “x64”?

If Thurrott has so much indignation about “people who lie and lie and lie,” why is he so dishonest and false in his own efforts to advocate Windows, efforts which regularly drip with clearly intentional misinformation and are frequently presented online without any comment mechanism for readers to dispute them?

Thurrott certainly has the right to dislike and criticize Apple, but why does he also present himself as a satisfied Apple customer, a long time subscriber to .Mac/MobileMe, and someone who switched from WMP to iTunes and from Windows Mobile to the iPhone if Apple is supposedly so Evil?

This kind of jaw dropping hypocrisy is like Sarah Palin talking about ‘standing up against earmarks’ after claiming $27 million for her town of 7,000 people and then presiding over $197.8 million of earmarks in two years as Alaska’s governor. If you like earmarks, be proud of it, but don’t lie and say you don’t when the record makes it clear you do.

Thurrott portrays a critical need to stop Apple’s supposedly nefarious plot to encourage users to upgrade to a modern operating system running on higher quality hardware. Why? Can’t the market properly decide what to vote for with its dollars without Thurrott’s desperate attempts the spin attention away from the truth?

Next: Gates, Seinfeld and the $300 Million Ad to Nowhere.
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  • nelsonart

    I love reading RD. Dan’s knowledge and writing skills are rare for tech blogs. I don’t agree with his politics (I like low taxes and small govt. and free markets and capitalism) but who cares. Is he right about Palin as far as the stunning hypocrisy. Yep. I also find it stunning that Obama could sit in a church for decades listening to racist, anti-american hatred and come out unscathed. His wife? Same thing…only now proud or her country. His shady dealings with convicted felons aside, I also agree that Obama is highly intelligent and a great speaker. He had his hat handed to him by O’reilly but the Big O is very good at what he does.

    I breeze right past most political commentary as it’s always biased. I can agree with others that I think these articles would be better without the slant. Of course, that’s just my slant.

    I can accept that someone has a different worldview than I and still enjoy his exceptional ability to lay out technical analyses in an enjoyable manner.

    Bash hockey moms with executive experience and Reagan… I’m still a reader.

  • http://johnsessays.blogspot.com John Muir

    @ PerGrenerfors

    Don’t worry. It’s not that bad yet. You’re lucky if you get beyond a single line on YouTube … as wittily displayed here:

  • http://johnsessays.blogspot.com John Muir

    @John E

    “but when Dan posts on Apple Insider as Prince McLean, he sticks to technical discussion only. AI has other writers, with many more viewers and commenters than RDM (that’s why there are fewer comments here on articles that are posted on both sites).”

    Doubtlessly AI is bigger than RDM. But I read both and scarcely ever comment on the article stub Daniel posts here, as I’ve already clicked through to AI to actually read it.

  • Blad_Rnr


    “Religious fanatics?” Please define what a “religious fanatic” is. Not aborting her Downs Syndrome baby, maybe? Having a high regard for human life? Being transparent when her daughter made a mistake in this sex-worshipping society we have created? Or maybe it’s having a relationship with Jesus Christ. Who knows? Just throw out the term because it feels good to bash Christians.

    Get in line with your stone, Daniel. People have been doing that to us for 2000 years.

  • Dowap

    If people knew how to critically think, then they wouldn’t get all upset about a political comment or the use of a word.

    To all of you that are so upset, you make me sad. Because our Forefathers, some of whom didn’t believe the general public could make a correct choice while voting we have the Electoral College. Maybe our Founders were not too far off.

    Critically Thinking! Learn it, Love it, Use it!

  • http://johnsessays.blogspot.com John Muir

    @ Dowap

    As a Scot, I was expecting you to say something nice about the founding fathers and extoll them for their powers of critical thinking; shown in the overall success of their great experiment of a nation.

    So I take my hat off to you for doing a complete 180º on my expectations!

    Electoral College: stealing close elections since 1876.

  • curtis119

    When I read anything on RoughlyDrafted I know that I am reading Daniels personal blog. A personal blog is where someone posts their *personal* thoughts and feelings. Kudos to you Daniel for saying what you think here on your *personal* blog.

    When I read one of your articles on appleinsider (under the prince pseudonym) I expect to read a professional article. And that is exactly what I get, professionalism. It’s to bad that others who posted here can’t seem to understand the difference between a *personal* blog and a *professional* website.

    Ah well. Keep up the good work Daniel. I love your articles and blog postings.

  • elppa


    It’s not my fault…
    It’s not my fault…
    It’s Mac’s fault.

    Scary how accurate it is.

  • gus2000


    “Windows First”

  • Jesse

    I think Daniel puts political stuff in when he wants to tweak his comment stats. :)

  • Joe Sa


    “Religious fanatics?” Please define what a “religious fanatic” is. Not aborting her Downs Syndrome baby, maybe? Having a high regard for human life? Being transparent when her daughter made a mistake in this sex-worshipping society we have created? Or maybe it’s having a relationship with Jesus Christ. Who knows? Just throw out the term because it feels good to bash Christians.

    Get in line with your stone, Daniel. People have been doing that to us for 2000 years.”

    Please…stop playing the victim. No one is stopping anyone from practicing their chosen religion. No one is persecuting you for being a christian in a country in which you are the religious majority. It’s a ridiculous argument. Your religion is not everyone else’s religion. If you think the Republicans are going to help with the abortion issue…well you are just gullible. They use it to get votes. Let’s face it they don’t have much else (look at the shape the country is in). After all how long have they been talking about that issue? Decades. We’ve had 8 years of Republican rule, a conservative supreme court & nothing. This is the United States of America. Victimized people such as yourself don’t seem to understand what that means. There is NO state sanctioned religion, contrary to what you may believe. Freedom of religion. That means you can be Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Hindu, Budhist, etc. Explain to me why the government should take one religious viewpoint over another.
    If you believe in the right to life than you must also be against the death penalty, right? What are your views on poverty? What about a living wage? Do you have medical benefits? If so, it’s thanks in large part to unions…ah, but you don’t believe in those. Do you think Dick Cheney is a deeply religious man? If so, you’re a fool. Young woman get pregnant out of wedlock all the time. Do you have the same compassion & understanding for them? Where is this big tax cut the Republicans have been touting…I got 300 bucks. Guess what, it didn’t change my life.
    I am a Christian. Guess what I don’t expect everyone else to be & when my day of judgement comes God is the only one who will be judging. Not you & definitely not some politician. Religion has no place in Government. History tells us why. That does not mean a government cannot be ethical or moral. The founding fathers of this country understood that would be a slippery slope. The lessons of history seem to be lost on you. You may disagree with someone’s political point of view but, please drop the religious persecution nonsense. You are not being fed to the lions.

  • http://www.roughlydrafted.com danieleran

    @54Blad_Rnr :

    No I wouldn’t say “not aborting a baby” makes one a religious fanatic. Or even refusing sex education and ending up with unmarried teenagers with unwanted children that they can’t care for. Those are personal decisions, as is “having a relationship with Jesus,” something that every candidate on both tickets claims to have.

    I’d call Sarah Palin a religious fanatic because she says “sending [U.S. soldiers to Iraq] out on a task that is from God. That’s what we have to make sure that we’re praying for, that there is a plan and that that plan is God’s plan.”

    She also asked her audience to pray for a $30 billion national gas pipeline project that she wanted built. “I think God’s will has to be done in unifying people and companies to get that gas line built, so pray for that.”

    Her pentecostal pastor Ed Kalnins preached that critics of President Bush would be banished to hell; questioned whether people who voted for Sen. John Kerry in 2004 would be accepted to heaven; charged that the 9/11 terrorist attacks and war in Iraq were part of a war “contending for your faith;” and said that Jesus “operated from that position of war mode.”

    When Palin’s religious beliefs shift from being her personal faith and turn into Federal policy, the basis for starting wars, the premise for developing commercial projects, and a way to convert elections from a civic duty into the way God chooses to send people into eternal torment, then yes, we have a problem with religious fanaticism.

    Palin clearly wants to force her religious ideas upon the rest of America, an idea that is grossly unconstitutional. Supporting her makes you in favor of converting the US into the equivalent of an Islamic Theocracy on the order of Iran. We don’t need that.

  • albertop9

    What could one say that’s not been said already…
    Just… KEEP IT *ALL* UP, DAN!!!

  • CocoaCocoa

    > Get in line with your stone, Daniel. People have been
    > doing that to us for 2000 years.

    A. Dude, get off the cross, we need the wood.
    B. Hmm, obviously we’ll have to change our tactics.

  • MacMaul

    OMG! Dan, that come back was brilliant. LMAO!!!

    One of my favorite posting from RDM was the “What you expected to get… and what you got” series. I could not find then in your archives. It might be time for a new series. :)

  • http://www.jphotog.com ewelch

    Anyone who wants to know a reasonable definition of religious fanatic, check the book “American Fascists.” It pretty much nails it, and the dominionists who like Jerry Fallwell, Pat Robertson, and possibly Palin, are not interested in the welfare of anyone but “their own kind.”

  • Realtosh

    Daniel is just troll-baiting. He loves all this controversy.

    Also, for all of you who are hoping that Daniel would just cool it a bit on the biased political commentary, don’t hold your breath.

    Unfortunately for the Apple and the Mac community, Daniel’s comments reinforce the stereotype that most Mac users are gay liberal Democrats from San Francisco. It’s certainly not true. Straight conservative Republicans from all over the US and abroad are also heavily represented in the demographics from which Apple derives many of its buyers.

    It is a disservice to Apple and to Mac products to continue to reinforce a skewed stereotype. Trust me; I’m being kind. Many of the IT types, whom I could’ve quoted are much less charitable. Their frequent comments about Mac users are baseless and disgusting, but reinforced by Daniel’s needless flame-baiting biased commentary.

    Dan’s commentary will likely get worse. Ironically, Daniel describes the desperate flailing of Paul Thorrott, just as both parties’ conventions have come to a close. During the conventions, each opponent had an opportunity to present themselves and what each stands for. Since the close of the conventions, there has been a palpable shift in how the candidates are perceived by the electorate.

    Most polling organizations are finding that McCain has pulled even with Obama with registered voters, and has slightly passed Obama with likely voters. A CBS Poll, just announced today, shows McCain has actually pulled ahead of Obama. I certainly don’t want to debate which poll is best, nor whether polls are to be believed, etc.

    However, what seems clear is that there is a shift in momentum. Obama peaked in March 2008. Since then, the Clintons have systematically questioned Obama’s readiness to serve as Commander-in-Chief, and introduced race-baiting into the Democratic Primary race, in spite of the fact that it would’ve been next to impossible to unseat Obama’s likely party nomination. The Clintons kept looking for loopholes to exploit. Even to the last minute, they withheld their support for Obama. It seemed that were still hoping for some way for the convention to nominate Hillary. After all this, some are surprised that their about face support is not as well received by Joe and Jane Public, as Obama supporters would’ve hoped. I’m surprised that so many people have accepted their support for Obama, after their opposition for the man was previously so visceral for the Clintons. They strongly presented the case that Obama is not ready to lead, and the polarized the electorate along racial lines. Now, they find it difficult to erase the questions of readiness and the race polarization that they helped to foment. When history is written, Obama’s loss, if he loses will be laid at the feet of Bill and Hillary Clinton. Don’t kid yourself in thinking otherwise.

    Don’t blame Governor Palin for an unnecessarily nasty Democrat Primary fight. She wasn’t in that fight. Just because Palin’s life experience resonates more strongly with lots of typical Americans is no reason to hate on her. She’s more like many Americans, then either Obama or yourself.

    Palin and McCain campaign on earmarks not because they are hypocritical, but because they want to CHNAGE that aspect of Washington. I find it ironic that she campaigned on support for the bridge to nowhere, before she found religion in reforming government. It may have been wise to take the bridge to nowhere money and use it wisely. Look, it got her a place on a presidential ticket. You have to give her credit for a good political sense, almost as good as Obama’s. Don’t complain that she took the bridge money which was already allocated and built the road that was part of the original plan, replaced the bridge with a cheaper solution (I believe I read they used a ferry), and used the balance of the allocation of federal money for some more pressing infrastructure within the State of Alaska. As much as I’d like to complain about Palin supporting the Bridge to Nowhere in a political campaign; when the moose dung it the fan, in actual political office she actually did the right thing for the country and the people.

    Don’t hate on this woman and McCain because voters who want to do away with earmarks are showing support for McCain and Palin. But if you want to show that Obama and Biden would be better at ending earmarks, go ahead and make your case. I didn’t read you write how much in ear marks each of the four candidates (Pres and VP) have requested and received for their districts and/or states, nor did you elaborate the full bridge story. I did some research; I read up because I like some good irony in politics. I didn’t find as much there with this bridge story as I had expected. Makes for a good tease, but the substance didn’t support the headline.

    There’s more of a chance of finding smoke with Palin’s sister’s divorce from an Alaska state trooper who threatened Palin’s father’s life. It seems she may have lobbied for the ex-husband’s removal from his position. Then again, her taking retaliatory action against a potentially violent individual may go over well with the electorate.

    Reminds me of Buddy Cianci, a mayor in Providence who had his wife’s boyfriend beat up with the assistance of a state trooper. His street cred went up for defending his marriage. He was later re-elected Mayor of Providence, after doing time for the assault. The people loved him; they could relate to them. He understood their needs. I must admit that Cianci actually did a lot of good for the city, even though there was much disgust for the electoral process and for the people of the City in the Ivory Tower halls of Brown University, an Ivy league university within the city limits.

    One thing you’ll find interesting about Americans is that they believe in redemption. Remember Bush had drug and alcohol abuse issues earlier in life. Obama had a similar drug abuse issue. Even McCain got stung by a political scandal years ago, before spending decades trying to rid Washington of special interests, and fighting for the voice of the people. There is some more irony that there are some lobbyists that have volunteered for his campaign (and most other presidential campaigns that have shown some promise, including Obama’s).

    Obama promised to use the public financing system. When it looked like he would have a monetary advantage over McCain in the general election, Obama changed in his mind. Now some of Obama’s supporters seem upset that McCain is starting to catch up in fund-raising after having to abandon the public financing system, to have a chance or a hope of being able to keep up with Obama spending after Obama’s reversal of a principled promise to use public monies and keep fund raising, money and special interests out of this year’s presidential election. McCain may come close in fund-raising, or may even match or slightly beat Obama in funds raised by election day. Again irony.

    This year’s campaign for president has been full of irony. But it is not enough to point out irony, even of the humorous bridge irony.

    Tell us what you really think. Do you support earmarks? Would you prefer to vote for a campaign that also supports earmarks? Which campaign’s candidates have abused the earmark system more? Give us the facts. Give us the analysis. Give us your opinion.

    Daniel, you have great analysis skills. Go ahead and put them to work. Let the chips fall where they may. Pick apart the candidates (all of them). I’ll read it even if you trash a candidate that I may be favored at the moment, as long as there is a general feeling that you’ve done as good a job of investigating and analyzing the facts in politics as you do in technology. I don’t enjoy it so much if you’re just giving us Thurrott babble, even if it is against the other side.

    Just be straight with us. You’re not down with the McCain Palin ticket because they don’t support gay marriage, isn’t it? If that’s not it, then what is shorting your normal reasoned approach and leaving you sounding like Thurrott’s emotional ramblings?

    I fancy myself an independent. With McCain’s history as a crusader for reform and Obama’s rhetoric of change, I believed that we had two great men to pick from for President this year. Vigorously I’ve researched much about both men and now about their running mates too. I will continue to investigate, and read up on both sides, and I will be informed and I will vote on November 4th.

    I’ve tried to be evenhanded in my commentary. I see faults and benefits in each candidate. I used to believe that they were both center-leaning candidates that would create healing and bring the people of both parties together for the benefit of the country. These two present us with a choice. We’ve not had such a clear choice in decades. McCain has spent decades reforming government and taking stands, often at odds with his own party. Obama has spent the last few years energizing the electorate, and getting us to believe in hope. It is no small task to overcome the apathy that seems to have settled into our national conscience. So, each candidate brings something to the table. Now choose intelligently and with good reasoning and analysis.

    Your great reasoning and analysis is why most read your blog. If all you had was your opinion, and the latest talking points of either candidate, then you’d be no better than the dog Thurrott.

    Give us great reasoning and analysis, preferably in tech. If it must also be in politics, make it reasoned, make it researched, and give us good analysis. Find something good that no one is talking about; not the mainstream news organizations, nor some wack far-from-center-and-pretending-to-be-a-news-organization political group. Write about something novel, that’s as newsworthy as your tech pieces.

    Come on Daniel, give us the good stuff.

  • Scott

    67 postings, this is good.

    You people are such hypocrites. You love these political debates but hate them when they do not confirm your bias. Its about 8 weeks to the elections, Daniel should lace every piece with some political commentary (extremism would be nice too) I am sure we will see more traffic! You people love this shit.

  • http://www.jphotog.com ewelch

    Ernest Hemmingway would have put it more succinctly that one recent poster.

    It was noon. So this is how it is, this is how it always happens in the noon. Damn your noon. With my last 50 mark I purchased a true and honest beer; I took a pull from the bottle. It was good. It burned my mouth and felt good and warm going down my esophagus and into my stomach. From there it went to my kidneys and my bladder, and was good. I remembered then when I last saw Daniel Dilger who was still a damn fine writer. It was in Paris and we looked out the windows at the hillock and drank grashopper in the noon. It was noon and had been noon for some time. I said he needs to loosen up on Palin. Let’s go fishing.

  • montana

    Daniel & Realtosh- such interesting techno-political diatribe that I feel guilty going to sleep. Two shorts . . .

    Daniel- you mentioned earlier on this blog having grown up in Montana. What city/h.s.?, when?

    Realtosh- found most of your political commentary fascinating, probably because I generally see myself as politically independent as well, and I also had an early affinity for both of our country’s final two Presidential candidates. Unlike you, however, I had a bitter/decisive distaste put in my mouth by McCain’s choice of running-mate. Embarrassing! (I’m not talking about electoral/educational/political/experiential/sexual problems, I’m saying I don’t want someone for whom I have so little respect that close to the Presidency! I could write pages on our uber/unter menschen dialectic, but I’m tired. Suffice to say Palin is insufficient, all-too-insufficient.

  • dicklacara

    Hear! Hear!

  • dicklacara



    Palin clearly wants to force her religious ideas upon the rest of America, an idea that is grossly unconstitutional. Supporting her makes you in favor of converting the US into the equivalent of an Islamic Theocracy on the order of Iran. We don’t need that.

    As to Palin’s religious fanaticism, do a simple google search on palin creationism– here’s the first link:


    To quote Palin:

    She’s in favor of teaching both creationism and evolution in the public schools. “Teach both,” she said in a 2006 gubernatorial debate. “Don’t be afraid of information.” McCain believes the issue should be decided by individual school districts.

    It appears that she is less of a religious fanatic than you are!

  • dicklacara


    Another Palin link:


    A third party (evolutionist) evaluation of Palin’s performance on the issues:

    Palin’s children attend public schools and Palin has made no push to have creationism taught in them.

    Neither have Palin’s socially conservative personal views on issues like abortion and gay marriage been translated into policies during her 20 months as Alaska’s chief executive. It reflects a hands-off attitude toward mixing government and religion by most Alaskans.

    Maybe you should apologize to Palin and your readers for your “jaw dropping hypocrisy” in presenting your obviously biased point of view as fact, without any research… all the while condemning Thurrott for doing that very thing!

    Daniel, we hardly know ye!

  • Silver_Surfer1931


    I could not have said it any better than Realtosh’s #67 posting. Dan, all I’m asking is this: you have great analytical skills when it comes to technology. Put it to good use in this political environment and let the chips fall where they may.

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  • gus2000


    Daniel is no more responsible for the public perception of Mac users than you are for the perception of long-winded troglodytes. See how that works?

  • http://www.roughlydrafted.com danieleran

    @73dicklacara – I should apologize for not having pointed out that the governor of Alaska “hasn’t” forced creationism in schools (despite recommending it), and “hasn’t” overturned Federal abortion laws or done anything more to prevent same sex marriage? Seriously?

    I didn’t present an overview of all of Palin’s problems, I only noted one that was so grievous that everyone in America was aware of it: her grotesque hypocrisy in regard to earmarks, and particularly the “Bridge to Nowhere.”

    There’s plenty more I could say about her lack of qualifications to be the VP of the US (a weak heartbeat away from the Presidency, think about that), her support of Alaska succeeding from the US, her radical religious views, etc, but this wasn’t an article on Palin, it was an article on hypocrisy.

  • dicklacara



    There’s plenty more I could say about her lack of qualifications to be the VP of the US (a weak heartbeat away from the Presidency, think about that), her support of Alaska succeeding from the US, her radical religious views, etc, but this wasn’t an article on Palin, it was an article on hypocrisy.


  • http://www.roughlydrafted.com danieleran

    @67Realtosh : Are you really so simple minded and intellectually dishonest that the only argument you can present against that facts I stated is that I should be ignored because you’re calling me a ‘big city fag’?

    I am embarrassed to have you read my work.

    The rest of your comments are typical of those who resort to emotionalist pandering rather than sticking to facts and discussing rational ideas. Shame on you for making the world stupider, and shame on 74Silver_Surfer1931 and 71dicklacara for applauding your rant that said absolutely nothing apart from showing what kind of person you are.

    So McCain is now suddenly in a landslide position after picking an incompetent running mate and running an embarrassing convention? You didn’t post any metrics; facts might be more convincing that if you just tell us what you wish to be the case.

    And all the criminal, ethical, and hypocritical problems of Palin are resolved because she has found the light and will suddenly change things and become someone entirely different? This is as nauseating as every other false priest who excuses their own wrongdoing in a show of mock humility. Are you duped beyond belief, or do you really think most people stupid enough to not see through your bullshit?

    You think Palin’s “street cred” will go up for misusing her position to fire a state trooper over a personal matter? You are really a piece of work.

    “Just be straight with us. You’re not down with the McCain Palin ticket because they don’t support gay marriage, isn’t it? ”

    More gay baiting I see, but if you weren’t ignorant, you’d know that Obama hasn’t supported gay marriage either (and expressly said he views marriage as between a man and a woman when asked by a supposedly Christian preacher of a big SoCal megachurch), so your classless attempt at a personal attack is embarrassing on many levels.

    But no, my main problem with McCain and Palin is that McCain makes poor decisions, including his cynical attempt to woo women with a woman who fails to support issues that are important to most women in the US. She also has no qualification to even speak knowledgeably about Fanny Mac and Freddie Mae. I don’t expect most Americans to know such details, but I damn sure expect the VP to know what’s going on. She has a BA for crying out loud.

    Also, McCain is trying to start a war in Iran to impress the wingnut right. I don’t think additional thousands of our soldiers should die in another unplanned, unnecessary war to pacify additional years of bloodlust from hypocrites who call themselves “christians,” and who think that sustaining a war on Islam will invoke the Rapture.

    Anyone familiar with the Bible is aware that, of all the teachings of Christ, loving violence and material possessions over the welfare of other people is at the top of the list of unacceptable behavior, right up there with hypocrisy, and particularly religious hypocrisy. So if your religious views are anything more than a false display of self righteous cynicism, you should think about that, and how much good you think it is going to do you.

    Also, I don’t want the US making decisions based on radical religious clerics, including the imposition of Sharia-like moral laws that invalidate the Constitution. Palin clearly wants to do that, and tells her supporters that she will push her views on others.

    I also think a constitutional law professor would be more suited to lead the US at this point than a “maverick” who has given up any effort at reform to instead turn himself into a clone of G W Bush.

    As as for the whole “Gay vs. Christian” thing you are trying to set up, I should warn you that the Bush administration, while making lots of BS claims about supporting Christian faith-based initiatives, left “compassionate conservatives” disappointed and disillusioned, while Republicans were the ones with repeated gay scandals. As for my perspective, if Larry Craig wants to hook it up in a bathroom, that’s not my business, but it is unfair to his wife and family, and to his constituents that he passed himself off as being anti-gay.

    Again, hypocrisy from the right has failed to usher in a new administration of either compassionate conservatism or morality. Bush’s terms have been dripping with bloodshed, hate, criminal conduct, traitorous contempt for the law and even basic human decency. You want more of this?

    I think you’re lying about being independent, and I’ve seen you say a lot of unfounded, troublemaking bullshit before. If you can’t keep your ignorant, uninformed, backward attacks under control, I’ll ask you leave, because I don’t really want comments filling up with this sort of trash. It’s not really your opinions, it’s the devious and malicious framing of them.

  • dicklacara


    Look around, Big Joe, and see if we missed anybody!

  • jfatz


    “I think Daniel puts political stuff in when he wants to tweak his comment stats. ”

    I think perhaps he has a secret crush on Urbanbard and is trying to bring him back around. ;-)

  • Jaimoe

    Dan… just ignore the lame groupthink going on here. This is your blog and you’re totally entitled to your opinion, “biased” or otherwise. Christ, everyone is such a goddamn victim these days.

    To the victims: don’t let the door… well, you know the rest…

  • http://www.myspace.com/theguywholovedhismac UbiquitousGeek

    Great article, as usual. Personally, I don’t mind the political points. Don’t let the ignorant ideologists bother you too much. Speaking of ignorant, you wouldn’t believe the e-mail I read the other day. I’m going to post it here, the original text in quotations and my responses below them.

    “I consider myself to be a republican, not a democrat. I don’t agree with democrats. They’re more for the “money” and republicans are more for the working people. McCain is against the war and wants to bring our troops home, and he want to put health care choices in our hands and not the goverments.”

    Everything you described is actually the other way around. Republicans are “more for the money”, taking campaign financing and other perks from Washington lobbyists and big corporations. Obama’s campaign is being funded by donations from the public, alone. I know, because I get e-mails from his campaign every day asking us to make a difference. He wants to change the way we finance politics. McCain is NOT against the war, Obama is. McCain will “stay the course”, spending thousands of dollars every minute. Obama can raise taxes till he blue in the face and still not spend as much as McCain will on the war in Iraq.

    “He wants to try off-shore drilling which I think would be more benifical to us, (granted McCain and Palin are both big oil people).”

    Of course, he’s backed by big oil. Offshore drilling and such might ease some of the problems, but it will take at least ten years to start seeing the effect of such drilling. It doesn’t matter where the oil comes from, the entire point is that it’s in very limited supply at the rate we’re using it and it hurts our environment. It is very important that we find alternative fuels. We should have been working on this years ago. Already, Germans have solar panels on their homes, mandated by their government. The electricity they don’t use in a month, they can sell back to the grid. There are so many possibilities, we just need to try.

    “McCain has the expierence in Washington.”

    He may have more experience than Obama, but he does not have more experience than Joe Biden. Obama and Biden, together, have more experience than McCain and Palin.

    “I don’t want Obama becasue he claims he wants us out of Iraq, yest he wants to increase our military by 65,000 for the army and the marines by 27,000 troops. Sure it may mean shorter deployment time and have less strain on families. With him doing this, we’re going to have to pay more taxes to equip these people.”

    Yes, Obama will end the war, but our military is still short of troops. What were to happen if we were to have a real war? Have you paid any attention to what’s happening in Russia? Ever thought about China? Iraq is nothing compared to what could happen should we go to war with these countries. We need to be prepared. As stated earlier, Obama could raise taxes tenfold and still not spend as much as McCain would waste in Iraq.

    “His economic plan will harm the US economy and create more fiscal irresponsibility with the Congressional Budget.”

    Have you paid any attention to what’s happened in the past eight years? Our economy has completely tanked under Republican control.

    “Obama wants us to pay back the stimulus checks, by raising our taxes.”

    I, personally, have not heard him say this. Do you even realize that we’re not supposed to have an income tax? It was supposed to end after World War II. It was only started to fund the war effort. Also, you should know that the Federal Reserve isn’t “federal” at all. It’s no more federal than Federal Express. It’s a private bank and they’re enslaving the American people. When the Federal Reserve prints currency, it already has debt attached to it. This is wrong. Our founding fathers knew the dangers of a central bank and it was one of the main causes of the revolution.

    “You have to put in your email address and zip code just to enter. DUMB! Obvioiusly he’s keeping record of who’s visited the site where-as McCain’s you can just go and enter it. He wants the public to see his site without all the bullshit.”

    You do realize that whenever you go to any website, they can tell where you’re connecting from, right? I don’t think Obama is “tracking” people, but if her were, at least he’s being up front about it. Just because you don’t have to enter a ZIP code on McCain’s page doesn’t mean he’s not tracking you. In fact, I have code embedded into my MySpace page that tells me where people who look at my profile are from.

    “When Obama and Clinton were running, he spent three times the amount of advertisement than she did. He must be desperate for votes if he has to spend that much money.”

    And McCain has a lot more money than Obama and he’s been pouring it into attack ads. They’ve spent massive amounts of money attacking Obama. They also carry out secret attacks, like the ignorant chain e-mail that claims Obama is a muslim. That, of course, is not true at all.

    “Just a few of my thoughts. I could go on forever, but like I said before, I’m a republican. I agree with working for the working people, not making more money for the government.”

    From what you’ve stated, you’ve described yourself as a Democrat, not a Republican. Democrats are for the working people. Republicans are for the large corporations that control us. You do realize that John McCain thinks anyone who makes under $5,000,000 is middle class, right? He’s rich, he doesn’t know anything about working families like ours. The man can’t even remember how many homes he owns.

  • http://www.myspace.com/theguywholovedhismac UbiquitousGeek


    I’m actually pretty well convinced that most Mac users are, in fact, free-thinking liberals.


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